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Listings for E4 on Monday, June 25 2018

06:00Hollyoaks Myra finds out some shocking news about Joel and blames him again for Cleo's upset. Cleo feels guilty knowing that Joel's actions have nothing to do with her problems, but will she open up? 
06:30Hollyoaks Louis has secretly booked flights to Hong Kong, but what will Leela think? And Holly prepares to ask Damon a serious question about her future. 
07:00Couples Come Dine with Me In and around Newcastle, partners Hannah and Fiona kick off the dinner party competition with their Moroccan-themed menu based solely on their love of houmous. 
08:00Melissa & Joey Mel and Joe's Anniversary Joe confronts his ex-wife for going on a date with a new man to their special place on what would have been their wedding anniversary. (S1 Ep22/30) 
08:30Melissa & Joey Going the Distance? As Mel's relationship with George grows more serious, he is offered a new job abroad and she is forced to contemplate the future of their romance. (S1 Ep23/30) 
09:00Baby Daddy Whatever Lola Wants Ben offers to dog-sit for his girlfriend Megan but the dog doesn't seem to like him much. Danny hires two cute girls to clean the apartment. (S2 Ep11/16) 
09:30Baby Daddy The Christening Ben convinces Bonnie and Ray to invite conservative Aunt Betty to Emma's baptism in the hopes she'll write a nice fat cheque for Emma. (S2 Ep12/16) 
10:00black-ish 40 Acres and a Vote When Andre Jr decides to run for class president at school, Dre steps in to become his campaign manager and help him appeal to the masses. (S3 Ep3/24) 
10:30black-ish Who's Afraid of the Big Black Man? After a work situation arises, Dre's views on how black people are perceived, compared with when he grew up, are challenged. (S3 Ep4/24) 
11:00How I Met Your Mother The Over-Correction Robin grows suspicious of Barney's relationship with Patrice and, thinking that Barney is going through an emotional crisis, tries to split them up. (S8 Ep10/24) 
11:30How I Met Your Mother The Final Page (Part 1/2): Ted invites his old university professor, who insisted he would never make it as an architect, to the grand opening of the GNB building. (S8 Ep11/24) 
12:00The Goldbergs The Age of Darkness The family rallies round to comfort Erica when she's dumped by her boyfriend Drew. Barry becomes addicted to an arcade video game. (S1 Ep21/23) 
12:30The Goldbergs A Wrestler Named Goldberg Murray coaches Barry for his first high school wrestling match but keeps it a secret from Beverly, who is sure to disapprove. (S1 Ep22/23) 
13:00The Big Bang Theory The Helium Insufficiency Sheldon and Leonard struggle to find the supplies they need for an experiment. Penny and Bernadette download a dating app for Amy. (S9 Ep6/24) 
13:30The Big Bang Theory The Spock Resonance While being interviewed for a documentary on Star Trek character Mr Spock, Sheldon can't suppress his emotions about his split from Amy. (S9 Ep7/24) 
14:00Melissa & Joey If You Can't Stand the Heat Mel is charmed by the good-looking young man who designs her new kitchen cabinets, but Joe's reaction to him leads to an argument. (S2 Ep2/15) 
14:30Melissa & Joey Good to Go Mel and Joe are shocked to discover that Lennox's boyfriend Aidan spent the night in her bedroom. Holly declares that it's time for Ryder to start shaving. (S2 Ep3/15) 
15:00Baby Daddy Life's a Beach When Ben's rooftop beach gets shut down by Sondra, the president of the board of the apartment building, the boys campaign to overthrow her. (S3 Ep5/21) 
15:30Baby Daddy Romancing the Phone Ben finds a mobile phone belonging to an attractive young woman and arranges to meet her. Bonnie tries to create a new business slogan. (S3 Ep6/21) 
16:00black-ish The Name Game Dre and Rainbow have a party to reveal the gender of their unborn child. Dre's keen to name the baby, but his wife and mother dislike his choice. (S3 Ep14/24) 
16:30black-ish I'm a Survivor When Dre goes back to his old neighbourhood for a funeral, he's reunited with his former crew and feels guilty about leaving his friends behind. (S3 Ep15/24) 
17:00The Goldbergs I Rode a Hoverboard Adam breaks his arm and exaggerates to his friends that he fell off a hoverboard, just like the hero in the film Back to the Future. (S2 Ep8/24) 
17:30The Goldbergs The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet A model agency scout approaches Barry. With New Year's Eve looming, Adam tries to make Murray build bridges with his own father, Pop Pop. (S2 Ep9/24) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Positive Negative Reaction When Bernadette makes a big announcement, Howard becomes convinced that he needs to start earning more money. (S9 Ep16/24) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Celebration Experimentation The gang persuade Sheldon to celebrate his birthday and invite a few special guests along to his party in the 200th episode. (S9 Ep17/24) 
19:00Hollyoaks Goldie falsely accuses Jesse of scarring her in the salon in a desperate attempt to get cash. Brody helps Milo on his date with Liberty, which goes from bad to worse. 
19:30New: Kevin Can Wait Brand new series - Trainer Wreck: Vanessa asks Kevin to help her get a date with a handsome personal trainer, but she is frustrated when Kevin starts training with him instead. (S2 Ep11/24) 
20:00The Big Bang Theory The Locomotion Interruption Leonard and Amy take an impromptu road trip to Arizona to pick up Sheldon when his epic railway journey ends in chaos. Penny has an interview. (S8 Ep1/24) 
20:30The Big Bang Theory The Junior Professor Solution When Sheldon has to teach a course at the university, Howard enrols in his class. Tension is brewing between Penny and Bernadette. (S8 Ep2/24) 
21:00Rise of the Planet of the Apes Film (2011) Sci-fi action reboot starring James Franco and Andy Serkis. A scientist seeking a cure for Alzheimer's bestows super-intelligence on a chimpanzee and endangers all mankind. 
23:05The Big Bang Theory The Monster Isolation After a terrible date with Lucy, Raj vows never to leave his flat again. Sheldon asks Penny to help him record a new episode of Fun with Flags. (S6 Ep17/24) 
23:35The Big Bang Theory The Contractual Obligation Implementation Leonard, Sheldon and Howard are forced to volunteer for a university committee. Raj plans a stress-free date with Lucy. (S6 Ep18/24) 
00:05Gogglebox What do Britain's favourite viewers think of Kitchen 999 Emergency Chefs, The Voice final, Alone with the In-Laws, Line of Duty, Life Story, One Born Every Minute and the News? (S9 Ep7) 
01:10First Dates Student Leah's on her first ever date. Cheeky welder Daniel and student midwife Emily bond over their shared passion for romcoms. Pilot Antonia meets rugby player Pete. (S9 Ep9) 
02:15Tattoo Fixers Sketch removes a tribute to hopeless romantic Karl's ex. Darren's found God and needs a dirty devil tatt covered by Jay. Alice tackles Alex's Game of Thrones ink. (S3 Ep3) [SL] 
03:10Supernatural Brand new series - Wayward Sisters: Jody, Claire, Patience, Alex, Kaia and Donna try to find the missing Winchesters in the Bad Place and free them before the portal closes. (S13 Ep10/23) 
03:50How I Met Your Mother Brunch Ted and the gang have brunch with his parents. Robin worries that Ted's mum doesn't like her but realises that isn't the case when a huge secret is revealed. (S2 Ep3/22) 
04:15How I Met Your Mother Ted Mosby Architect: Ted and Robin have their first big argument after Robin becomes annoyed at hearing Ted's work grumbles, so Ted's pals try to prove that he's not dull. (S2 Ep4/22) 
04:35Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister discovers some slightly less rude (but still daft) online videos, including a monkey buying himself a drink, Fenton chasing deer and some very odd beards. 
05:00Couples Come Dine with Me In and around Newcastle, partners Hannah and Fiona kick off the dinner party competition with their Moroccan-themed menu based solely on their love of houmous. 
06:00Hollyoaks Louis has secretly booked flights to Hong Kong, but what will Leela think? And Holly prepares to ask Damon a serious question about her future.