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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, November 23 2019

06:00Secrets Underground King Solomon's Treasures. Priceless gold and silver artefacts are believed to be lost in King Solomon's hidden mines. Rob and Stefan search for the legendary treasure. S2, Ep2 
07:00Secrets Underground Doomsday Volcano Mystery. Beneath the densely populated city of Naples lies a looming threat. A super volcano may be on the verge of erupting and cause an apocalyptic catastrophe. S2, Ep4 
08:00Secrets Underground Lost Pirate City Of Treasure. When an infamous pirate city sunk into the sea, a huge treasure may have gone with it. Could cutting edge technology reveal its resting place? S2, Ep7 
09:00Codes and Conspiracies Secret Prisons. A secret part of history has remained hidden, locked away for centuries in the hulls of ships in New York or in the depths of an abandoned copper mine. S3, Ep2 
10:00Truth Behind the Moon Landing Fire In The Cockpit. Experts investigate to see if the fire on Apollo 1 that killed three astronauts was a cover-up. Was it a tragic accident or part of the moon landing conspiracy? S1, Ep1 
11:00Truth Behind the Moon Landing NASA Nazi Conspiracy. Experts investigate if there was a conspiracy to fake the moon landing. Does a secret report suggest the Nazis were involved in the Apollo space programme? S1, Ep2 
12:00Truth Behind the Moon Landing CIA's Secret Space War. Confidential CIA files reveal a secret war for space between America and the Soviets. And, experts investigate American espionage during the Apollo programme. S1, Ep3 
13:00NASA's Unexplained Files Hammer of Thor. What are the mysterious trails on the lunar surface near the Apollo landing sites? Does a strange space object spell disaster for the crew of the space shuttle? S2, Ep4 
14:00NASA's Unexplained Files Nazis on the Moon. A Russian probe discovers something has disturbed the lunar soil before the US or the USSR got there. But did the Nazis get there first? S2, Ep8 
15:00Codes and Conspiracies Pearl Harbor. December 7th, 1941 - a day of infamy that changed America forever. But was the attack really a surprise? What did Franklin Roosevelt know about the attack beforehand? S3, Ep4 
16:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence American UFO Coverups. The US government denies the existence of extra-terrestrial life. But news of a secret UFO programme may reveal shocking evidence. S2, Ep9 
17:00JFK: The Lost Tapes The story of JFK's assassination, told through the unique perspective of newly released government tapes from Air Force One, as well as recordings from the police and reporters. 
18:00Ed Stafford: Man Woman Child Wild Ed Stafford takes his wife and their two-year-old son on an epic adventure. They'll be living off the grid on an Indonesian island for a month in search of a healthier family life. 
19:00Gold Rush Monster Red Lives. In Colorado, Rick is on the hunt for a washplant - and Hoffman's Monster Red looks promising. Meanwhile, Monica's Hunker Creek cut is hit by flooding. S10, Ep6 
20:00Gold Rush: White Water The Pound Zone. Dustin's crew finds an ideal claim to mine, but to reach the gold they must make it through the waterfall's pound zone. Meanwhile, Fred brings in a new miner. S3, Ep2 
21:00Tony Robinson's Wild West Tony focuses on the death of the frontier. Using the rise and fall of Buffalo Bill, he examines how Western pioneers created their own legends that are still told to this day. S1, Ep2 
22:00SAS: Who Dares Wins Interrogation. It's the final stage of the selection process and the remaining recruits face 24 hours of interrogation. Do any of them have what it takes to join the Special Forces? S1, Ep5 
23:00Greatest Events Of World War II Siege Of Stalingrad. The battle of Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest of the entire war and turned the tide for the Germans. Colourised footage retells the dramatic story. S1, Ep5 
00:00Gold Divers Gold Blooded. Captain Vernon is on the final leg of his epic journey transporting the Gold Ship Wild Ranger to Nome. Plus, Emily faces ripping currents and an exhausted diver. S8, Ep7 
01:00Alaskan Bush People The Chaos Before The Storm. Winter is approaching and Billy faces a new medical crisis. Plus, a big storm forces Noah and Rhain Alisha to make a tough decision. S4, Ep18 
02:00Fast N' Loud Driving Brady. The team continue to work on the 'Brady Bunch' station wagon - a '69 Plymouth Satellite commissioned by Barry Williams. Will they complete it in time? S6, Ep12 
03:00Bitchin' Rides Temptress. The Pontiac Tempest build continues as bodywork is completed and Dave has designed a killer new colour. Kevin shows off his powder-coating skills on a custom chassis. S6, Ep7 
03:50Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Paydirt Mystery. Dave faces a nightmare scenario when the ground he's mining goes cold. With his season in jeopardy, the pressure mounts for him to get them back on the gold. S1, Ep3 
04:40Alaska: The Last Frontier Greener Pastures. With predators stalking the homestead, the family livestock is in danger. Atz Sr and Atz Lee plan a new pasture on Perl Island for safer grazing. S9, Ep5 
05:30How It's Made How are gingerbread houses, livestock trailers, bottom-rolling hangar doors, and toy figurines made? S23, Ep12 
06:00Mysteries of the Missing Forbidden City Of Gold. New technology reveals lost cities in hostile jungle - could this lead to a discovery of the mythical El Dorado? And, a crystal is found on a shipwreck. S1, Ep4