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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Saturday, November 23 2019

05:50The King of Queens Two Thirty When Doug has a toothache and winds up needing root canal work, he finds out that Carrie used to have a crush on his dentist. 
06:15The King of Queens Shrink Wrap When Carrie and Arthur's constant bickering begins to spiral out of control, Doug and Carrie decide it's time to send Arthur to a psychotherapist to find the root of his anger. 
06:40Everybody Loves Raymond Working Late Again Debra convinces Ray to give working from home a try, but things do not turn out as she had planned. 
07:05Everybody Loves Raymond The Children's Book Ray's competitive side emerges when Debra invites him to help her write some children's books for Ally. 
07:30Everybody Loves Raymond The Gift Ray buys his dad an expensive aquarium, just like the one in the Chinese restaurant, for his 65th birthday. At first, Frank loves it, but then one fish dies. 
08:00Heineken Champions Cup Rugby The Big Tackle. Ed Jackson looks ahead to this afternoon's match between cup holders Saracens and Swansea's Ospreys. Plus, all the best action from the previous round's games. 
09:05Frasier Shut Out in Seattle (Part 1/2): Daphne's engagement to Donny upsets Niles, but Peppy from Cafe Nervosa provides a pick-me-up. Frasier keeps getting Faye's name wrong. 
09:35Frasier Shut Out in Seattle (2/2): In the concluding part of the sixth season finale, will any of the Crane men sort out their romantic problems? 
10:05Frasier Momma Mia Niles and Martin get the shock of their lives when they meet Frasier's new date: she's the spitting image of his mother. 
10:35The Big Bang Theory The Bus Pants Utilization Leonard's idea for a smartphone application derails his friendship with Sheldon as they fight for control of the project. (S4 Ep12/24) 
11:00The Big Bang Theory The Love Car Displacement Tensions are high when Bernadette runs into her hulk of an ex-boyfriend at a science conference, leaving Howard feeling threatened. (S4 Ep13/24) 
11:25The Simpsons A Milhouse Divided Milhouse's parents split up: his mum gets together with an American Gladiator called Pyro, his dad self-produces an album, and Milhouse goes a bit crazy. 
11:55The Simpsons Lisa's Date with Density Lisa has a crush on Nelson the bully. But can she get him to change his ways? 
12:30Live Heineken Champions Cup Rugby Saracens v Ospreys Three-time cup winners and current holders Saracens take on Swansea's Ospreys, who don't have the best record against them, so will have much to prove. 
15:10A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Joe and Emma have decided to sell up in Kent and, with their daughter Gracie, make a permanent move to Spain's Mar Menor. Can Ben Hillman find them that perfect home for 90,000? 
16:05Four Rooms with Sarah Beeny In this new episode, the dealers compete to buy an antique Persian rug, an eye-catching image of Marilyn Monroe signed by its famous photographer, and some Concorde airline seats. (S4 Ep4) 
16:55Guy Martin: World's Fastest... ...Tractor After 12 months of preparation, Guy embarks on his latest speed challenge: to win a Guinness World speed record, as the first person ever to drive a tractor at over 100mph. 
18:25Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
18:55Great British Car Journeys Peter Davison and Chris Timothy travel through Rhondda Valley, the Brecon Beacons and into Snowdonia. They investigate the origins of the AA and recreate a vintage speed trap. (S1 Ep3/3) 
19:50The Royal House of Windsor The epic family saga of the Windsor dynasty. This episode reveals insights into how George V dumped his family's German roots, and the Edward VIII abdication crisis. (Ep1/6) 
21:10Mission: Impossible - Ghost... ...Protocol (2011) Part four of the action-thriller franchise with Tom Cruise. The Impossible Missions Force fight to clear their name and save humankind from a nuclear war. 
23:45X-Men Origins: Wolverine Film (2009) Violent fantasy adventure, starring Hugh Jackman, which explores the backstory of the most hirsute and mercurial of the X-Men. With Liev Schreiber and Danny Huston. 
01:45The Last Leg Kevin Bridges and Victoria Coren Mitchell join Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker in this show to pick over the topical stories of the week. (S18 Ep5) 
02:35Hollyoaks Omnibus Ste's plan to escape Stuart and Jonny's organisation is put into action. It's Sinead and Sami's wedding. Luke rekindles his romance with Cindy. Brooke wants Sienna with her for the scan. [SL] 
04:55Come Dine with Me In Watford, the cooking competition features sumo wrestling, controversial views, a house full of dead animals, and lettuce soup. But who will win the 1000 prize? 
05:50Cheers Norman's Conquest Urged on by the bar patrons, Norm considers pursuing an attractive new client who seems to be interested in him, but she can't make him fall for her charms. (S2 Ep20/22)