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Listings for Disney on Saturday, October 28 2017

06:00Elena Of Avalor Blockheads When a mysterious spell turns Elena and her friends into moving Maruvian sculptures, Elena must rely on her little sister to help undo the spell. S1 E26 
06:29Tangled One Angry Princess Attila is accused of destroying Monty's shop, Rapunzel is the only one who believes in his innocence. She's given 24 hours to prove he didn't commit the crime. S1 E10 
06:58Hotel Transylvania Frankenstunt/What About Blob? Hank has to pretend to be his dad as he films his new action flick. Mavis and Wendy set up Aunt Lydia and Bob Blob on a date. S1 E8 
07:29New: The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey ...Mouse Halloween Spooktacular: Mickey's nephews get him to tell scary Halloween stories. The first are funny or silly, until they force him to tell one that's truly terrifying. 
08:00New: Elena Of Avalor A Day to Remember Elena learns she has the ability to see ghosts and helps the spirit of an elderly woman mend the rift between her grandchildren and save the family restaurant. S1 E9 
08:31Tangled Great Expotations Cassandra can be a guard for the Judge of the Exposition of the Sciences if she can complete her handmaiden duties in time and enlists Varian's help. S1 E8 
09:02Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Origins - Part One: Find out how Marinette and Adrien, two ordinary high-school students, became Ladybug and Cat Noir, and why Hawk Moth wants their Miraculouses so badly. S1 E25 
09:33Hotel Transylvania Breakfast at Lydia's/The Trouble with Wendies Mavis wins employee of the month. She shares breakfast with Aunt Lydia. Dr. Gillman saves Wendy's ponytail and now she owes him. S1 E7 
10:04Milo Murphy's Law The Little Engine that Couldn't/ The Llama Incident: Melissa hopes her dad will see Milo is more than a disaster area. Milo and Melissa tell Zack the story of the Llama Incident. S1 E11 
10:35Bizaardvark BizAnticipation Who will get the whipped cream in the face? S2 E9 
10:40K.C. Undercover Accidents Will Happen Darien is mysteriously injured in an accident, so K.C. tries to figure out who is behind it. Craig becomes head of security for a vice-presidential candidate. S2 E6 
11:11Andi Mack She's Turning Into You When Jonah asks Andi for help picking out a birthday gift for his girlfriend, Amber, Andi enlists the help of Bex. S1 E9 
11:42New: Mack Chat Episode Nine Fans get together for a light-hearted look at an episode of the show, in which Andi and Bex help Jonah choose a present for his girlfriend Amber. S1 E9 
11:47Disney The Lodge Finish Line Skye competes in the Enduro final, Alex and Danielle to try and piece together the final clue in the mystery and Kaylee's big moment's finally arrived. S2 E14 
12:18Mako Mermaids Where's the On Button? Zac has the trident but it won't work. He breaks into Rita's secret grotto to seek a solution. Sirena's Moon Ring accidentally activates it. Now Zac can wield its power. S1 E19 
12:49Liv and Maddie Ex-A-Rooney When Maddie and Josh start hanging out again, Joey feels awkward about y their rekindled friendship. S4 E9 
13:20Bunk'd Mother May I? Lou is in awe when her hero, the legendary Christina Ross, pays a visit to Camp Kikiwaka. Meanwhile, the boys from Grizzly Cabin head out for an overnight camping trip. S2 E10 
13:51Descendants Wicked World Talking Heads In the cafeteria, the Aks and Vks argue about Mal's evil behavior, leading to a school wide food fight. The episode contains a new Descendants song entitled Evil. S2 E6 
13:56Tangled Cassandra v, Eugene: Rapunzel is sick of the constant bickering between Cassandra and Eugene, so she sets them off on a scavenger hunt as a bonding experience. S1 E5 
14:27Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: The Puppeteer: Wrongly accused of theft, the girl Marinette babysits is akumatized. Now the Puppeteer she wants to steal Ladybug and Cat Noir dolls and manipulate them. S1 E19 
14:58Hotel Transylvania Enter the Nose Picker/Hide & Shriek Mavis accidentally lures an unwelcomed guest into the hotel. Mavis finds her childhood toy, Demented Debbie, in the attic. S1 E1 
15:29Milo Murphy's Law Worked Day Career Day at school gives Milo a lot of potential job options, but can he find one that won't end in disaster? S1 E5a 
15:45Descendants Wicked World Wild Rehearsal Mal's evil ways cause chaos as Audrey, Jane and the rest of the girls rehearse for the big Jewel-bilee song performance. Evie confronts her BFF. S2 E4 
15:50Descendants 2 : Carscendants A special version of the new hit movie, with an added extra of the stars of the film serenading viewers from inside their car! 
18:00Bizaardvark BizaaRock Paper Scissors Do 60 per cent of people really pick rock first? Paige and Frankie put this to the test! S2 E6 
18:04Andi Mack She's Turning Into You When Jonah asks Andi for help picking out a birthday gift for his girlfriend, Amber, Andi enlists the help of Bex. S1 E9 
18:35Disney The Lodge Distant Relations Relation Skye and Alex deal with a revelation about themselves, With the concert approaching Kaylee and Noah fall out. S2 E13 
19:06K.C. Undercover Inside the Other Side - Part Two: K.C. goes further undercover at The Other Side's training ground. She's close to getting the info she needs when she learns Brett is her new training officer. S1 E15 
19:37Bizaardvark Frankie's Cheating Teacher An attempt to get Frankie's dad back into the dating scene goes horribly wrong when he snags a date with her English teacher. S2 E7 
20:08Andi Mack Outside the Box Andi doesn't share the recent revelations about her family with her friends, but Cyrus finds some old photos and jumps to the wrong conclusion. S1 E2 
20:39Stuck In The Middle Stuck in the Mother's Day Gift Harley decides to go solo on a Mother's Day gift, rather than include the rest of her siblings. S1 E7 
21:10A.N.T. Farm ClairvoyANT Chyna keeps winning awards, and Cameron gets an inferiority complex. She enlists Olivia to persuade Cameron he's psychic. It all goes wrong when he becomes an internet sensation. S1 E9 
21:41That's So Raven A Fight at the Opera Raven and Chelsea fall out over a competition. They want to win, but can't agree on their entry. In the end it takes Eddie to bring them back together. S1 E18 
22:12Jessie We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges: Jessie wants to prove to Coach Penny that she is a great girl scout leader by helping Zuri earn her badges on a Central Park camping trip. S2 E23 
22:43Austin & Ally Beach Clubs & BFFs Trish is jealous when she thinks Kira is replacing her as Ally's BFF. Austin and Dez find a treasure map at the beach club and become obsessed with finding the treasure. S3 E4 
23:14Wizards Of Waverly Place Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth: So that his Career Day mentor doesn't lose his job, Justin changes the weather to agree with the forecast - but Mother Nature has other ideas! S2 E27 
23:45Good Luck Charlie Something Fishy! Bob won't help Teddy with her phone bill, so she takes a job in a children's party venue to pay it. She gets stuck in a crawl tube, as does Bob when he tries to rescue her. S2 E3 
00:11Good Luck Charlie Let's Potty Amy's trying to potty train Charlie before an interview with an exclusive pre-school. But Charlie flushes her toys down the toilet, leaving the house without water and power. S2 E1 
00:36Good Luck Charlie Charlie is 2! The Duncans celebrate Charlie's second birthday in jail after a series of mishaps involving a Gurgles concert and a stolen miniature horse find them all temporarily incarcerated. S2 E2 
01:00Hannah Montana He Could Be the One - Part Two: Hannah decides to pretend she's dating bad boy Jesse, so that Robbie will be relieved when she actually goes out with Jake. But she finds she likes Jesse. S3 E27 
01:24Hannah Montana The Wheel Near my Bed (Keeps on Turning): Lilly's mum gets a job in Atlanta. Lilly's worried she'll have to move. The Stewarts invite her to move in and her dad gives her permission. S3 E28 
01:47Milo Murphy's Law Battle of the Bands Milo, Melissa and Zack conquer obstacles caused by Murphy's Law, and their own conflicting desires, in order to be ready for their first Battle of the Bands. S1 E10a 
01:00Violetta Beautiful, talented teenager Violetta has returned home to live in Buenos Aires with her father. She meets handsome local boy Tomas, and is immediately attracted to him. S1 E1 
01:47Hannah Montana Miley says Goodbye - Part One: Miley faces the biggest decision of her life. Will she finally decide to kiss goodbye to Hannah Montana and return to life as a normal teenager? S3 E29 
02:10Alex & Co. Episode 9: A record producer wants to sign Alex and the gang to a contract, as long as they exclude Sam from the group as he's not cool enough. They don't know what to do. S1 E9 
02:34Violetta Episode 208 Violetta refuses Alex's kiss, and Francesca makes a deal with the Italian producer to save the studio. Leon misses Violetta. S3 E48 
03:21Billie and The Ghost The Pesky Posts Malcolm discovers the location pointed to by the latest clue has been demolished. Billie distracts him by getting him to help her identify a school blackmailer. S1 E9 
03:44The Evermoor Chronicles Fuffwah Too Far The tapestry has been stolen. Tara and Sorsha take the blame and are punished. The real thieves try to use it with disastrous consequences. S1 E16