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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, December 22 2018

06:00British Treasure, American Gold Sport and Recreation. Jesse's search for memorabilia starts at a stately home, then a tip-off sends him to Manchester to convince boxer Ricky Hatton to part with some signed gloves. S1, Ep5 
07:00Chasing Classic Cars A Lawnmower Has More Horsepower! Wayne gets a lead on a 1956 CitroŽn 2CV in North Carolina. Possibly one of the first to be imported into the US, it's an offer he can't refuse. S7, Ep2 
07:30Chasing Classic Cars Keels & Wheels. Wayne's recommissioning his 1934 Lincoln KB Convertible for the Keels & Wheels concours d'elegance in Texas. But will he get the price he's looking for? S7, Ep3 
08:00Chasing Classic Cars F Is for Ferrari. Wayne drives to Maryland to inspect a 275 2cam Ferrari owned by the heirs of Parker Pens. Later, he checks out a Thunderbird convertible. S7, Ep4 
08:30Chasing Classic Cars American All Stars. Wayne buys a 1941 Ford Woody with only 15,000 miles on it. He'll have Roger give it the once over and then plans to sell it at the Bonhams auction in Greenwich. S7, Ep5 
09:00Fast N' Loud Big, Bad C-10 Build, Part II. Richard works on a 1976 Chevy C-10 for the Cattle Baron's Ball and tries to flip a '66 Continental and a '51 Caddy. Plus, have Fired Up got the rent? S3, Ep4 
10:00Fast N' Loud NHRA and a '55 Pink Caddy Part I. Richard gets to build a '55 Pink Caddy. He is excited until the Monkeys relay that they may not be able to build the car in time for the deadline. S3, Ep5 
11:00Misfit Garage Fired Up About a '67 Chevelle. 'Fired Up Garage' goes to work on a '67 Chevelle. The team also enters a demolition derby for publicity, running into old co-worker Richard Rawlings. S1, Ep1 
12:00Garage Rehab Fast Lane Auto Repair. Richard helps a fellow hot rod enthusiast in Nashville. With less than a week to transform the shop, the crew have their work cut out for them in Music City. S1, Ep9 
13:00Outback Truckers There are headaches on the horizon for Steve taking on the Tanami with a trailer load of trouble and it's a wild ride for Nigel Vagg hauling 900 feral goats through a heatwave. S4, Ep9 
14:00Gold Divers Innovate & Overcome. In a race against winter, Shawn extends his sluice to get more gold. As Kris battles a bed of quartz, George enjoys a season-ending dive with his son. S7, Ep9 
15:00Outback Truckers Sludge takes on foreign roads and strange loads in New Zealand, Turbo's new truck gets busted on a tour of destruction and Carl Andrews has more worry than one trucker can take. S4, Ep11 
16:00Outback Truckers Sludge takes a white knuckle ride up a mountain with an angry load. Cameron carts a colossal dump truck out of the Nullarbor, and Steve dodges downpours on an urgent mission. S4, Ep12 
17:00Outback Truckers Steve Grahame hits the mud with high voltage headaches. Cameron's journey gets hotter and harder, and Sludge's mountain mission takes a downhill slide before going to the dogs. S4, Ep13 
18:00James May's Toy Stories Scalextric. James May attempts to build the biggest Scalextric track in the world, on the site of Britain's oldest grand prix track in Surrey. Who will win the race of the century? S1, Ep4 
19:00Gold Rush Father's Day. To keep working until the end of the season, Rick and his dad hatch a plan to expand their cut. Parker's welder, Chad, badly injures his hand changing a tyre. S9, Ep10 
20:00Outback Truckers Steve battles flooded highways when his truck breaks down, leaving him stranded. And tensions flare when trainee trucker Danyelle gets a driving lesson from her husband. S6, Ep8 
21:00Mighty Ships Oasis of the Seas. At 365m in length, Oasis is the world's biggest cruise ship and when she's embarks on her maiden voyage 5000 passengers will enjoy her revolutionary facilities. S3, Ep4 
22:00Devonport: Inside The Royal Navy A Royal Visit. There are four days to go until the Queen's visit to HMS Ocean, but the ship is at sea. Meanwhile, Petty Officer Holmes loses it with his Guard of Honour. S1, Ep4 
23:00Last Outpost Off-Road Wheelchair & Mobile Ice Shack. Trapper Brad needs a portable shelter for fishing. Clint and Todd retrofit and old camper with a snow machine for a one of a kind ice-shack. S1, Ep2 
00:00Wheeler Dealers 1972 Datsun 510. Mike and Ant drag a rare 1972 Datsun 510 2-door into the 21st century. The engine is in good order, but the bad paint job, gearbox and bodywork let it down. S14, Ep15 
01:00Outback Truckers The Mackay Brothers hit the bush and try to dodge destruction. Steve takes on an old enemy at the worst time of year and Bumpa Farrell struggles for power on an epic hay convoy. S4, Ep8 
02:00Deadliest Catch Purgatory. A serious illness forces Keith to hand over the Wizard. Josh fights for the helm despite a bad showing. Meanwhile, major engine trouble threatens Wild Bill's season. S14, Ep9 
03:00Alaska: The Last Frontier Earning Seven. Grammy award winner Jewel flies in with her son, to visit Atz Sr on the Yuletide to celebrate his birthday. Atz helps his grandson in three tasks as a rite of passage. S8, Ep9 
03:50Supercar Superbuild Bentley Continental GT V8. The Continental GT was once the world's fastest 2+2 coupť. But now the platform has aged and Bentley wants to build a faster, more fuel-efficient machine. S1, Ep2 
04:40Deadliest Catch Winter's Curse. A huge tidal surge threatens Josh and Monte as they chase their bounty deep into an Arctic storm. Meanwhile, Wild Bill hopes to get his broken boat off the dock. S14, Ep10 
05:30How It's Made How do they make space pens, reef aquariums and metal caskets? Find out as more everyday items are put under the microscope. S19, Ep13