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Listings for Dave on Saturday, June 22 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10The Hurting Take a bow, humanity: Jake Yapp narrates this remorseless compilation of quite frankly the dumbest endeavours ever attempted on camera, most of which go hilariously wrong. S1 Ep5 
07:35The Hurting Take a bow, humanity: Jake Yapp narrates this remorseless compilation of quite frankly the dumbest endeavours ever attempted on camera, most of which go hilariously wrong. S1 Ep6 
08:00Storage Hunters High Noon Auction anarchy! Scott, Brandon and Lori hope to strike it rich in Vegas, but Dustin and Desert Dan are betting big too. The factions compete for a geologist's bin. S2 Ep8 
08:30Storage Hunters Abracadabra All bets are off as the auction-goers battle for bargains in Las Vegas. Dustin continues to pose a threat to Brandon and Lori as mystery bins test their resolve. S2 Ep9 
09:00American Pickers California Kustom Holy heirlooms, Batman! Pro pickers Mike and Frank take the Batmobile for a spin and check out Grizzly Adams star Dan Haggerty's treasure trove of a home. S6 Ep6 
10:00American Pickers Beetle in a Haystack: A lead on a rare VW Beetle turns out to be true, but it will take some seriously heavy metal to shift it from its rustic home. S9 Ep5 
11:00American Pickers Best of: Biggest Buys: A look at the top 12 big ticket items that Mike and Frank picked in previous shows. S9 Ep6 
12:00Top Gear Four-wheeled fun with Clarkson and co. Can the boys drive from Switzerland to Blackpool on one tank of fuel? James tests a Pagani Zonda F Roadster and the Stig fulfils a dream. S12 Ep4 
13:00Top Gear Motoring news, views and banter. Driving a Ferrari Daytona, Richard Hammond tries to beat James May and a multi-million pound powerboat in a race from Portofino to St Tropez. S12 Ep5 
14:00Top Gear A look back at some of the best ever bits of Top Gear from several past series, with Jeremy Clarkson. Highlights include a race between a Bugatti Veyron and a Cessna aeroplane. S7 Ep8 
15:00Border Interceptors Armed police in Cork hunt for illegal immigrants trying to get into Ireland and officers in Dublin deal with a brother and sister from Hong Kong who claim to be visiting a relative. S1 Ep3 
15:30Border Interceptors Traffic cops in Dublin pull over a driver suspected of drug offences, while a teenager arrives from France, travelling alone and unable to find those she is meant to be meeting. S1 Ep4 
16:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Reality series. A member of the Bodycam Squad is viciously assaulted as he tries to take an angry man, who has already beaten his partner, into custody. S3 Ep5 
17:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Reality series. Trouble breaks out when vigilantes confront a man who they believe is a paedophile. And the team search for a suspect believed to be armed with a meat cleaver. S3 Ep6 
18:00Red Bull Soapbox Rome Teams battle against the clock in an extreme downhill race at the beautiful landscaped gardens of Villa Borghese, Rome. S6 Ep1 
19:00Room 101 Frank Skinner invites Katherine Ryan, Geri Horner and Adam Buxton to share their gripes, which include phone calls, pens that fail to work properly and marathons. S18 Ep7 
19:40Red Dwarf XI Twentica After a smegging unbearable wait, the Dwarfers return for this eleventh series. An alternative America where technology is banned spells trouble for Rimmer and Kryten. S11 Ep1 
20:20Red Dwarf XI Samsara Cosmic capers with the useless crew of smegheads, exclusive to Dave. Lister and Cat get trapped while exploring a crashed ship at the bottom of an ocean moon. S11 Ep2 
21:00What Happens In Vegas Film Two strangers who got married during a drunken night in Las Vegas win $3million, leading to a battle of wits over the money. Romantic comedy, with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. 
23:05Mock the Week Dara O Briain presents a special edition of the topical comedy panel show, featuring highlights from previous episodes and hilarious bloopers, outtakes and unseen footage. S11 Ep6 
23:45Judge Romesh A rapper has to defend himself against claims he's getting too close to his fans. And a wife is furious at her husband for his extreme ironing antics. S2 Ep9 
00:15Judge Romesh A colour-blind husband is in the dock for his hapless DIY efforts, and a frustrated fiancÚ needs Judge Romesh's help to make his dream wedding come true. S2 Ep10 
00:40Dave Gorman Goodish Hits The very goodish bits from Dave Gorman's laptop-powered look at modern life and all its quirks, with some hitherto unseen clips thrown into the bargain. S1 Ep3 
01:45Crackanory A Close Slave Dave's original short story series returns with Dara O Briain narrating. A Roman slave helps his playwright master finish his latest opus - but at what cost? S4 Ep1 
02:25Crackanory Living with a Lie Darkly comic tales. A writer fabricates an elderly relative to get time off work to start his novel - but his lie comes to life! Told by Sheridan Smith. S4 Ep2 
02:50Suits Borrowed Time The masterful US legal drama that doesn't lack convictions. Harvey counters Cahill's star witness, while Jessica and Rachel aim to hold up Leonard's execution. S6 Ep8 
03:35The Indestructibles Hole in One Jaw-dropping sport stunts. Tim and Gendle devise a game of 'human hole in one', swapping golf balls for bikes, clubs for ramps and firing fearless riders at targets! S1 Ep5 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.