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Listings for Disney on Sunday, September 30 2018

06:00Ducktales The House of the Lucky Gander! Donald competes with cool cousin Gladstone Gander to impress Louie at a lush resort, unaware Gladstone is a prisoner of an ancient luck vampire. S1 E7 
06:25Big Hero 6 The Series The Impatient Patient Even though he's sick, Hiro refuses to listen to Baymax or his team and insists that he shouldn't stay on the sidelines during a battle with the Mad Jacks. S1 E8 
06:56New: Miraculous Secrets Tikki Shorts featuring Marinette and Adrien who transform into superheroes. S2 E2 
07:00Disney Ducktales: Woo-Oo Huey, Dewey and Louie, along with Mrs. Beakley's granddaughter, Webby, discover long-kept family secrets from Scrooge's epic past, sending the family on escapades around the world! 
07:50Zombies Film Students from Zombietown are transferred to a high school in a suburban town preoccupied with uniformity, traditions and pep rallies. 
09:45Hotel Transylvania Four Monsters and a Funeral Mavis talks herself into throwing a fake funeral for Uncle Gene. S1 E21a 
10:00Raven's Home Big Trouble in Little Apartment After giving up her room to Chelsea, Nia doesn't want to admit to her mom that she misses her privacy and turns to her dad for help. S1 E3 
10:32Raven's Home Adventures in Mummysitting Booker, Nia and Levi convince Raven and Chelsea they're responsible enough to watch themselves while the moms celebrate a moms' night out at a new club. S1 E7 
11:00Bunk'd The Ones that Got Away Zuri is supposed to be fishing with Tiffany but they have no interest in it, so instead they steal the fish that's intended for dinner from the mess hall. S1 E3 
11:32Bunk'd Can You Hear Me Now? Zuri secretly keeps her cell phone beyond the allotted time, so Hazel and Lou to conduct a camp-wide search. S1 E6 
12:00Stuck In The Middle Stuck in a Good Deed: Harley and Suzy volunteer at a local retirement community. S2 E16 
12:32Stuck In The Middle Stuck Dancing with my Dad Harley enters Daphne and Dad in a TV dancing competition in hopes of getting her latest invention noticed by a famous entrepreneur. S2 E15 
13:00Andi Mack Hey, Who Wants Pizza? Andi is ready for Bowie to propose to Bex but he is not sure the timing is right. Meanwhile, the Frisbee team throws an end of season party. S1 E13 
13:32Andi Mack Hey, Who Wants Pizza? Part Two: Andi's ready for Bowie to propose to Bex but he's not sure the timing is right. Meanwhile, the Frisbee team throws an end of season party. S2 E1 
14:00Jessie The Fears in Our Stars Jessie has an audition and must practise all of the special skills listed on her resume. Mrs. Chesterfield helps out by giving her a crash course in tap dancing. S4 E19 
14:32Jessie Jessie Goes to Hollywood Christina returns home, and the kids find their loyalties split. Jessie feels redundant. Christina gets her a movie part in L.A. Is this her big break? S4 E20 
15:00Bizaardvark Two Me's in a Pod: Amelia's little sister comes to visit the Vuuugle House. When the ping pong table is broken, the best friends have to team up to ensure Bernie votes their way. S3 E2 
15:32Bizaardvark House Moms Paige and Frankie try to prove they are not the 'moms' of the house. Meanwhile, Willow suggests Amelia try something new with her channel. S3 E3 
16:00Raven's Home Baxter's Back Raven has a vision of Nia getting in a fight with Booker and is convinced it's because she gives Booker more attention. Booker experiences his first psychic vision. S1 E1 
16:32Raven's Home Big Trouble in Little Apartment After giving up her room to Chelsea, Nia doesn't want to admit to her mom that she misses her privacy and turns to her dad for help. S1 E3 
17:00Jessie Caught Purple Handed Jessie finally gets an agent, then discovers he's so spectacularly unsuccessful he is thrilled to have her as a client. What's more he only wants her as a hand model! S3 E2 
17:31Jessie The Rosses Get Real Jessie is excited when the family is asked to participate in a reality show about non-traditional families. The producer says there isn't enough drama so she creates some! S3 E7 
18:00Jessie Acting with the Frenemy Jessie and Chloe are friends, until Chloe steals Jessie's ideas for a character. She also enlists Ravi's help to make sure she gets an indie film role Jessie wants. S3 E12 
18:31Jessie Spaced Out Ravi's birthday present from his parents is a trip to outer space with the rest of the Ross kids and Jessie. Their trip takes an unexpected turn when Ravi ends up not going. S3 E18 
19:00Jessie Basket Cases Ravi wants to play on Luke's basketball team, but he's not great at sport. Jessie has an assignment on diplomatic resolutions, which comes in handy when Zuri and Emma fall out. S4 E5 
19:31Jessie Dance, Dance, Resolution Top UK band The Vamps star in this episode, where everyone is trying to get a date for the dance, except Jessie and Emma, who are trying to organize the whole thing. S4 E12 
20:00Jessie Identity Thieves There is some personality confusion when Luke and Ravi's SPATS scores are mixed up, and Zuri is picked as New York's It Girl instead of Emma. S4 E17 
20:32K.C. Undercover Revenge of the Van People Ernie hosts a group of young international agents while KC is away on a mission. S3 E14 
21:00K.C. Undercover Deleted When Judy's due for an upgrade, the Coopers reminisce about their great times before they have to delete her memories and return her to the Organization. S3 E15 
21:32Liv and Maddie Video-a-Rooney Liv and her new band decide to make a music video with Parker's help on camera. Karen tries to teach Joey some important life skills to prepare him for going away to college. S2 E23 
22:00Liv and Maddie Champ-A-Rooney Before Diggie leaves for Australia, he needs to find Maddie and tell her how he feels about her. S2 E24 
22:31Wizards Of Waverly Place Dancing with Angels For their first date Rosie suggests she and Justin go to an Angels Only club in LA. They deny being Dark Angels but Justin doesn't notice Rosie's wings changing colour. S4 E8 
23:00Wizards Of Waverly Place Everything's Rosie for Justin Rosie, the new girl in Justin's class, has a crush on him. Unfortunately she's awful at magic, but Alex helps her when Rosie has to pass a magic wand drill test. S4 E7 
23:29Raven's Home Vest In Show When Raven and Booker have the same vision of Raven getting fired, Booker helps her design outfits for her upcoming doggy show. S1 E12 
23:57Alex & Co. Episode 29 Alex realises that if he signs a solo deal he won't see his friends any more. What will he decide to do? S2 E16 
00:23Good Luck Charlie Kwikki Chick Teddy is walking dogs to earn money, but ends up stealing P.J's role as spokesmodel for Kwikki Chikki. She's thrilled until she sees how hurt her brother is. S1 E16 
00:48Good Luck Charlie Girl Bites Dog Charlie bites Spencer and Teddy begins to worry her baby sister is affecting her relationship. She visits Spencer at work and finds him with another girl, so dumps him. S1 E17 
01:12Good Luck Charlie Butt-dialling Duncans Teddy cons her mum into letting her to see a late movie on a school night, then brags about it to her friend while butt-dialling her mum who hears everything. S1 E18 
01:36Hannah Montana We're So Sorry, Uncle Earl Miley's would-be rock star uncle visits and she must choose between family and a gig that an important critic is due to attend. Guest star David Koechner. S2 E26 
01:59Hannah Montana Joanie B Goode Oliver falls for Joanie, upsetting Lilly and Miley. Oliver gets Miley to ask Joanie to a sleepover. The girls like each other better than expected. S2 E27 
02:22Hannah Montana Hannah in the Street with Diamonds Hannah's proud a diamond carrying her name will be in the Hollywood Parade of Diamonds, but not happy with its position. She tries to get it changed. S2 E28 
02:46Violetta The students are angry with Ludmila for cheating Violetta and turn against her. Ludmila still blames Violetta for her problems. Jade thinks she's thwarted the thief's plan, but has she? S1 E65 
03:33Disney The Lodge The Last Dance Kyle and Aaron come up with the idea of a danceathon to help save the lodge. Will it raise enough money or will Skye lose the lodge for good?' S2 E16 
03:56Evermoor Chronicles Race to Stink Island Ludo remembers he was filming on his phone the night he was shattered. They race to the island to find it. But betrayal and heartbreak also await. S2 E33 
04:20Disney Cookabout Episode 23 Max and Kate visit Cape Town's Bo-Kaap to get tips on Malay cooking. They learn how to fold samosas and cook breyani and bobotie. S1 E23 
04:43The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Kisses and Basketball Zack helps his basketball team win an important game. London's shopping addiction gets out of hand, and Maddie tries to help her conquer it. S1 E20 
05:09Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Reflekta: Absent from a class photo thanks to Chloe, Juleka gets akumatized. Now Reflekta, she turns everyone into copies of herself, including Cat Noir! Can Ladybug stop her? S1 E22 
05:32Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Pixelator: Vincent is a fan of rock star Jagged Stone. Akumatized by Hawk Moth, he turns into Pixelator. He wants to capture his idol's image. Can Ladybug and Cat stop him? S1 E23 
06:00Jessie Zuri's New Old Friend Jessie reads it's not good for children to have imaginary friends and tries to wean Zuri off them. But it backfires when Zuri gets a real friend, and Jessie is jealous. S1 E7