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Listings for Channel 4 on Friday, May 25 2018

06:00Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Dr Linda Papadopoulos is in Dictionary Corner. 
06:453rd Rock from the Sun Dick Soup for the Soul Dick, Nina and Mary attend a book-signing for a volume claiming to help its readers find true happiness. Tommy goes through Hell Week to join a college fraternity. 
07:103rd Rock from the Sun Mary Loves Scoochie (Part 1/2): While poking around in Mary's dresser, Dick finds love letters signed by a secret admirer named Scoochie, but Mary insists she doesn't know who Scoochie is. 
07:353rd Rock from the Sun Mary Loves Scoochie (Part 2/2): Dr Neesam (guest star John Cleese) declares himself to be Scoochie, author of the love letters received by Mary, but is this cover for a sinister plan? 
08:00Everybody Loves Raymond The Visit Debra suffers a moment of complete shock when she suddenly realises that she wishes her mother was more like Marie... 
08:30Everybody Loves Raymond Halloween Candy Debra decides it's Ray's turn to take charge of birth control, so he decides to have his 'wires cut', but then chickens out... 
09:00Frasier Junior Agent Now that Frasier's agent is representing a hot new radio psychiatrist, she passes Frasier off to her assistant. 
09:35Frasier Bully for Martin Frasier offers his unsolicited help when Martin's boss starts acting like a bully, and Roz talks incessantly about her new love Roger. 
10:05Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon revisits Caf? Hon in Hampden, Maryland, Chiarella's in Philadelphia, and Leone's in Montclair, New Jersey, to see whether the owners have taken his advice on board. (S6 Ep16/16) 
11:00Undercover Boss USA Renee Maloney, the co-founder of art class studios Painting with a Twist, goes undercover in her own organisation to make sure her projections of growth for the company are possible. 
12:00Channel 4 News Summary Channel 4's midday news summary. 
12:05Coast vs Country Kieran and Maryna, are looking for their perfect home in Kent, having lived overseas since 1985. With a budget of ?1.1 million, they want to lay down roots. But will it be country or coast? 
13:05Posh Pawn James crashes a converted double decker bus on a test drive. A teenage couple want to sell her grandfather's designer watch to fund their jewellery business. (S3 Ep3) 
14:10Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Barry McGuigan is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent. 
15:00A Place in the Sun Alan and Marilyn McCubbine want to spend their retirement in the rugged countryside of Spain's Almer?a Province. Danni Menzies shows them five village properties for their ?80,000 budget. 
16:00The ?100K Drop Davina McCall is joined by siblings Humayra and Zac from Oldham, and Matt and James, a couple from Wilmslow. Will either pair win big? (Ep15) 
17:00Four in a Bed It's the final day in the competition and the B&B owners are meeting for the last time. Accusations fly and there's tension in the air as payments are revealed and the winner announced. 
17:30Buy It Now Lucy has brought her son Charlie to demonstrate her invention; Daniel has travelled from Austria with his safety gadget; Simon and David have a simple solution to a hefty problem. (Ep30) 
18:00The Simpsons Homerazzi Homer needs money to pay for fire damage on the house so he becomes a paparazzo. But Springfield's celebrities are alarmed at his aggressive style and fight back. 
18:30Hollyoaks Scott is with Dee Dee as Tony and Diane wait for news. Tony tries to make a milkshake for Dee Dee, but ends up electrocuting himself in the process and cutting the electrics in The Hutch. 
19:00Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:30Unreported World As the Brazilian army help the police take on drugs gangs in Rio de Janeiro, Ade Adepitan meets young journalists reporting from inside one of the city's most violent favelas. (S35 Ep6/6) 
20:00How to Get Fit Fast Anna Richardson and Amar Latif return - here to help get your fitness mojo back. Anna finds out about callisthenics. And Amar tests out exercises you can do in your lunch break. (Ep1/2) 
21:00Gogglebox The biggest and best TV moments of the week get their grilling from Britain's sharpest armchair critics. (S11 Ep14) 
22:00Friday Night Dinner Lord Luck Dad annoys everyone with his old ventriloquist dummy Lord Luck, while Jonny's recently dumped friend Ben comes for dinner in need of cheering up. (S5 Ep4/6) 
22:30High & Dry The Trial Douglas discovers that a nearby island is inhabited and wants to visit, but Brett, desperate to stop him leaving, puts him on trial for 'assaulting' Susan. (Ep4/6) 
23:00First Dates Will Michael's cheeky comment about carnival dancer Ruth's derri?re hit a bum note? Will Harry Potter fans Claudia and Jack have a magical date? (S10 Ep8) 
00:05Alan Carr Yap, Yap, Yap! Alan's critically-acclaimed stand-up show recorded live at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo has him regaling the audience with tales of his dogs and going on safari with his mum. 
01:00Apocalypto Film (2006) Gory action-thriller. In 16th-century Central America, a man is hunted by Mayan warriors. Not for the squeamish: violence/graphic depictions of human sacrifice. In Yucatec Maya/subs. 
03:20Humans A grieving Max must face the consequences of his painful decision. Laura discovers she's not being told everything at the Dryden Commission. Joe uncovers Karen's shocking secret. (S3 Ep2/8) [SL] 
04:15Gok's Fill Your House for Free Louise and Darran live near Blackpool with four-year-old son Jack and a baby on the way. Can the team transform their bedroom from boring to boudoir, and the bathroom into a place to relax? 
05:10Kirstie's Vintage Gems In this bite-size edition, Kirstie Allsopp helps single dad Rich to create an original bedroom for his two young daughters, featuring a fabulous tree mural and some clever upcycling. 
05:25Fifteen to One Sandi Toksvig presents the notoriously tough quiz show as 15 contestants compete to win a place in the Grand Final.