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Listings for E4 on Monday, July 23 2018

06:00Hollyoaks Diane and Tony are told Dee Dee must undergo a potentially fatal treatment to get better. They are all reluctant and decide the treatment is too risky. 
06:30Hollyoaks Damon begs Zack to help him throw Holly a hen do, after she organises Damon a football themed celebration. 
07:00Couples Come Dine with Me In Worthing and Portsmouth, can 22-year-old pair Micaela and Sanchez show their older rivals how to have a good time with a combination of Jamaican/Filipino food and hip hop dancing? 
08:00Melissa & Joey Independence Day Mel feels it's a good idea for her and Joe to explore their new relationship slowly, but he takes things too far when he gets another job and moves out. (S4 Ep2/21) 
08:30Melissa & Joey The New Deal Mel becomes frustrated when Joe's demanding new job prevents him from spending any quality time with her, so she sneaks over to see him at work. (S4 Ep3/21) 
09:00Baby Daddy It Takes a Village Idiot Bonnie, Danny, Riley and Tucker are tired of Ben palming Emma off onto them every time he wants to do something more interesting. (S4 Ep12/22) 
09:30Baby Daddy One Night Stand-Off Ben and Riley compete with each other playing a game in a bar - whoever makes out with a stranger first wins. Danny makes an investment. (S4 Ep13/22) 
10:00black-ish Collateral Damage An estranged Dre and Rainbow try taking it in turns to live in the family home to give each other space. Andre Jr's graduation day looms. (S4 Ep22/23) 
10:30black-ish Dream Home Dre gets a sleek, ultra-modern dream house in another neighbourhood with the best amenities, but Rainbow thinks it's unsuitable for the children. (S4 Ep23/23) 
11:00How I Met Your Mother Okay Awesome Ted investigates the club scene with Barney and Robin, while Marshall and Lily try to be more 'grown up' as their wedding day approaches. (S1 Ep5/22) 
11:30How I Met Your Mother Slutty Pumpkin Ted goes to a boring Halloween party hoping to find a girl he lost touch with who dresses as a 'slutty pumpkin'. Robin goes on a double date. (S1 Ep6/22) 
12:00The Goldbergs Lainey Loves Lionel Barry takes inspiration from Lionel Richie and sets about creating a sculpture of Lainey as the ultimate Valentine's Day gift. (S3 Ep14/24) 
12:30The Goldbergs Weird Al Adam plans to reignite his fading relationship with Dana by taking her to a concert. Barry and Erica worry that Murray may be feeling depressed. (S3 Ep15/24) 
13:00The Big Bang Theory The Cognition Regeneration Leonard isn't thrilled when he finds out Penny is considering taking a new job that has been offered by her ex-boyfriend Zack. (S10 Ep22/24) 
13:30The Big Bang Theory The Gyroscopic Collapse Amy is offered a fellowship at Princeton, Raj makes new living arrangements, and the guys' gyroscope project spins out of control. (S10 Ep23/24) 
14:00Melissa & Joey Catch & Release Against Mel's wishes, Joe agrees to act as wingman to his recently divorced friend Charlie when they go out to a bar. Zander gets two new roommates. (S4 Ep12/21) 
14:30Melissa & Joey Born to Run Mel's father comes to town to help Mel announce her candidacy for the State Senate. Ryder tries to find a winning idea for his Entrepreneur's Club project. (S4 Ep13/21) 
15:00Baby Daddy Ben-geance While looking for a new bar manager, Ben interviews his old crush Sam, and decides to exact 'Ben-geance' on her for not noticing him in school. (S5 Ep2/20) 
15:30Baby Daddy The Tuck Stops Here Thinking Tucker needs to stand up for himself with his boss Mary, Ben films her berating Tucker to show how badly he's being treated. (S5 Ep4/20) 
16:00Young & Hungry Pilot US comedy about feisty young cook Gabi from San Francisco, who lands an interview for her dream job as personal chef to tech firm millionaire Josh. (S1 Ep1/10) 
16:30Young & Hungry Young & Ringless Gabi's debut assignment - to prepare an elaborate Chinese meal for Josh's investors - has her questioning whether she can handle the job. (S1 Ep2/10) 
17:00The Goldbergs Have a Summer Adam worries about being 'hazed' by the older students when he goes to high school, but he soon earns their respect by body-slamming Barry. (S3 Ep24/24) 
17:30The Goldbergs Breakfast Club Adam works on a new persona that he hopes will make him seem cool on his first day at high school, while Beverly gets her teaching certificate. (S4 Ep1/24) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Grasshopper Experiment Raj panics when his parents arrange a blind date for him, only to discover he actually can talk to a member of the opposite sex after a few drinks. (S1 Ep8/17) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization Sheldon and Leonard are asked to give a paper at a physics conference, but Sheldon is reluctant to share the credit, so Penny tries to help. (S1 Ep9/17) 
19:00Hollyoaks Lily decides she wants to quit her job for unpaid hospital work experience, and it's Damon and Holly's wedding day. 
19:30The Goldbergs Girl Talk Murray's furniture shop faces big competition from a rival. Beverly gives Barry her advice when his attempts to court a girl at school end in failure. (S5 Ep6/22) 
20:00Young Sheldon Brand new series - Vanilla Ice Cream, Gentlemen Callers, and a Dinette Set: When Meemaw is pursued by two gentlemen callers and decides to date them both, Sheldon interferes. (S1 Ep22/22) 
20:30The Big Bang Theory The Dependence Transcendence Tensions rise when the guys struggle to complete their Air Force project on time and are forced to work around the clock. (S10 Ep3/24) 
21:00The Bourne Legacy Film (2012) Sequel to The Bourne Ultimatum thriller. Jeremy Renner stars as a genetically enhanced CIA spy fleeing for his life from his employers. With Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. Violence. 
23:40The Big Bang Theory The Colonization Application Amy learns that Sheldon has applied to take part in a one-way mission to colonise Mars. Leonard surprises Penny with a gift. (S8 Ep17/24) 
00:10The Big Bang Theory The Leftover Thermalization A power cut at Mrs Wolowitz's house defrosts the last meal she prepared before her death, so the gang consume it in her honour. (S8 Ep18/24) 
00:35Gogglebox Britain's most opinionated TV viewers pass judgement on a variety of programmes including Bouncers, Question Time and Shaun Ryder on UFOs. (S2 Ep8/13) [SL] 
01:30First Dates The dating series continues. Can Jayden hide his Don Juan ways from Isabel? Will estate agent John give Sarah, who's deaf, the butterflies in the stomach she's hoping for? (S3 Ep2/6) 
02:30Tattoo Fixers Glen devours Harri's fast food foul-up, Alice is a busy bee working on Susan's foot, Sketch knocks out boxer Russell's tattoo, and Jay tackles a badger bodge-up. (S4 Ep12) 
03:25Rude Tube: 200% Dogs Prepare to meet the most incredible cast of hounds on TV including a dog that sings Westlife, the world's worst guard dog and the amazing dog heli-pad! (S9 Ep10/10) 
04:15How I Met Your Mother Columns Ted struggles to fire his belittling former boss Hammond, who is now working for him. After three failed attempts to sack him, Hammond has a heart attack. (S2 Ep13/22) 
04:40Couples Come Dine with Me In Worthing and Portsmouth, can 22-year-old pair Micaela and Sanchez show their older rivals how to have a good time with a combination of Jamaican/Filipino food and hip hop dancing? 
06:00Hollyoaks Damon begs Zack to help him throw Holly a hen do, after she organises Damon a football themed celebration.