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Listings for E4 on Saturday, June 29 2019

06:00Young & Hungry Young & Piggy Gabi and Sofia are excited to be working together, but when a promotion comes up, both girls decide to apply for it and things turn awkward. (S4 Ep4/10) 
06:25Young & Hungry Young & Fostered Elliot and Alan learn they'll be caring for a foster daughter named Keisha but they are surprised when their charge turns out to be a teenager. (S4 Ep5/10) 
06:45Don't Tell the Bride Robert wants a vibrant royal African theme for his nuptials, while his bride Adrianna dreams of a traditional wedding for a small group of family and friends. (Ep5) 
07:40The Crystal Maze Celebrity Special Richard Ayoade guides a celebrity team through more games. Richard Madeley captains Joe Wilkinson, Kate Garraway, Radzi Chinyanganya and Ashley Roberts through the adventure. (S4 Ep4/5) 
08:40Speechless R-o--Road T-r--Trip The DiMeos go on an impromptu family road trip, during which Jimmy attempts to continue his tradition of spending no money on holiday. (S1 Ep11/23) 
09:10Speechless H-e-r--Hero To get on the good side of their health insurance agent and obtain a replacement wheelchair JJ needs, the DiMeos ask Dylan to make a sacrifice. (S1 Ep12/23) 
09:40Speechless S-i--Sick D-a--Day When Maya is ill, Jimmy becomes the mother of the house and does surprisingly well. JJ must protect Dylan from a boy she's interested in. (S1 Ep13/23) 
10:10Speechless V-a-l--Valentine's D-a--Day Maya attempts to give Jimmy a Valentine's Day gift. Ray finds out that he has a secret admirer. JJ distributes sweets at school. (S1 Ep14/23) 
10:40Speechless T-h--The C-l--Club JJ gets into an argument with Kenneth over the amount of time they spend together. The family start sneaking into a local country club. (S1 Ep15/23) 
11:10The Goldbergs Mister Knifey-Hands When Jackie's parents allow Adam to watch a horror film, a disagreement between the families ensues. Erica hangs out at her old high school. (S6 Ep5) 
11:40The Goldbergs Fiddler Murray becomes an overzealous stage parent when he learns that Adam has no interest in auditioning for the school production of Fiddler on the Roof. (S6 Ep6) 
12:10Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brand new series - The Bimbo: Holt and Peralta investigate when valuable antique coins are stolen from the university where Kevin works. Jeffords and Santiago get competitive. (S6 Ep13/18) 
12:40The Big Bang Theory The Locomotion Interruption Leonard and Amy take an impromptu road trip to Arizona to pick up Sheldon when his epic railway journey ends in chaos. Penny has an interview. (S8 Ep1/24) 
13:10The Big Bang Theory The Junior Professor Solution When Sheldon has to teach a course at the university, Howard enrols in his class. Tension is brewing between Penny and Bernadette. (S8 Ep2/24) 
13:40The Big Bang Theory The First Pitch Insufficiency Howard's nervous when Nasa ask him to throw the first pitch at a baseball game. Sheldon claims his and Amy's relationship is the best in the gang. (S8 Ep3/24) 
14:05The Big Bang Theory The Hook-Up Reverberation Raj's honesty about his past comes back to haunt him when his girlfriend Emily gives Penny the cold shoulder. The guys consider an investment. (S8 Ep4/24) 
14:35The Big Bang Theory The Focus Attenuation The guys attempt to invent something of scientific importance, but only come up with new and enjoyable ways to procrastinate. (S8 Ep5/24) 
15:00The Big Bang Theory The Expedition Approximation Sheldon and Raj see if they could survive a dark-matter research expedition in a salt mine by simulating the conditions in a steam tunnel. (S8 Ep6/24) 
15:30Paddington Film (2014) Part-animated family fun. Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Nicole Kidman star in this adaptation of Michael Bond's tales of the adventures of a small bear (voiced by Ben Whishaw). 
17:20The Big Bang Theory The Misinterpretation Agitation A smitten doctor turns up at Penny's door after her flirtatious sales techniques on behalf of the pharmaceutical company work too well. (S8 Ep7/24) 
17:45The Big Bang Theory The Prom Equivalency The girls decide to re-enact their high-school proms with their current partners, so they recreate the event on the roof of the apartment building. (S8 Ep8/24) 
18:10The Big Bang Theory The Cohabitation Experimentation When Amy's flat is flooded, she has to move out while it is repaired and proposes a 'cohabitation experiment' with Sheldon. (S10 Ep4/24) 
18:40The Big Bang Theory The Hot Tub Contamination Leonard and Penny intervene when Sheldon and Amy have an argument. Howard and Bernadette are disturbed by unexpected guests. (S10 Ep5/24) 
19:05The Big Bang Theory The Fetal Kick Catalyst Penny meets her fans at a comic book convention. Sheldon and Amy host a brunch at Penny's flat. Howard makes an impulsive purchase. (S10 Ep6/24) 
19:30The Big Bang Theory The Veracity Elasticity Leonard is upset when he finds out Penny has been moving his collectables out of Sheldon's old room and into storage behind his back. (S10 Ep7/24) 
20:00The Big Bang Theory The Brain Bowl Incubation Sheldon tries to convince Amy they should procreate. Raj feels embarrassed about what the new woman in his life does for a living. (S10 Ep8/24) 
20:30The Big Bang Theory The Geology Elevation Sheldon can't contain his jealousy when he hears that his university colleague Bert the geologist has won a prestigious fellowship. (S10 Ep9/24) 
21:00Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Film (2013) Comedy sequel starring Will Ferrell. The TV presenter attempts to re-establish his career by joining the world's first 24-hour news channel. Strong language/substance abuse. 
23:20Gogglebox What do Britain's favourite viewers think of Race Across the World, Free Solo, The Bachelor, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and The Great British Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer? (S13 Ep3) 
00:25Gogglebox What do Britain's sharpest critics think of Politics Live, After Life, Dancing on Ice The Final, Only Connect, Cheat, and Baewatch: Parental Guidance? (S13 Ep4) [SL] 
01:30First Dates Charlotte says she has no 'gender boundaries' but when her date, Charlie, reveals he used to be a girl, Charlotte is uncharacteristically speechless, at least initially... (S4 Ep13) [SL] 
02:35First Dates Eccentric student Louisa, who went to an all-girls boarding school and says she can't flirt, meets Will, who was once the 'token fat child' but lost weight and gained confidence. (S4 Ep14) 
03:30Gogglebox What do Britain's favourite viewers think of Race Across the World, Free Solo, The Bachelor, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and The Great British Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer? (S13 Ep3) [SL] 
04:20How I Met Your Mother Girls vs Suits Ted meets attractive PhD student Cindy, who is tired of men falling in love with her roommate. Will Ted fall for her instead? (S5 Ep12/24) 
04:45How I Met Your Mother Jenkins Marshall tells Ted a series of anecdotes about his colleague, who is called Jenkins. Later on, Ted is surprised to discover that Jenkins is a woman. (S5 Ep13/24) 
05:05How I Met Your Mother The Perfect Week Barney reaches a milestone, Lily and Marshall realise they've been using the same toothbrush, Robin waits to hear from a date, and Ted insults a student. (S5 Ep14/24) 
06:00Hollyoaks Omnibus The repercussions of Sinead's plea spread through the village. Brody and Sienna meet with women who have been involved with Laurie, and there's a shock at the prom when it's disrupted.