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Listings for BBC Parliament on Saturday, June 29 2019

05:15Westminster Hall House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall from Tuesday 25 June. 
10:00Scottish First Minister's... ...Questions. Questions in the Scottish Parliament to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon from Thursday 27 June. 
10:45Political Highlights Political and parliamentary highlights. 
12:30Scottish Parliament Recorded coverage of Scottish Parliament proceedings. 
15:30Welsh First Minister's Questions Questions in the Welsh Assembly to First Minister Mark Drakeford from Tuesday 25 June. 
16:15Welsh Assembly Proceedings in the Welsh Assembly. 
18:00Select Committees Select Committee proceedings. 
20:45BOOKtalk Mark D'Arcy in discussion with an author about their latest political book. 
21:00Children of the Devolution Allan Little discovers how land reform and the repeal of Section 28 changed the lives of different generations of Scots and reflects on the scandals the early parliament faced. [S] 
22:00Briefings The week's key speeches and news briefings. 
23:00Political Highlights Political and parliamentary highlights. 
05:45Westminster Hall House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall from Wednesday 26 June.