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Listings for Cbeebies on Sunday, August 18 2019

06:00Show Me Show Me 9/25. Chris and Pui investigate and explore in their magical playroom in the sky. Chris and Pui look at some whopping whales through the telescope. [S] 
06:20Baby Jake 13/26. The adventures of magical Baby Jake and friends. Baby Jake and the Hamsternauts go on a space adventure making noise. [S] 
06:35Teletubbies 44/60. Preschool series. The Teletubbies find different uses for their favourite things, and a child in Tummy Tales makes a seaside picture out of lots of things. [S] 
06:50Raa Raa The Noisy Lion 21/26. Animation featuring Raa Raa, who lives in the Jingly Jangly Jungle. Raa Raa is in a playful mood and sets off to find his friends. [S] 
07:00Postman Pat: SDS 3/26. Children's animation. Pat has a special delivery for Amy - a brand new very special breed of sheep. But on the way to Amy's, the new sheep escapes. [S] 
07:15Bing 77/78. Children's animation. Bing is playing the talking lettuce game on Flop's phone when he drops the phone and accidentally breaks it. [S,AD] 
07:25Bing 76/78. Children's animation. Bing gets jealous when Sula pays more attention to Pando on a playdate. As he feels more and more left out, Bing tries to get Sula's attention. [S,AD] 
07:30Hey Duggee 23/52. Animated preschool series. It's a very hot day and Duggee's flowers are looking very sad, so Duggee teaches the Squirrels the best rain dance ever. [S] 
07:40Hey Duggee 27/52. Animated preschool series. Duggee and the Squirrels play hide-and-seek. The Squirrels have hidden in good places, but Duggee finds them all - except Roly. [S] 
07:45Peter Rabbit Animated series. Peter's plans to raid Mr McGregor's garden are thwarted when he discovers the Shrew has got there first. [S,AD] 
08:00Go Jetters 14/52. Meet the Go Jetters, four explorers on a global adventure! All aboard for a high-speed adventure, as the Go Jetters visit Japan's bullet train. [S] 
08:10Octonauts 20/22. Animated deep sea adventures with Captain Barnacles and his explorers. The Octonauts must figure out how to get a gigantic saltwater crocodile back home. [S,AD] 
08:25Bitz & Bob 17/22. Animated preschool series. It's the day of the big kite-flying festival, but why won't Bitz and Bob's kites fly? [S,AD] 
08:35The Furchester Hotel 29/52. Preschool puppet show. A family of Snowballs come to stay in the Very Snowy Suite, but it is not very snowy at all, and the Snowballs start to melt. [S,AD] 
08:45Biggleton 9/25. Preschool series. Precious the Gardener digs up a mysterious piece of treasure and opens a museum with Professor Millie in order to display it. [S] 
09:00Something Special: We're All... ...Friends. 4/25. Educational series using Makaton sign language. Mr Tumble pretends to be a doctor, while Justin and his friends imagine that they are pirates. [S] 
09:20Peter Rabbit Spring Special Animated series. When Jemima's new egg goes missing, only Peter Rabbit is able to put together the clues and find the culprit. But can he find the egg before it hatches? [S,AD] 
09:40Tree Fu Tom 8/26. Animated fantasy adventure show. Zigzoo builds a train in the sap caverns to help Squirmtum with his work but gets carried away making it into a fun ride. [S] 
10:05Go Jetters 15/52. Meet the Go Jetters, four explorers on a global adventure! The Go Jetters race to save Glitch when his kite flies too close to the academy's windfarm. [S] 
10:15YolanDa's Band Jam 20/20. YolanDa Brown and her house band "The Band Jaminals" entertain an audience of children with live music and guest beatboxer THePETEBOX. [S] 
10:30Justin's House 6/20. Justin Fletcher entertains with singing, dancing and comedy. Robert tries hard to get his latest Climate-mate invention working properly to cool down the temperature. [S] 
10:55Andy's Prehistoric Adventures 6/25. Preschool adventure series. Andy meets the paraceratherium - a giant mammal which is five times the size of a rhinoceros! [S,AD] 
11:10Maddie's Do You Know? 12/25. Maddie is out and about exploring different ways to travel. She visits an airfield and a workshop to see how a tricycle is constructed. [S] 
11:25Waffle the Wonder Dog Waffle, Simon, Doug, Evie and Ruby do a sponsored silence to raise money for the school. It's not much fun, so Mrs Hobbs suggests they do a jigsaw. Waffle finds the missing piece. [S] 
11:35Molly and Mack 16/20. Preschool drama series. Molly promises to return a missing doll to its owner, but how can she find out where the owner lives? [S] 
11:50Little Roy 16/50. Series about a cartoon boy in the real world. When Mr Barker shows Roy some magic tricks, he is determined to wow everyone with a magic show. [S] 
12:05My World Kitchen 14/15. Pearlina is cooking catfish and makes a delicious Thai dressing to brush all over it. [S] 
12:20Old Jack's Boat: Rockpool Tales 2/15. Children's series. In the rockpool, Belinda the Blenny is enjoying swimming through bubbles, but Bertrum the Butterfish doesn't like the bubbles. [S] 
12:30Melody 9/20. Mixed-media music show. After playing some balloon games, Melody listens to Air on a G String by Bach. She imagines a wonderful balloon ride animation. [S,AD] 
12:40Down on the Farm 9/20. Preschool series looking at what happens on farms. Storm visits a farm with over 8,000 chickens and JB goes to a hill farm to help with their cows. [S] 
13:00Where in the World? 3/20. Preschool series. In Italy, India and Jordan we meet three children enjoying a very busy day. [S,AD] 
13:15My Story 10/25. Preschool history series. Great Auntie Val shares her memories with her great niece Leila. Together, they find out all about Auntie Val's love of sailing boats. [S] 
13:30Ferne and Rory's Vet Tales 6/25. Preschool series about animal health. Ferne visits Thomas and William as their kittens go for a check-up. At a wildlife park, Rory meets some of the new arrivals. [S] 
13:45Tinga Tinga Tales 6/26. Stories about how different animals became distinctive. When Hyena didn't have short back legs, he was always chasing the other animals around. [S] 
14:00Something Special: We're All... ...Friends. 14/25. Educational series using Makaton sign language. Justin and his friend are looking after two pet dogs, whilst Mr Tumble is getting ready for Aunt Polly's animal show! [S] 
14:20Ferne and Rory's Vet Tales 15/25. Preschool series about animal health. Rory visits a dog who is going to the vet to have his ears syringed. Ferne joins a vet who helps look after military animals. [S,SL] 
14:35Junk Rescue Danny, Zoe and the Junkyard Helpers find a wooden packing case in the junkyard. Then Zoe and the helpers make something out of old wallpaper. [S,AD,SL] 
14:50Maddie's Do You Know? Maddie learns how a car transporter works and discovers how a car engine is made. [S,SL] 
15:05Bitz & Bob 20/22. Animated preschool series. When the curtain doesn't go up on the talent show, Bitz needs to work out how to raise it, while Bob tries to overcome his nerves. [S,AD,SL] 
15:15Tree Fu Tom 8/13. Animated fantasy adventure show. Tom and Twigs plant carrot seeds in order to earn their Green Fingers badges, but the carrots grow too big! [S,SL] 
15:35Go Jetters 16/52. Meet the Go Jetters, four explorers on a global adventure! Grandmaster Glitch's Halloween pumpkin isn't big enough, so he searches for fertilizer to help it grow. [S,SL] 
15:50Peter Rabbit 2/56. Animated series. Peter tells an impulsive lie which leads Jemima Puddle-Duck into Mr Tod's clutches. [S,AD,SL] 
16:05Waffle the Wonder Dog Mrs Hobbs supervises Waffle at the Brooklyn-Bell house. Waffle wants to join Evie at school and tries to escape. Later, the family look at photos and Evie asks about her birth dad. [S,SL] 
16:15My First 16/20. Preschool series. Join Nadya as she builds a den for the first time using materials found in the garden. Once finished, Nadya enjoys playing in her new den with Mum and Dad. [S,SL] 
16:30Magic Hands 7/20. Bobbles' true love has gone exploring - can they be happily reunited? Aimee and Nadeem perform 'My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean' in British Sign Language, accompanied by animations. [S] 
16:40Treasure Champs 2/15. Preschool show about moral values. Barry and Kari are in the snowy hills, where a snowball disaster forces them to work together to build an igloo for their Snow Champs. [S,AD] 
16:55Woolly And Tig 20/25. Live-action children's show. When Tig crosses the road with her dad she refuses to hold his hand. [S] 
17:00Apple Tree House 6/30. Preschool drama series. Grandma Zainab loves talking books, so when her favourite old cassette tape breaks, the children decide to re-enact the story to cheer her up. [S,AD] 
17:15Molly and Mack 16/20. Preschool drama series. Molly promises to return a missing doll to its owner, but how can she find out where the owner lives? [S] 
17:30Teacup Travels 6/20. Great Aunt Lizzie tells the story of Lokesh and the Adventure of the Engraved Printer's Block. A man has given up all possessions except for a piece of wood. [S] 
17:45Sarah & Duck 26/40. Animation. Sarah's tuba is making some very peculiar sounds, so a trip to the music shop is in order. [S,AD] 
17:50Charlie And Lola 2/26. Children's animation with the imaginative siblings. When Charlie goes out with Marv, Lola decides to play spies with her imaginary friend Soren Lorenson. [S,AD] 
18:05Tee & Mo 6/50. Preschool animation. It's bathtime, but Tee wants one more game with his favourite toy, Action Ape. Mo's attempts to get Tee into the bath cause some bubble trouble! [S] 
18:10Clangers 46/52. Stop-motion animation. Major invents a new two-seater rocket for special trips. When he and Small look through the telescope, they see a golden planet. [S,AD] 
18:20In the Night Garden 15/100. The Tombliboos are inside their bush, building with bricks... [S] Followed by Tee and Mo Song Time; It's the end of a busy day and Tee is ready for bed - not that he's willing to admit it! 
18:50CBeebies Bedtime Stories An story read by a special guest. George Ezra reads Under the Same Sky, a story about the hopes and dreams that we all experience. [S] 
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05:30This Is CBeebies Welcome to the CBeebies channel. Programmes start at 6.00am. 
06:00Show Me Show Me 10/25. Chris and Pui investigate and explore in their magical playroom in the sky. Chris, Pui and the toys look at milk and tennis. [S]