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Listings for Channel 4 on Saturday, January 18 2020

06:00Mike & Molly Carl Is Jealous Mike asks his police partner and best friend Carl to join him and Molly on a double date when Carl gets jealous of the amount of time Mike is spending with Molly. (S1 Ep5) 
06:25Mike & Molly Mike's Apartment When Mike invites Molly over to his apartment, his plans for romance are interrupted by an untimely call from his overbearing mother Peggy. (S1 Ep6) 
06:45Cheers Achilles Hill Carla tells everyone that the football table is possessed. Sam raises the stakes in his feud with restaurant owner John Hill by trying to date his daughter. (S9 Ep13/25) 
07:15Cheers The Days of Wine and Neuroses Robin proposes to Rebecca and wants to marry her on his release from jail, but she gets cold feet. Frasier is hooked on the new karaoke machine. (S9 Ep14/25) 
07:45Live Heineken Champions Cup Rugby The Big Tackle. Ed Jackson takes a look ahead to this afternoon's match between Harlequins and Clermont. Plus, highlights of all the best action from the previous round's games. 
08:45The Big Bang Theory The Agreement Dissection Priya uses her legal expertise to dissect the roommate agreement and put Sheldon in his place, and the girls take Sheldon dancing. (S4 Ep21/24) 
09:10The Big Bang Theory The Wildebeest Implementation Raj attempts to overcome his anxiety about talking to women, while Penny uses Bernadette to spy on Leonard and his girlfriend. (S4 Ep22/24) 
09:40Frasier Guns 'N' Neuroses: Lilith and Frasier are set up on blind dates on the same day by a mutual friend. Niles and Daphne are upset when Martin's gun accidentally goes off. 
10:10Frasier Seabee Jeebies After Maris is accused of murdering her husband, Niles becomes famous and starts mixing in the highest echelons of Seattle society. 
10:40The Simpsons Jaws Wired Shut Homer becomes a good listener and a calming influence when his jaw is wired shut after he runs into a statue. But Marge is disturbed by his new personality... 
11:10The Simpsons The Bart Wants What It Wants Rainier Wolfcastle's daughter (guest star Reese Witherspoon) develops a crush on Bart. 
11:40The Simpsons The Lastest Gun in the West Bart befriends an old cowboy who used to be a film star and tries to help him regain his fame, but Bart isn't prepared for his new hero's love of booze. 
12:10The Simpsons Tales from the Public Domain Homer reads out classic tales from an overdue library book, with himself as Odysseus at the Battle of Troy, Lisa as Joan of Arc, and Bart as Hamlet. 
12:40The Simpsons Husbands and Knives When a friendly man opens a new comic shop, Comic Book Guy sells the Android's Dungeon to Marge, who opens a women-only gym. 
13:10The Simpsons Funeral for a Fiend Sideshow Bob attempts to murder the Simpsons. Bob is captured by the police and put on trial, where Bart inadvertently kills him. 
13:40The Simpsons I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Marge befriends a criminal who holds up a bank while she's waiting in the queue. 
14:10The Simpsons Little Orphan Millie When Milhouse's parents remarry and go on a honeymoon cruise, their boat capsizes and they are presumed dead, so Milhouse acquires a new macho attitude to life. 
14:40Live Heineken Champions Cup Rugby Harlequins v Clermont. Clermont travel to The Stoop to take on Harlequins in the final round of the pool stages. Can Quins make amends for their heavy away defeat to Clermont in November? 
17:35Location, Location, Location Kirstie and Phil go searching for homes in pricey Surrey, for a couple of newly-weds renting in East Horsley and a retired couple who are marooned in the downsizing doldrums. (S33 Ep3) 
18:30Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:00The Royal House of Windsor The royal family saga continues. Prince Charles tries to avoid replicating Edward VIII's romantic mistakes, while Lord Mountbatten acts as Charles' kingmaker and matchmaker. (Ep4/6) 
20:00New: Bone Detectives: Britain's... ...Buried Secrets: Tori Herridge and the team examine a stash of bones beneath a Leeds shopping arcade as they piece together the lives of children from the industrial revolution. (Ep2) 
21:00Assassin's Creed Film (2017) Sci-fi action-thriller with Michael Fassbender. A modern-day American man is transported back to late 15th-century Spain to help the Knights Templar find a mythical source of power. 
23:10The Wolverine Film (2013) Fantasy action-adventure with Hugh Jackman. The hirsute superhero faces an onslaught of yakuza, samurai and ninjas when he visits an old friend in Japan. Contains violence. 
01:35The Last Leg Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe are back with a new series to examine the week's news with celebrity guests. (S19 Ep1) 
02:30Hollyoaks Omnibus Warren is back in the village and prepared to do whatever it takes to get back on top. Grace tries to give Courtney the wedding she desires, while Sienna receives heartbreaking news. [SL] 
04:40Extreme Chocolate Makers An entomologist commissions Sarah Hardy to make a small chocolate version of a rare dung beetle. Mark Tilling creates a huge chocolate sensory garden for a Maidenhead hospice. (Ep4/10) 
05:05The Great Hotel Escape Steph and Dom meet families who have quit the rat race to run hotels. Dom visits Hannah and Andrew in Norfolk; Sally and Robin get the keys to a Jacobean farmhouse. (Ep1) 
06:00The King of Queens China Syndrome (Part 2/2): The last ever episode. On the flight to China, Doug and Carrie realise that home is where the heart is, but there's another surprise in store.