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Listings for Channel 4 on Friday, March 30 2018

06:00Everybody Loves Raymond Pet the Bunny As a challenge, Ray writes a eulogy for Frank, who hasn't died yet. In it, he describes a memory of watching his tough dad pet the family bunny, Hoppy. 
06:30Everybody Loves Raymond Who Am I? After Ray and Debra spend an evening apart, Ray admits he no longer enjoys his juvenile pursuits with his friends. 
06:55Frasier Look Before You Leap Frasier suggests everyone celebrates leap year by trying something daring - but his plans, as usual, go awry. 
07:20Frasier High Crane Drifter It's a bad day for American cafe society as a disgruntled Frasier has his favourite table at Cafe Nervosa taken over by a rude man. 
07:50Animals United Film (2010) Children's animated adventure. A drought in Africa prompts a meerkat and a lion to join forces with animals from around the world to find water and seek environmental justice. 
09:35The Big Bang Theory The Work Song Nanocluster Penny's home-based business selling hair accessories gets out of hand when an overexcited Sheldon takes charge of production. (S2 Ep18/23) 
10:05The Big Bang Theory The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition Penny develops a rivalry with a sexy new female neighbour who moves into the apartment building and threatens to become the 'new Penny'. (S2 Ep19/23) 
10:35The Simpsons Eight Misbehavin' Apu and Manjula take fertility drugs to get pregnant and end up with octuplets. Local companies shower them with gifts until the Shelbyville Nine are born. 
11:05The Simpsons Take My Wife, Sleaze Homer wins a Harley Davidson and forms the Hell's Satans biker gang with Lenny, Carl, Moe and Flanders. But then they run into the original Hell's Satans... 
11:35The Simpsons Little Big Mom When Marge breaks her leg in a skiing accident, Lisa takes over running the Simpsons household, and Homer and Bart end up relocating to a leper colony in Hawaii. 
12:05Romancing the Stone Film (1984) Comedy action-adventure starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. An adventurer helps a best-selling author to search for her sister, who has been kidnapped in Colombia. 
14:10Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Jay Rayner is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent. 
15:00A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Reality TV star and choreographer Louie Spence and his husband Leto Fernandez dream of owning a holiday home in Spain's Almeria Province. Laura shows them five fantastic properties. 
16:00A New Life in the Sun Will bad weather end a Scottish couple's business in Spain? A B&B owner must decide if his business can support a life in France, and a lawn bowls club in France ends the season with a VIP. 
17:00Four in a Bed The B&B owners meet for the last time to find out what they've been paid and to settle some scores. There are tears, tantrums and bitter rebukes as the payments are revealed... 
17:30Star Boot Sale Olympic and Commonwealth champion Colin Jackson dives deep into his sporting collection to sell items including a trainer signed by Usain Bolt, and his Strictly Come Dancing shoes. 
18:00The Simpsons The Last of the Red Hat Mamas Marge joins a women's group after Homer humiliates her at an Easter party and her old friends shun her. But are her new friends all they appear to be? 
18:30Hollyoaks Ryan turns to Glenn for help, but will he agree? Grace jeopardises a new deal for Glenn, while Myra offers Sienna some words of advice. 
19:00Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:30Food Unwrapped Can you put dishwasher salt on your chips? How are crisp flavours made? Is coconut oil really healthier than other oils? Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some of their favourite investigations. 
20:00Britain's Favourite Food Simon Rimmer explores the stories of our favourite convenience foods. What really went into Findus Lean Cuisine ready meals? Plus: Smash, and Babycham. (Ep2/2) 
21:00Gogglebox The biggest and best TV moments of the week get their grilling from Britain's sharpest armchair critics. (S11 Ep6) 
22:00Lee and Dean Brand new comedy following the lives of Stevenage builders and childhood friends Lee and Dean. Lee becomes smitten with Nikki, who moves into the flat putting Dean's nose out. (Ep1/5) 
22:308 Out of 10 Cats Jimmy Carr hosts as Aisling Bea, Alex Brooker and Katherine Ryan face Rob Beckett, Natalie Cassidy and Tom Allen in the comedy panel show. (S20 Ep7) 
23:15Rob Beckett's Playing for Time Rob Beckett travels back in time to play the greatest video games and to sample the pop culture of the time. Scarlett Moffatt joins in for some 80s classics, including Pac-Man. (Ep1/4) 
23:50Rude Tube: Planet Prank Alex Zane has the best mischief and mayhem from around the globe, including Paige Ginn, a top classroom prank and a scientific discovery from a ladder prank. (S11 Ep7/10) 
00:45The Woman in Black 2: Angel of... ...Death (2014) Chilling horror sequel with Helen McCrory, Jeremy Irvine and Phoebe Fox. During the blitz, a headmistress, a young teacher and their pupils are evacuated to a creepy house. 
02:25Electric Dreams: Safe and Sound Sci-fi anthology, inspired by Philip K. Dick. A small-town girl becomes consumed by fear and paranoia when she moves to a big futuristic city with her mother. (Ep9) [SL] 
03:25Damned Rose is smitten with Dennis. Nitin steps up to help Nat. The stray files make a surprise return, which isn't good for one of the team, and Al makes a big decision. (S2 Ep6/6) [SL] 
03:50The Question Jury Seven strangers are locked in a jury room to answer general knowledge questions. They could win up to ?10k, but only one will leave with the day's total prize fund. (Ep2) 
04:45Coast vs Country Jane and Jim hope to find their dream home in Devon for ?400,000. But the twist is they have already made an offer on a country house - can Kerr or Sara find them somewhere better? 
05:40Streetmate Can Scarlett Moffatt find a date for barman Brad on the streets of Leeds, or are pints the only thing he'll be pulling? And Scarlett meets Rachel, who's been single for two years. (Ep10/15)