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Listings for Dave on Tuesday, October 23 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:10Scrapheap Challenge Underwater Cars Junkyard challenges. Forklift truck drivers take on helicopter pilots in a quest to build underwater motors - though don't be expecting the Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me! S8 Ep1 
08:00American Pickers Mama Knows Best The all-American antiques show that's like Bargain Hunt on steroids. Cruising the back roads of South Carolina, Mike spots an atomic-era spaceship clock. S5 Ep20 
09:00Top Gear The motor-mad motormouths discover some of the odd pitfalls of picking up a used car at a low price. Star Trek's Simon Pegg is beamed up to the Reasonably Priced Car. S16 Ep4 
10:00American Pickers Going Hollywood Savvy pickers roam America for scrap to sell on at a neat profit. Mike and Frank peruse an incredible body shop and a collection dating back to the 1960s. S6 Ep26 
11:00American Pickers Tunnels and Treasures While digging through a mind-blowing collection, Mike stares down the headlights of a rare Ford, and the guys pick a Tennessee home hiding a big secret. S12 Ep5 
12:00American Pickers A Few Good Junk Men The guys stumble onto an Americana motherlode in Maryland when they find a former garbage man's trash pile. S9 Ep17 
13:00Sin City Motors Timber Busting Diamond Classic motors pimped up in style by Steve Darnell's crack crew. A trucking company boss wants a 1930s-era ride that celebrates the roots of his business. S3 Ep2 
14:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Join Staffordshire Police as they attempt to bring law and order to the county. It's up to police pooch Jax and his handler Mat to catch a serial burglar in Cannock. S2 Ep4 
15:00Steve Austin's Broken Skull... ...Challenge. Totally Ripped: Time to ranch it up. Wrestling icon 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin watches on as eight tough pretenders tackle his bespoke obstacle course. S2 Ep7 
16:00Sin City Motors Rock 'n Rollin' Pickup: A Las Vegas garage crew pimp out some outrageous four-wheeled rides. Two married bodyguards want a rat rod to celebrate their looming wedding anniversary. S3 Ep3 
17:00Top Gear Jeremy, Richard and James take a nostalgic trip through the UK's sports car industry in some old British roadsters from Jensen-Healey, Lotus and TVR. Actor Jeff Goldblum guests. S15 Ep6 
18:00Top Gear Clarkson and chums hope to end the chaos that snow can bring to Britain, using a combine harvester, basic engineering skills and a quick trip to Norway. Amber Heard guests. S16 Ep5 
19:00New: American Pickers Queen of Fortune The picking gets red, hot and blue in a Louisiana warehouse as Mike makes a move on Gypsy Grandma, while Danielle and Robbie search a New Hampshire dairy farm. S12 Ep6 
20:00Jay Leno's Garage The Driving Force The Emmy-winning motoring show. Jay meets two celebrity gearheads - MLB star CJ Wilson and actor Laurence Fishburne - and attempts a world record in a Mustang. S1 Ep3 
21:00Have I Got a Bit More News for You A real international edition as US broadcaster Max Keiser and Canadian comic Tony Law join Ian Hislop and Paul Merton to heap scorn on another week's news. Kirsty Young hosts. S46 Ep5 
22:00Would I Lie to You? Celebs try to out-bluff one another as they reveal barely believable titbits about themselves. Joan Bakewell, Warwick Davis, Paul Hollywood and Jason Manford join the regulars. S7 Ep3 
22:40Would I Lie to You? Trumped-up tales and uncomfortable truths in the humorous panel show! The little liars joining Rob Brydon and co are Matt Dawson, Mel Giedroyc, Josh Widdicombe and Dermot O'Leary. S7 Ep4 
23:20Taskmaster The Perfect Stuff Greg Davies challenges his five fearful funny people to entertain him by completing more baffling challenges, which this week involve corneas, crackers and construction. S7 Ep7 
00:20Zapped Circus Brian is being forced to perform in a travelling circus, run by the sadistic Feffenhoffer (Steve Coogan). Barbara and Steg set out to rescue him while Herman accidentally traps a fairy. S3 Ep1 
01:00QI Kaleidoscope Myth-busting mirth. Stephen Fry covers a complete kaleidoscope of topics - from kayaking to comets - with Liza Tarbuck, Susan Calman, Sandi Toksvig and Alan Davies. S11 Ep16 
02:15Would I Lie to You? Celebs try to out-bluff one another as they reveal barely believable titbits about themselves. Joan Bakewell, Warwick Davis, Paul Hollywood and Jason Manford join the regulars. S7 Ep3 
02:45Alan Davies As Yet Untitled David Baddiel joins Alan to relive those glory days of Euro '96. The witty chat doesn't end there as Sindhu Vee, Elis James and Beattie Edmondson discuss celebs and B&Bs. S5 Ep5 
03:35The Indestructibles Drift Off to Sleep Daring drivers take on Tim and Gendle's latest ill-advised idea: gravity-powered, downhill drifting. Dave's uproarious stunt show just got even more epic! S1 Ep9 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.