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Listings for E4 on Saturday, July 28 2018

06:00Couples Come Dine with Me In Nottinghamshire, three rival couples compete in a week featuring a Second World War rations menu and revelations about unconventional living arrangements. 
06:55Couples Come Dine with Me This edition is in Birmingham for a fiery show that sees three rival couples battle it out: Amanda and her husband Anthony, Steve and his civil partner Sean, and Oli and his girlfriend LC. 
08:00Don't Tell the Bride While Sofia dreams of a boho beach blessing, Craig is planning an Oktoberfest wedding featuring short leather trousers. Will Sofia call time on their nuptials? (Ep18) 
09:00How I Met Your Mother Okay Awesome Ted investigates the club scene with Barney and Robin, while Marshall and Lily try to be more 'grown up' as their wedding day approaches. (S1 Ep5/22) 
09:30How I Met Your Mother Slutty Pumpkin Ted goes to a boring Halloween party hoping to find a girl he lost touch with who dresses as a 'slutty pumpkin'. Robin goes on a double date. (S1 Ep6/22) 
10:00How I Met Your Mother Matchmaker Ted is coaxed into joining a matchmaking service that Robin has written about and which offers a 100% success rate at finding a soulmate in three days. (S1 Ep7/22) 
10:30How I Met Your Mother The Duel Ted feels pushed out when Lily and Marshall dominate the household and tells them that he wants to take the flat after they get married, but Marshall wants it too. (S1 Ep8/22) 
11:00How I Met Your Mother The Limo On a determined quest to locate the perfect New Year's Eve celebration, Ted takes his friends to five different parties in order to find the best one. (S1 Ep11/22) 
11:30The Goldbergs Girl Talk Murray's furniture shop faces big competition from a rival. Beverly gives Barry her advice when his attempts to court a girl at school end in failure. (S5 Ep6/22) 
12:00The Goldbergs A Wall Street Thanksgiving Marvin reveals he has become a stockbroker and convinces Barry and his friends to invest money with him, forcing Murray to intervene. (S5 Ep7/22) 
12:30The Goldbergs The Circle of Driving Again When Murray insists that Adam must have driving lessons, the family learn something new about Pops. Barry visits Erica at college. (S5 Ep8/22) 
13:00The Goldbergs Parents Just Don't Understand Adam and Barry write a song but don't get the reaction they were expecting from Murray. Beverly repeatedly calls Erica at college. (S5 Ep9/22) 
13:30The Goldbergs We Didn't Start the Fire Erica tells Beverly she is going to spend the first night of Hanukkah with Geoff and his family. Pops advises Barry on how to be cool. (S5 Ep10/22) 
14:00The Big Bang Theory The Comic Book Store Regeneration The gang prepare for the reopening of Stuart's comic book shop. Penny teaches Sheldon to 'let it go' when he is irritated. (S8 Ep15/24) 
14:30The Big Bang Theory The Intimacy Acceleration When the gang hear about an experiment designed to make participants fall in love, Sheldon and Penny put it to the test as a joke. (S8 Ep16/24) 
15:00The Big Bang Theory The Colonization Application Amy learns that Sheldon has applied to take part in a one-way mission to colonise Mars. Leonard surprises Penny with a gift. (S8 Ep17/24) 
15:30The Big Bang Theory The Leftover Thermalization A power cut at Mrs Wolowitz's house defrosts the last meal she prepared before her death, so the gang consume it in her honour. (S8 Ep18/24) 
16:00The Big Bang Theory The Skywalker Incursion When Leonard and Sheldon are invited to speak at Berkeley, they take a detour during the journey to try to meet one of their idols. (S8 Ep19/24) 
16:30The Big Bang Theory The Fortification Implementation When Sheldon and Amy build a blanket fort, they come to a major crossroads in their relationship. Howard meets his half-brother. (S8 Ep20/24) 
17:00The Big Bang Theory The Communication Deterioration Raj is asked to create a message for Nasa to use if one of their missions finds alien life. Penny considers taking up acting again. (S8 Ep21/24) 
17:30The Big Bang Theory The Veracity Elasticity Leonard is upset when he finds out Penny has been moving his collectables out of Sheldon's old room and into storage behind his back. (S10 Ep7/24) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Brain Bowl Incubation Sheldon tries to convince Amy they should procreate. Raj feels embarrassed about what the new woman in his life does for a living. (S10 Ep8/24) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Geology Elevation Sheldon can't contain his jealousy when he hears that his university colleague Bert the geologist has won a prestigious fellowship. (S10 Ep9/24) 
18:55X-Men Film (2000) Superhero fantasy starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Superpowered mutants fight over whether to control or co-exist with regular humans. With Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin. 
21:00Warm Bodies Film (2013) Horror romcom. After a shaky start, a woman (Teresa Palmer) and a zombie (Nicholas Hoult) fall in love. But her father (John Malkovich) hates zombies. With Rob Corddry. Violence. 
23:00Gogglebox What do the Goggleboxers think of Strictly Come Dancing, Nigella's Christmas Table, The World's Most Expensive Presents, The Crown, Mamma Mia! and the I'm a Celebrity final? (S10 Ep15) 
00:05Gogglebox Britain's favourite opinionated TV viewers are back. What do they think of The Jump, Dragons' Den, Death in Paradise, Jon Richardson: How to Survive the End of the World and SS-GB? (S9 Ep1) 
01:05Tattoo Fixers on Holiday The Mediterranean pop-up parlour gets a visit from Sophie, who has an unusual animal-inspired tattoo, and Jay takes on best mates Sam and Laura's cheeky stickmen. (Ep2/8) 
02:15Rude Tube All Things Weird and Wonderful Alex Zane presents moments of brilliant internet magic from all over the globe, including formation sheep-herding and the great penguin escape. 
03:05Gogglebox What do the Goggleboxers think of Strictly Come Dancing, Nigella's Christmas Table, The World's Most Expensive Presents, The Crown, Mamma Mia! and the I'm a Celebrity final? (S10 Ep15) 
04:00Rude Tube Freaky Skills and Geeky Thrills Rude Tube celebrates the greatest internet videos, with snake eaters, speed climbers, escalator skiers, amazing contortionists and a drive-through rapper. 
04:25Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister is back with just as cheeky and daft - if a little less rude - clips. Featuring a cat vs dog lightsabre fight, and a dog-walking drone. 
04:50How I Met Your Mother Lucky Penny Ted is gutted when he misses a flight to Chicago for an interview at a prestigious architecture company. Annoyed, he tries to work out who is to blame. (S2 Ep15/22) 
05:10How I Met Your Mother Stuff Lily's irked when Barney gives harsh criticism of her performance in a play. Ted and Robin fall out when they discuss what to do with 'stuff' left behind by ex-partners. (S2 Ep16/22) 
06:00Hollyoaks Omnibus Holly struggles with the revelation that Zack is in love with her, and Lily decides she wants to quit her job for unpaid hospital work experience. Harry visits James in prison.