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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, October 28 2017

06:00Auction Hunters Ton and Allen are surprised to discover a 1969 Chevelle Malibu muscle car in a unit auction in California. Will this modified muscle car make them any cash? S3, Ep13 
06:30Auction Hunters Ton and Allen battle a local thrift store at a Brooklyn storage auction. They find a vintage whack-a-mole arcade game and a water cannon - do they still work? S3, Ep14 
07:00Misfit Garage Tom and Thomas purchase a '31 Ford Model A frame. Since the car is basically just a shell, they'll need new doors and lots of parts. S1, Ep13 
08:00Misfit Garage Scot and Austin arrive to see if the Fired Up guys need any assistance since they've got two big projects on their hands. S1, Ep14 
09:00Fast N' Loud When Richard 'accidentally' buys $92,000 worth of cars at an auction, his bookkeeper sister insists he flip all five cars in one week. How will he get on? S2, Ep14 
10:00Fast N' Loud Richard and Aaron buy a Ford Falcon that once belonged to a hot rod legend. Plus, Richard takes a '54 Chevy truck to auction, where it sparks a bidding war. S2, Ep15 
11:00Fast N' Loud Motor mastermind Richard Rawlings and mechanical prodigy Aaron Kaufman search the corners of Texas for derelict classic cars to buy and restore at their Gas Monkey Garage. S2, Ep16 
12:00Wheeler Dealers Designed as an off-road army car, the Mini Moke soon became a civilian cult classic, so this should be a winner. But will Edd and Mike agree on anything and get the job done? S8, Ep2 
13:00Mythbusters In a workshop not so far, far away, the myths strike back when Adam and Jamie once again confront the dark side of science. S10, Ep229 
14:00Yukon Men Stan nearly loses his winter's supply of fish during a risky manoeuvre on the river. Meanwhile, Charlie is in danger of letting precious meat slip away. S2, Ep1 
15:00Yukon Men Moose hunting season is almost over and time is running out for a kill, a sled dog needs emergency surgery and the Moores' new dog handler struggles in Tanana. S2, Ep2 
16:00Yukon Men Thawed out with bonus footage and viewer tweets, the first devastating winter storm approaches, so Joey scrambles to winterise his home and equipment. S2, Ep3 
17:00Yukon Men It's trapping season in Tanana and villagers battle deadly cold to get fur. Charlie and Bob chase a vicious wolverine that's been stealing their bait. S2, Ep4 
18:00Gold Rush Dave Turin had been at Todd's side helping him mine millions of dollars of gold until a shocking bare-knuckle fistfight. This is his story. S8, Ep2 
19:00Gold Rush Todd Hoffman's men come under fire from a rogue gunman. The crew flees the mine, and with everyone's lives under threat, the police hunt down the shooter. S8, Ep2 
20:00Alaskan Bush People In the hopes of building a self-sustaining town, the Browns hunt for food and secure resources, leaving them more isolated and independent than ever before. S3, Ep1 
21:00Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives In 1959,the mutilated bodies of nine hikers were found in the Ural Mountains. Fifty years on, speculation surrounding the story endures. Could a Yeti be to blame for this tragedy? 
23:00Hollywood Horror Story: People... ...Magazine Investigates. When hikers discover the severed head of Hervey Medellin, the cast of suspects includes former lovers, drug cartels and a murderous porn star. 
00:00Street Outlaws With the Crow-mod race-ready, Chief must confront his PTSD to get back behind the wheel. Meanwhile tensions boil over between Reaper and Dave's crew on race night. S3, Ep10 
01:00Street Outlaws With $75,000 on the line the OKC crew heads south to Texas to race in the American Outlaws Live event, with competition coming in from all over the country. S3, Ep12 
02:00Street Outlaws It's Round 2 of the American Outlaws Live event. The crew fights to get into the finals to win the $75,000 cash prize. Plus, Big Chief has a rematch with old rival Kai Kelly. S3, Ep13 
03:00Street Outlaws Daddy Dave pulls Henson's Plan B from the #1 spot, starting from ten in his own car. Chief takes extreme measures fixing his motor to get up the list. S3, Ep14 
03:50Wheeler Dealers Mike is on the lookout for a two-seat roadster with attitude in the form of the original BMW Z1. This zippy sports car could make a tidy profit when Edd gets stuck in. S11, Ep12