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Listings for E4 on Saturday, November 17 2018

06:00The Dog Who Saved Christmas... ...Vacation (2010) Family comedy sequel. Ex-police dog Zeus must again foil a pair of jewellery thieves, who have followed the Bannister family on their trip to the snowy mountains. 
07:40Made in Chelsea Brand new series: Sam just wants to live happily ever after with Habbs, the girls are at the end of their tethers living with Miles, and Liv extends an olive branch to Ryan. (S16 Ep6/12) 
08:45Rugrats in Paris Film (2000) Animated adventure. The second feature outing for the Rugrats takes them to Paris, where Chuckie's widowed father has been called on to mend an animated monster in a theme park. 
10:20The Great Muppet Caper Film (1981) Family comedy adventure. Kermit the frog, Fozzie Bear and Gonzo star as reporters investigating a spate of jewellery thefts in London, for which Miss Piggy becomes the prime suspect. 
12:20Rude(ish) Tube Shorts Rude Tube's naughty little sister has another cheeky edition, featuring clips including a pensioner and a parked car, a bear playing with a bamboo stick and a Ryu street fighter impression. 
12:40The Goldbergs Just Say No As the presidential election approaches, Erica is shocked to discover that Beverly always votes for the political candidate that Murray favours. (S2 Ep20/24) 
13:10The Goldbergs As You Wish Murray is interested when Adam tells him that he wants to take up a new activity at school, until he discovers the chosen sport is fencing. (S2 Ep21/24) 
13:45Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Big House Part 1: Adjusting to life behind bars, Peralta bonds with a cellmate and is forced to join a prison gang, while Diaz puts her visitors to the test. (S5 Ep1/22) 
14:10Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Big House Part 2: Peralta is trapped by divided loyalties after the warden persuades him to investigate prison gang leader Romero's drug smuggling operation. (S5 Ep2/22) 
14:40Young Sheldon A Dog, a Squirrel, and a Fish Named Fish A neighbourhood feud erupts between the Coopers and the Sparks family when the Sparks' new dog terrorizes Sheldon. (S1 Ep20/22) 
15:10Young Sheldon Brand new series - A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron: When Sheldon's mentor Dr John Sturgis bonds with Paige, another ten-year-old genius, Sheldon is overcome by jealousy. (S2 Ep2/22) 
15:40Rio Film (2011) Animated family fun from the director of the Ice Age films. The adventures begin when a pampered and very rare pet bird is sent to Brazil to help save his species from extinction. 
17:30The Big Bang Theory The Bon Voyage Reaction Leonard is offered an exciting job opportunity that will keep him out of the country for several months. Raj pushes the boundaries of his relationship. (S6 Ep24/24) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Hofstadter Insufficiency Sheldon and Penny bond while Leonard is away. Raj finds someone to share his heartache. Bernadette and Amy attract male attention at a conference. (S7 Ep1/24) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Deception Verification Leonard returns early from his research expedition as a surprise for Penny, but Sheldon becomes upset that he wasn't in on the secret. (S7 Ep2/24) 
19:00The Big Bang Theory The Scavenger Vortex Raj organises an epic and demanding scavenger hunt for the group of friends, designed to test their scientific knowledge and common sense. (S7 Ep3/24) 
19:30The Big Bang Theory The Raiders Minimization Amy ruins one of Sheldon's favourite films by pointing out a flaw in the storyline. Raj and Stuart decide to create online dating profiles. (S7 Ep4/24) 
20:00The Big Bang Theory The Reclusive Potential A brilliant scientist invites Sheldon to his cabin in the middle of nowhere, so Leonard, Raj and Howard go along for the trip. (S11 Ep20/24) 
20:30The Big Bang Theory Brand new series - The Planetarium Collision: Sheldon accidentally sabotages Amy's career. Raj isn't keen when Howard is invited to join him to host a show at the planetarium. (S12 Ep5/24) 
21:00The Wolverine Film (2013) Fantasy action-adventure with Hugh Jackman. The hirsute superhero faces an onslaught of yakuza, samurai and ninjas when he visits an old friend in Japan. Contains violence. 
23:30Gogglebox What do Britain's sharpest armchair critics think of Match of the Day, Sir Bruce A Celebration, Crufts, Amazing Hotels, One Born Every Minute and Troy: Fall of a City? (S11 Ep4) 
00:35Gogglebox What do the Goggleboxers think of Seven Year Switch, the Winter Paralympics, Jane McDonald & Friends, The Andrew Marr Show, The World's Ugliest Pets and MAKE! Craft Britain? (S11 Ep5) 
01:35The Inbetweeners The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Will is asked to coordinate the school's Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme, and immediately turns the situation to his own advantage. (S2 Ep5/6) [SL] 
02:10The Inbetweeners End of Term Will is stressed about exams, Jay has other things on his mind, Simon finally seems to be making headway with Carli, and Neil forgets his kit for his PE exam. (S2 Ep6/6) 
02:45Rude Tube: Dumb and Dangerous Alex Zane presents a collection of internet tomfoolery of the daftest kind, including Man v Cactus, Woman v Water, Girl v Bus Stop... plus the funniest online hair tutorial. 
03:35Gogglebox What do Britain's sharpest armchair critics think of Match of the Day, Sir Bruce A Celebration, Crufts, Amazing Hotels, One Born Every Minute and Troy: Fall of a City? (S11 Ep4) 
04:30Happy Together Brand new series - Like Father, Like Son: When Jake's father Mike visits, they are excited to spend quality father-son time together. Claire travels away from home on business. (S1 Ep5/22) 
04:50New Girl Brand new series - Godparents: Jess aims to soothe Winston's anxiety about fatherhood by finding his long-lost dad. Schmidt returns to work for the first time since Ruth's birth. (S7 Ep5/8) 
06:00Hollyoaks Omnibus Harley tells Peri that she's quit school, Lisa Loveday returns, and Courtney meets with social services about Iona. On her wedding day, Mercedes reminisces about her failed marriages.