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Listings for Dave on Wednesday, May 22 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Eat Your Heart Out with Nick Helm Islington Comedian Nick Helm gets his own foodie show that's part-comedy, part-travelogue and part-restaurant review! Nick shares a chop with Bob Mortimer in London. S1 Ep1 
07:35Eat Your Heart Out with Nick Helm Camden Uncle star Nick Helm lands the dream job: meeting comedy heroes and eating tasty scran. Nick invents a cocktail and meets vegan Morgana Robinson - at a steakhouse. S1 Ep2 
08:00American Pickers Woody's Picking Paradise Mike and Frank come across a huge 200,000-square-foot factory that now houses the private collection of Woody, its dumpster-diving owner. S12 Ep8 
09:00Storage Hunters UK Bentwaters Fierce bidding wars abound as the hit reality show crosses the Atlantic. The contents of some old army bunkers could mean a big windfall. A vintage box rouses Rupert. S1 Ep3 
09:30Storage Hunters UK Perth Auction experts compete for storage lots in the cut-throat reality show! The chance of winning a car in a blind auction drives Heavy D and the gang into a bidding frenzy. S1 Ep4 
10:00American Pickers Superhero Heaven In a jam-packed home, the guys are in Superhero heaven when they come across a rare Superman comic, as well as the very first Spider-Man comic, valued at $50,000. S12 Ep9 
11:00American Pickers American Dream Mike and Fritz encounter a coin-operated empire ruled by two incredible sisters who are ready to rumble for every single penny. S12 Ep10 
12:00American Pickers Best of: Top Cars: Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz scour the country for junk to sell on to collectors. S12 Ep11 
13:00Border Force America's Gatekeepers Vigilant Customs and Border Protection officers uncover 5,000 rounds of ammunition being smuggled across Hidalgo Bridge into Mexico. S1 Ep8 
14:00Jay Leno's Garage Anarchy on Wheels Chat show legend Jay Leno swaps his comfy host's chair for a driving seat and a crash helmet as he defies the laws of safety with some automotive anarchists. S2 Ep4 
15:00Lazy Boy Garage Fiesta Tom Ford sets his heart on buying a Ford Fiesta Mk1 from Spain - but there's a surprise in store when the Lazy Boys finally see the car in person. S1 Ep5 
15:30Lazy Boy Garage Tom 'Wookie' Ford thinks sourcing a cool retro van that someone can use to sell coffee in is a no-brainer, and the boys find a Renault 4F6 - but can they make a profit at auction? S1 Ep6 
16:00Steve Austin's Broken Skull... ...Challenge. Rank and Fight: Eight veterans of the military take up Steve Austin's punishing challenge, with the winner earning $10,000 for their chosen charity. S3 Ep1 
17:00Top Gear Jeremy, Richard and James take over a gallery in Middlesbrough in a quest to prove that cars can be more popular than art - a task that requires some unusual promotion. S14 Ep5 
18:00Top Gear The Hamster takes to the track in the Lexus supercar. And will bluesman Seasick Steve turn into Carsick Steve when he becomes the latest Star in a Reasonably Priced Car? S14 Ep7 
19:00Border Force America's Gatekeepers Vigilant Customs and Border Protection officers uncover 5,000 rounds of ammunition being smuggled across Hidalgo Bridge into Mexico. S1 Ep8 
20:00QI XL Oddballs Jason Manford, Jimmy Carr and Victoria Coren Mitchell join regular panellist Alan Davies to answer host Sandi Toksvig's questions on the theme of `Oddballs'. S15 Ep14 
21:00New: Taskmaster Stuck in a Mammal Groove: Joe Thomas struggles with the definition of a mammal, Iain Stirling devises an explosive chemistry experiment and Sian Gibson sends an NSFW text to Greg. S8 Ep3 
22:00New: Judge Romesh The comic holds court over real-life disputes, featuring an extra who is costing his friend acting work. Plus, famous rappers Harvey and Romeo argue over copyright to some lyrics. S2 Ep1 
22:30New: Judge Romesh The 'judge' is faced with mediating a dispute in his own family, while two Yorkshire wrestlers fight it out in court. S2 Ep2 
23:00Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier Travel Getting twitchy about travel, Jon wonders if forgetting to engage flight mode could cause a plane crash. Romesh Ranganthan and Kerry Godliman help assuage his fears. S1 Ep7 
00:00Live at the Apollo Join the irrepressible Russell Howard for another laugh-out-loud evening of comedy from the Hammersmith Apollo, this time with Jo Brand headlining. S4 Ep6 
01:00Hypothetical Hypothetical is a new comedy show, hosted by Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster, in which comedians are posed hypothetical situations and scored on how well they would deal with them. S1 Ep4 
02:10Alan Davies As Yet Untitled Without a klaxon to dent his morale, QI mainstay Alan Davies shoots the breeze with Jason Byrne and Josh Widdicombe about tough crowds and stealing from the Royal Family! S3 Ep9 
03:00Special Forces: Ultimate... ...Hell Week. Endurance challenge with some of the UK's fittest specimens pushed beyond their mental and physical limits by battle-hardened veterans from the world's toughest special forces. S1 Ep3 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.