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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Monday, January 27 2020

05:50Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Dan Walker is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent. 
06:30Cheers Madame LaCarla Carla's psychic advisor decides to retire and asks Carla to take over her business and become her successor, but Carla worries she doesn't have 'the gift'. (S10 Ep3/26) 
06:55Cheers The Norm Who Came in from the Cold Norm hurts his back while painting Frasier and Lilith's apartment so Frasier lets him sleep on the sofa. Rebecca tests her mothering skills. (S10 Ep4/26) 
07:20The King of Queens Veiled Threat Carrie and Doug reminisce about their wedding after finding a memento of the event. 
07:45The King of Queens Oxy Moron Carrie is upset when, on a bumpy plane landing, Doug takes the only available oxygen mask. Things don't go as well as hoped for Spence with the hot Brazilian exchange student. 
08:10Everybody Loves Raymond Sweet Charity When Debra forces Ray to do some charity work at a local hospital, he ends up enjoying himself because the patients treat him like he's a celebrity. 
08:40Everybody Loves Raymond Meeting the Parents Robert is caught in a compromising position by Amy's parents when they turn up unannounced at her apartment. 
09:10Frasier I Hate Frasier Crane When Frasier becomes the target of a hate campaign organised by a local newspaper columnist, Martin and Daphne encourage him to fight back. 
09:40Frasier Here's Looking at You When Martin meets a woman while tinkering with his telescope, Frasier encourages the romance, but his father is suddenly hesitant. 
10:10Undercover Boss USA Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella & Dot, a direct sales company in the jewellery and accessories field with headquarters in San Francisco, disguises herself to work beside her own employees. 
11:05Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon Ramsay visits Mama Maria's, a failing restaurant in Brooklyn, where owner John is overwhelmed by running a business that's stuck in the past. 
12:00Channel 4 News Summary Channel 4's midday news summary. 
12:05Sun, Sea and Selling Houses Ken and Wendy want to swap Kent winters for Spanish sun and have 240,000 euros for a large villa. Geordies Chris and Carol want to sell their motor home for a permanent retreat. (S3 Ep16) 
13:05Escape to the Chateau: DIY Stephanie prepares to end the year in style with a Christmas dinner to remember. A broken boiler threatens Lee and Belinda's festive event. Jayne and Steve's soiree is in danger. (S3 Ep6) 
14:10Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Dan Walker is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent. 
15:00A Place in the Sun Laura Hamilton is on the Portuguese island of Madeira helping Sandy and Phil find the perfect holiday home to enjoy with their extended family. Are any of the five properties perfect? 
16:00A New Life in the Sun A young couple decide to bring an alternative lifestyle to rural France. And in Spain, entrepreneurs from Leicester find a new way to make cash at their mandarin grove. (S5 Ep16) 
17:00Couples Come Dine with Me In Birmingham, couple Jan and Anton, Chris and his wife Kelly, and Punjabi couple Bally and Manjeet compete in a week featuring exotic food, mobility scooter racing and pole dancing. 
18:00The Simpsons Dial 'N' for Nerder: After Homer goes on a diet, Marge hires the creator of a reality programme which specialises in catching out cheating couples to keep an eye on him. 
18:30Hollyoaks Drug dealer Jordan makes his presence known in the village, leaving his cousin Sid unnerved. The Nightingales try to stop Juliet from making a big mistake. 
19:00Channel 4 News Including sport and weather. 
20:00New: How to Lose Weight Well The diets tested this time include going raw and vegan, drinking meal-replacement shakes, and eating a pizza every day! Plus, Dr Xand investigates bottled waters and goes Keto. (S5 Ep4) 
21:00New: 999: What's Your Emergency? In Northamptonshire, police custody cells are stretched to breaking point as a 67-year-old lady is brought in for drink-driving and a female detainee decides to strip naked. (S10 Ep2) 
22:00New: Bring Back the Bush: Where... ...Did Our Pubic Hair Go? Campaigner Chidera Eggerue grows out her pubic hair for the first time in years for a public exhibition, as she explores our relationship with our pubic hair. 
23:00Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the... ...Real Narcos: Ex-Special Forces Jason Fox visits Colombia. In Medellin, he meets Popeye, once close friend and chief assassin for Pablo Escobar - a man with 257 kills to his name. (Ep2/3) 
00:00Diamond Dealers and Cockney... ...Geezers A look behind the scenes at leading jewellers Trotters, a destination for some big-ticket bling for boxers, bricklayers, and boyfriends who say sorry with a diamond necklace. [SL] 
01:00Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA The second half of a two-part special. Can Gordon bring together the fragmented Saffron family and save The Burger Kitchen in Los Angeles? 
01:50SAS: Who Dares Wins The recruits' grit is tested much further as Jay's undercover status is revealed. He launches a brutal beasting to expose the weakest in the group, who will be culled. (S5 Ep4/6) 
02:45Come Dine with Me In this episode from Merseyside, local DJ Rick takes on Kate, laid-back life coach Peter and super-rich Cathy, in a week featuring a guest appearance from a former Brookside star. 
03:40The Supervet A four-year-old French bulldog suffers a spinal injury being chased by another dog in the park. A rescue Labrador has a wounded paw. And a cocker spaniel has a painful hind leg. (S12 Ep7) 
04:35The Great Hotel Escape In Wales, Dom gets taken for a ride at 500 feet. Meanwhile in Hampshire, it's a crucial night for rookie head chef Greg, and in Bedfordshire, owner Raj is on a mission. (Ep9) 
05:30Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free Kirstie Allsopp helps Hannah and Andy turn their suburban semi from a war zone to a wonderland. 
05:50Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Dan Walker is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.