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Listings for Film Four on Thursday, February 20 2020

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Fair Wind to Java Film (1953) Action adventure starring Fred MacMurray. A US merchant ship's captain goes in search of a treasure trove of diamonds in Indonesia. But a ruthless pirate aims to get to them first. 
12:50A Day To Remember Film (1953) Classic comedy. On a day trip to France, a London pub darts team finds romance, culture and contraband. With Stanley Holloway, Bill Owen, Donald Sinden, Peter Jones and Thora Hird. 
14:40The Riddle of the Sands Film (1979) Spy thriller. Simon MacCorkindale and Michael York star as a pair of dashing heroes trying to foil a foreign plan to invade Britain, which they discover on a sailing holiday in 1901. 
16:45The Last Wagon Film (1956) Western. Richard Widmark plays a man who murdered the killers of his wife and children and who becomes the unlikely saviour of a wagon train that's attacked by Apaches. 
18:45X-Men: Apocalypse Interview... ...Special A look at the making of the action fantasy with director Bryan Singer and writer-producer Simon Kinberg. 
18:55Dante's Peak Film (1997) Action thriller starring Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton. A scientist's warning that a volcano is set to erupt is unwisely ignored by the inhabitants of the resort on its slopes. 
21:00X-Men: Apocalypse Film (2016) Action fantasy sequel. Can Charles Xavier and his young mutants prevent god-like Apocalypse and his allies from destroying the world? With James McAvoy and Oscar Isaacs. Violence. 
23:50Paranormal Activity: The Ghost... ...Dimension (2015) Violent horror starring Chris J Murray and Brit Shaw. A girl's 'imaginary' friend is revealed to be all too real. And it has malevolent intentions. Strong language. 
01:3524 Hour Party People Film (2002) Steve Coogan stars in this drama based on the life of Factory Records founder Tony Wilson and the Madchester music scene. Very strong language/drug use/sexual scenes. 
03:55Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.