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Listings for BBC Parliament on Monday, April 22 2019

04:30Foreign Affairs Committee Foreign Affairs Committee's session on China's domestic and foreign policy, from Tuesday 8 January. 
06:30Home Affairs Committee Home Affairs Committee's session on migrants crossing the English Channel with evidence from Help Refugees, Refugee Council and Care4Calais, from Tuesday 22 January. 
08:05EU Settlement Scheme Committee Home Affairs Committee's session on the government's settlement scheme for EU citizens living in the UK, from Tuesday 12 February. 
10:25EU Home Affairs Committee Recorded coverage of the EU home affairs subcommittee session on Brexit Future EU migration to the UK for work. From Wednesday 19 February. 
11:45English Channel Migrant... Recorded coverage of the Home Affairs select committee session on migrant crossings of the English Channel, from Tuesday 26 February. 
13:15Immigration Select Committee The Lords EU Home Affairs select committee session on immigration, with evidence from immigration minister Caroline Nokes, from Wednesday 13 March. 
14:35Defence Committee Defence Committee's session on Global Islamist Terrorism, from Tuesday 15 January. 
16:05Defence Committee Defence Committee's session on departmental priorities after the Nato summit with evidence from defence secretary Gavin Williamson, from Tuesday 22 January. 
17:00National Security Strategy... MPs on the national security strategy committee hear from Sir Mark Sedwill, the national security advisor. Recorded coverage from Monday 28 January. 
18:30Motability Committee The Work and Pensions Committee's session on Motability, from Wednesday 9 January. 
20:55NHS Long-Term Funding Committee Recorded coverage of the Social Care select committee session looking at the government's long-term plan for the NHS, from Tuesday 15 January. 
23:15NHS Long Term Plan Committee Health Committee's session on the government's NHS Long Term Plan with evidence from health and social care secretary Matt Hancock, from Tuesday 29 January. 
01:20Sexual Health Committee The Health and Social Care Committee's session on sexual health with evidence from national organisations representing providers and commissioners. 
03:30Health and Social Care Committee The Health and Social Care Committee's session on the fit and proper persons test report, from Tuesday 12 March. 
05:25Scottish Fishing Industry... ...Committee. The Scottish Affairs Committee's session on the Scottish fishing industry with evidence from UK fisheries minister George Eustace, from Wednesday 9 January.