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Listings for Dave on Friday, November 16 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Rocket City Rednecks Alabama Blast-Off Sky-high science. Our chums enter a NASA contest and launch a rocket one mile into the air, before parachuting it - and their poor old dummy - back to Earth. S2 Ep1 
07:35Rocket City Rednecks Lightning Gun Ingenious engineering, Alabama-style. The Rednecks enlist the help of a mad scientist as they harness high-voltage technology to create a truly shocking weapon! S2 Ep14 
08:00American Pickers Best of: Best of the West: Reality series following two of America's most skilled 'pickers', who scour the country for objects with collectible value. S12 Ep23 
09:00Top Gear The motoring show that pulls no punches. Jezza reviews BMW's M5. Richard and James try their hand at Russian roulette road testing. And what's the hottest hatchback? S6 Ep9 
10:00American Pickers Hidden in Plane Sight Reality series following a team of antiques pickers. The guys explore a stash of ultra-rare motorcycle parts found behind a secret wall. S11 Ep11 
11:00American Pickers Concrete Jungle Mike and Frank pick New York City for the first time, beginning with a sprawling computer store. S11 Ep14 
12:00American Pickers Risks and Rewards In Detroit, Frank takes a big risk. Meanwhile, Mike acquires a Purple Heart. S11 Ep13 
13:00Detroit Steel The Grand Opening Adam discovers a supercharged 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air station wagon and Mobsteel prepares for the grand opening of its downtown Detroit shop. S1 Ep8 
14:00Top Gear Motoring mania. A trio of convertibles have gone to Iceland - the Audi TT, Nissan 350Z and Chrysler Crossfire. Composer Tim Rice hopes to perform well in the Reasonably Priced Car. S6 Ep8 
15:00Steve Austin's Broken Skull... ...Challenge. Guns N Hoses: Paradise City this ain't! WWE's Steve Austin invites eight first responders to his ranch to undertake a series of punishing physical challenges. S3 Ep15 
16:00Detroit Steel Rockets and Robots Adam and the guys restore a 1956 Rocket 88 for a former Oldsmobile employee. There is a new welder in the Mobsteel crew. S1 Ep1 
17:00Top Gear Motoring mayhem courtesy of the usual team. Jeremy makes a splash at a local swimming pool with a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow MK1 and James travels back to the 70s in a Maserati Bora. S6 Ep10 
18:00Top Gear Jezza and the team find out if driving a Lamborghini Murcielago roadster gives the same kick as 12 angry bulls. Actor Timothy Spall is Mr (Corner) Turner as he takes to the track. S6 Ep11 
19:00New: American Pickers Best of: Colossal Collections: Reality series following two of America's most skilled 'pickers', who scour the country for objects with collectible value. S12 Ep24 
20:00New: Border Force America's... ...Gatekeepers. Customs and Border Protection officers are stunned when they discover more than $2million of cocaine mixed in with gallons of household paint and bottles of beer. S1 Ep7 
21:00Once Upon a Time In Mexico Film Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas star in this action-packed western. When a drugs baron plots to assassinate Mexico's president, a hitman is hired to thwart his plans. 
23:00Mock the Week Topical comedy combining the best elements of panel show, improv and stand-up. Dara O Briain and the team are joined by guests Chris Addison, Milton Jones and Andi Osho. S9 Ep7 
23:40Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is... ...Goodish. You Use a Spoon for Licking Custard: Life's little absurdities are wittily dissected. Dave asks what the term 'generation' really means. And why does his mum use emojis? S5 Ep4 
00:40QI XL Next Debunking myths and causing pub quiz arguments everywhere, Sandi Toksvig hosts the witty, wandering quiz. With Lucy Porter, Frankie Boyle, Ross Noble and Alan Davies. S13 Ep15 
01:458 Out of 10 Cats Where do naturists like to spend a hot afternoon? Johnny Vegas and Johnny Vaughan join Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock and Jason Manford to tackle this thorny issue in the banter-filled quiz. S6 Ep5 
02:258 Out of 10 Cats Jimmy Carr hosts the hit show that's not so much a topical quiz as a vehicle for top-drawer gags. David Baddiel, Chris Moyles and Michael McIntyre join Sean Lock and Jason Manford. S6 Ep6 
02:50Have I Got a Bit More News for You Satire for all the social classes! 'Plebgate' hogs the headlines as Germaine Greer and Josh Widdicombe join regulars Paul Merton and Ian Hislop. Alexander Armstrong hosts. S48 Ep8 
03:35The Indestructibles Drift Off to Sleep Daring drivers take on Tim and Gendle's latest ill-advised idea: gravity-powered, downhill drifting. Dave's uproarious stunt show just got even more epic! S1 Ep9 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.