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Listings for Dave on Wednesday, October 23 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson and James May fight while attempting to create a memorable TV advert for Volkswagen! The Cool Wall returns, while US chat show host Jay Leno is the boys' guest. S13 Ep7 
08:00American Pickers The Big Bet The smash-hit US reality show following two salvage supremos across America. Frank puts his beloved beard on the line in his and Mike's highest-stakes bet ever! S8 Ep2 
09:00Storage Hunters UK Hull More auction antics as salvage supremos fight over lumber on the Humber. Nat can't cope with both voodoo magic and Heavy D. Luckily, Sean has an emergency vehicle to hand! S4 Ep3 
09:30Storage Hunters UK Hampshire Babbling Sean Kelly is the auction host with the most on the south coast, where an uplifting prize gets the offers rolling. John gives Nat flak for blind bidding. S4 Ep4 
10:00American Pickers Texas Hold 'Em: A pair of pro pickers look for riches amongst the rust across America. Mike and Frank struggle to convince a reluctant seller to part with any of his motorbikes. S8 Ep3 
11:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Get a cop's eye view of the streets as we follow Staffordshire Police. Chaos ensues on the Saturday night shift in Stoke-on-Trent. Rich makes a disturbing discovery in Uttoxeter. S2 Ep5 
12:00Scrapyard Supercar Chevrolet Camaro Ralph Hosier leads teams of car buffs in their bid to build scrap cars. This time, they're up against pro driver Shane Lynch's Chevrolet Camaro in a plane-pulling contest. S1 Ep5 
13:00Top Gear More motoring madness from Clarkson and co. James May meets American stunt driving legend Ken Block, while comedian Michael McIntyre is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. S13 Ep3 
14:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad The cutting-edge series following the work of Staffordshire Police. It's Halloween weekend and the squad are called in to investigate a hair-raising skirmish at a nightclub. S2 Ep6 
15:00Scrapyard Supercar Mercedes X-Class Ralph Hosier and his team of car enthusiasts are afforded four days to find a way to out-engineer a slice of precision German technology in the shape of Mercedes X-Class. S1 Ep6 
16:00Expedition with Steve Backshall Mexico Maya Underworlds: Steve heads into Yucatan, Mexico, on the trail of the ancient Maya. Uncovering secrets and artefacts, they push far into the underworld of the Maya. S1 Ep8 
17:00Top Gear The humble motoring show that's now a worldwide hit. It's boat vs car as Jeremy Clarkson and James May vie for bragging rights in a tense race up the stunning New Zealand coast. S20 Ep1 
18:00Top Gear Taxi for Hammond. Richard locates the world's best cab, Clarkson tests out the Ferrari F12 and film director Ron Howard is the star in the Reasonably Priced Car. Happy days! S20 Ep2 
19:00QI XL Omnishambles It's an Omnishambles for Josh Widdicombe, Stephen K Amos and Cally Beaton, who are given handy advice on how to throw the two-handed javelin, among other nuggets. S15 Ep13 
20:00Have I Got a Bit More News for You It's Ed Balls Day on the satirical news quiz as the former Shadow Chancellor and king of Twitter guest hosts. Janet Street-Porter and Henning Wehn join Paul and Ian. S53 Ep6 
21:00New: Taskmaster Taskmaster (9): Greg Davies delivers angry appraisals from his comfy throne, as Ed Gamble dons a baby's bonnet, Katy Wix makes Alex Horne wince and Rose Matafeo does a spot of screaming. S9 Ep8 
22:00New: Comedians Giving Lectures Comedians Massive Dad, Russell Kane and Phil Wang are given the titles of real lectures and invited to give their own version. Presented by Sara Pascoe. S1 Ep6 
22:40Dave Gorman: Terms and... ...Conditions Apply. Buy, Chew, Swallow, Poo, Repeat: Dave invites Richard Osman, Phil Wang and Sara Barron to help him make sense of our world. S1 Ep1 
23:40QI XL Oddballs Jason Manford, Jimmy Carr and Victoria Coren Mitchell join regular panellist Alan Davies to answer host Sandi Toksvig's questions on the theme of `Oddballs'. S15 Ep14 
00:40Have I Got a Bit More News for You It's Ed Balls Day on the satirical news quiz as the former Shadow Chancellor and king of Twitter guest hosts. Janet Street-Porter and Henning Wehn join Paul and Ian. S53 Ep6 
01:40Room 101 Comedian Jimmy Carr, writer Steven Moffat and singer Rochelle Humes express gripes including sandy beaches, other people's opinions and being Scottish. S18 Ep3 
02:30Room 101 Frank Skinner invites Vicky McClure, Sandi Toksvig and Josh Widdicombe to express personal gripes that include real ale, hotel leaflets and coat hangers. S18 Ep4 
03:00QI Espionage Join the ever-erudite Stephen Fry for more informative asides and delightful digressions. Jo Brand, Vic Reeves and Clive Anderson discuss the shadowy subject of espionage. S5 Ep7 
03:30The Indestructibles Drift Off to Sleep Daring drivers take on Tim and Gendle's latest ill-advised idea: gravity-powered, downhill drifting. Dave's uproarious stunt show just got even more epic! S1 Ep9 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.