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Listings for Film Four on Wednesday, February 27 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00All That Heaven Allows Film (1955) Romantic drama with Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson. A wealthy widow decides to restart her life. But her children and her social set disapprove of her lover, forcing her to rethink. 
12:50Thunder Over Arizona Film (1956) Western starring Kristine Miller and Skip Homeier. A woman fights to save her family's land from a corrupt mayor who wants his hired guns to drive them away so he mine gold there. 
14:20The Great Sioux Massacre Film (1965) Western. The story of the events that led up to Custer's last stand at Little Big Horn. Philip Carey stars as the doomed colonel, while Iron Eyes Cody plays his nemesis, Crazy Horse. 
16:25Sink the Bismarck! Film (1960) Second World War drama. Kenneth More stars as the British captain charged with finding and destroying the Bismarck, Germany's largest battleship. Directed by Lewis Gilbert. 
18:30Spirited Away Film (2001) Oscar-winning Studio Ghibli animation. A girl gets trapped with her parents in a deserted theme park that's really a playground for the gods. Can she find a way for them to escape? 
20:55Bohemian Rhapsody Interview... ...Special Rami Malek discusses playing Freddie Mercury in the rock biopic about the rise of the band Queen. 
21:00The Last Stand Arnold Schwarzenegger Season Action thriller with the star, Johnny Knoxville and Forest Whitaker. The sheriff of an Arizona town takes on a drug cartel boss who's fleeing to Mexico. 
23:10Prometheus Film (2012) Sci-fi horror. Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Idris Elba star in Ridley Scott's tense first prequel to his 1979 classic Alien. Gory violence/strong language. 
01:35Alien Film (1979) Ridley Scott's groundbreaking sci-fi horror starring Sigourney Weaver. The crew of a spaceship must defend themselves against a deadly alien creature. Gory violence/strong language. 
03:55Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.