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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, October 21 2017

06:00Auction Hunters The guys find an antique barber chair, two racing lawn mowers and voodoo chest at an auction in Louisiana, but their potential buyers drive a hard bargain. Will they make a profit? S3, Ep9 
06:30Auction Hunters Ton and Allen start a bidding war at an auction in Washington DC, and find a Civil War-era revolver and a set of South African gold coins. S3, Ep10 
07:00Misfit Garage Thomas and Scot head to the garage with their first truck project, but calamity strikes when Scot and Austin pick up the '69 Chevy cab. S1, Ep9 
08:00Misfit Garage Jordan and Tom look for a replacement cab for a demolished '69 Chevy Pickup, and Thomas tries to flip a '59 Oldsmobile. S1, Ep10 
09:00Fast N' Loud Buying a Ferrari F-40, the crew embark on the most expensive build in Gas Monkey history. But can they flip a Dead Head tour bus to recoup costs? S1, Ep26 
10:00Fast N' Loud The crew pushes to finish the Ferrari F40 and get it sold. Costs rise when the expensive windshield gets broken. But can they still turn a profit? S1, Ep27 
11:00Fast N' Loud It's a race to Roswell to pick up a 67 Ford Galaxie to restore, and Rich and Aaron judge a bikini contest in Denver - but will Aaron come back? S1, Ep28 
12:00Wheeler Dealers The classic Jag E-Type is one of the best-looking cars in the world, and Mike gladly takes a risk on a wreck - but the parts prices are huge. Will this project crash and burn? S8, Ep1 
13:00Mythbusters Adam and Jamie hit the console, tablet and arcade and take first person aim at some of the troubling tropes and scientific challenges common to the format. S10, Ep225 
14:00Alaska: The Last Frontier Meet the Kilchers from Alaska. Another brutal winter is approaching and bears have killed two of the family's cattle. Will one last hunting trip ensure they survive the winter? S1, Ep1 
15:00Alaska: The Last Frontier The first storm of the winter is fast approaching and the Kilchers race to finish preparing for the next eight months. Atz Sr races ahead of the storm to lead a herd of cattle. S1, Ep2 
16:00Alaska: The Last Frontier Bad early winter weather forces Otto's wife and son into a desperate search for a new-born calf and its mother in a violent night snowstorm. S1, Ep3 
17:00Gold Rush: The Story So Far Through key scenes picked out over the last 7 years, the characters of Gold Rush tell the epic story of two gold mining legends, Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel. 
18:00Gold Rush Parker and Todd go head to head as they lay down the exact same gold-weight goal for their season, whilst Tony Beets fires up his second ancient dredge. S8, Ep1 
20:00Live: Barrett-Jackson: Las... ...Vegas 2017. Live coverage of one of the world's greatest car auction from Las Vegas, Nevada, where buyers from all continents are present to spend big bucks on classic beauties. S1, Ep7 
22:00The Krays: The Prison Years On the morning of May 9th, 1968, London's infamous Kray twins were imprisoned for murder at the height of their power. This is the story of how they prospered inside. 
23:00Horror In The Woods: People... ...Magazine Investigates. A mother and three teens are murdered in the remote town of Keddie, California. Despite a trail of suspects no one was ever brought to justice. 
00:00Street Outlaws Daddy Dave returns as part of the Shark Pool with Henson's Corvette 'Plan B,' along with new mother Tina Pierce and Boosted GT, after being dropped from the list. S3, Ep5 
01:00Street Outlaws The 405 face off against their fastest rival, Detroit. Farmtruck and AZN build a bowling ball cannon - and destroy AZN's ricer car in the process. S3, Ep6 
02:00Street Outlaws Big Chief sees the damage that was done to his car for the first time after his crash while racing Brian 'Chucky' Davis. S3, Ep7 
03:00Street Outlaws Chief gets a new car while the battle for top list spots gets cut-throat. Doc takes another shot against #1 Shawn, while newbie Jeremy must face the Farmtruck. S3, Ep8 
03:50How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how sanders, solid terrain models, stucco and high-speed roll up doors are made. S21, Ep20 
04:20Gold Rush The crews make a final push. A fist fight on the Hoffman claim ends in a resignation, Tony's plan to relocate his dredge stalls and Parker hits his biggest ever gold weigh. S7, Ep1 
06:00Auction Hunters The guys hope to make a big profit from the vintage military motorcycle and replica cannon they find in Arlington, Virginia. But are the items still in working order? S3, Ep11