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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, July 18 2020

06:00Fast N' Loud Keeping It Shelby. Richard's beloved Mustang breaks down weeks before he is supposed to show it at the Shelby Car Show in Tulsa. They fix up the car making it the star of the show. S6, Ep2 
07:00Fast N' Loud Vintage Payday. Richard decides to restore his 1937 Buick Racer to its Indy 500 roots, but setbacks threaten the project. Russell and Richard buy a '77 Blazer with big potential. S6, Ep5 
08:00Fast N' Loud Race Against Time. The Gas Monkeys race to finish their Buick Indy Racer for a deep-pocket client. Next, a collector wheels and deals for Richard's 1975 Datsun 280-Z. S6, Ep7 
09:00Fast N' Loud Super Troupe Jeep. The guys team up with the Gary Sinise Foundation to build a custom '81 Jeep CJ7 as a tribute for Veteran's Day. Later, an original '68 Chevelle tempts Richard. S6, Ep8 
10:00Fast N' Loud Wranglin' World Records. The team work on a 2018 Jeep Wrangler - the second jeep they're building for the Veteran's Day auction. Meanwhile, Richard makes a deal on a '55 Crown Vic. S6, Ep9 
11:00Fast N' Loud Quick-Flippin' A Caddy. Richard pays big bucks hoping to use a '63 Cadillac for a quick flip. The guys do a bang-up job, but Jason goes rogue and risks tanking the whole thing. S6, Ep10 
12:00Fast N' Loud Building Brady. Actor Barry Williams hires Richard and the Gas Monkeys to build a specially-themed station wagon. But, a series of mysterious mishaps delay the project. S6, Ep11 
13:00Fast N' Loud Driving Brady. The team continue to work on the 'Brady Bunch' station wagon - a '69 Plymouth Satellite commissioned by Barry Williams. Will they complete it in time? S6, Ep12 
14:00Fast N' Loud Hot For Firebirds. The team start work on a quick and easy upgrade for a '67 Firebird convertible, but it quickly becomes a valuable project. Plus, a Hellcat is missing! S6, Ep13 
15:00Fast N' Loud Flippin' The Bird. The guys face a seven-day deadline to raise their '67 Firebird from the ashes. Later, NFL star DeMarcus Ware shops for an authentic Gas Monkey hotrod. S6, Ep14 
16:00Fast N' Loud In a Galaxie Far, Far Away. The guys set a seven-day deadline to resurrect a '68 Ford Galaxie XL. Richard works on a 1980 Stutz Four motor car for country music star Charlie Pride. S6, Ep15 
17:00Fast N' Loud Galaxie Quest. The Monkeys race to finish the '68 Ford Galaxie XL before its owner comes to Dallas. Plus, the guys dig through barn grime to get to a '69 Camaro in Minnesota. S6, Ep16 
18:00Deadliest Catch Harm's Way. Facing a 500-mile wide Siberian storm, Josh takes a big risk to keep the Cornelia Marie crew safe. Junior loses control and puts his boat at the mercy of dangerous seas. S16, Ep10 
19:00Gold Divers Gold Is Thicker Than Blood. Shawn confronts his dad for the family operation - to disastrous results. Emily brings her dad aboard The Eroica and Vernon recruits his daughter Elaine. S9, Ep9 
20:00G.A.S. Extreme Customs Details Details Details. Dave Shuten gets his chance to become hot rod royalty by competing at the Grand National Roadster Show. And, the Galpin finish a '32 Ford Roaster Pickup. S1, Ep2 
21:00New: Covid 19: The World In Danger In Spring 2020, the world had to dramatically react to Coronavirus. A detailed look at how the globe politically and socially responded to the devastating pandemic. 
22:30How It's Made Find out how mosquito coils, solar-assist tricycles, palm oil, and fiberglass chopper guns are made. S24, Ep8 
23:00SAS: Who Dares Wins Aggression. After a gruelling first stage, eight recruits have dropped out. Now, Chief Instructor Ant and the elite team test the recruits' ability to control their aggression. S2, Ep2 
00:00Wheeler Dealers Nissan Skyline. Mike thinks he's on to a winner when he finds a budget Nissan Skyline supercar. Can Edd transform this modern classic into a customised drift racer? S9, Ep11 
01:00Wheeler Dealers DeLorean. Mike has travelled to the US to hunt for a DeLorean, one of the most recognisable and distinctive cars ever made. Can Edd restore this iconic car and maximise their profit? S8, Ep7 
02:00Wheeler Dealers Golf - Part 1. In homage to some auto icons, Mike Brewer and Edd China embark on getting a second hand classic Mark 1 Golf GTI 1.8, back into road-ready condition. S1, Ep5 
02:30Wheeler Dealers Golf - Part 2. Auto expert Mike Brewer and mechanic Edd China are fixing up a second-hand classic Mark 1 Golf GTI 1.8. Can they transform it from a glum Golf into a glistening GTI? S1, Ep6 
03:00Wheeler Dealers Ford Mustang Fastback - USA. Mike tracks down a classic Ford Mustang Fastback in the US. Can Edd spin this iconic car into peak condition without blowing their budget? S9, Ep14 
03:50Wheeler Dealers Mike's Pride And Joy. Mike introduces one most iconic sports cars of all time: the 1982 Porsche 911 SC - and this one belongs to him! He gets Ant to do some cheeky upgrades. S15, Ep27 
04:40Wheeler Dealers 1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Mike gets his hands on a valuable 1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Can new mechanic Ant Anstead bring back the 227 hp engine's famous 'fizz'? S14, Ep1 
05:30How It's Made Ever wondered how everyday items such as incense cones and model jet engines are made? Find out how these familiar objects are formed. S17, Ep9 
06:00Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car Tony's Dream Land Rover 2A. Car dealer supremo Mike Brewer and mechanic Marc 'Elvis' Priestley trade up to an iconic off roader, a Series 2A Land Rover, for ex-soldier Tony. S1, Ep1