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Listings for BBC Parliament on Thursday, May 23 2019

00:25House of Lords Business including a debate on the role of the devolved administrations in the governance of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland marking twenty years of devolution across the UK. 
07:00Business Rates Committee Treasury select committee session on the impact of business rates on firms, from Wednesday 22 May. 
08:551918 Election Lecture - The... ...Co-operative Party. The History of Parliament Trust lecture by Angela Whitecross on the early Co-operative Party and the election of their first MP, Alfred Waterson, in the 1918 general election. 
09:15BOOKtalk Mark D'Arcy talks to Scott Colvin about his recent book How to Survive a Select Committee. 
09:30Live Digital, Culture, Media... ...and Sport Questions. Live coverage of questions in the House of Commons to the digital, culture, media and sport secretary Jeremy Wright and his team of ministers. 
10:10Live Attorney General Questions Live coverage of questions in the House of Commons to the attorney general Geoffrey Cox. 
10:30Live Business Questions Live coverage of the statement in the House of Commons on the upcoming business in the chamber, followed by questions. 
11:30Live House of Commons Live coverage of the day's proceedings in the House of Commons, including a backbench business debate on the Yemen peace process and a general debate ahead of the Whitsun recess. 
17:30House of Lords - Free Speech in... ...Parliament. Debate in the House of Lords on the potential conflict between the right of members to speak freely in Parliament and the obligation under the rule of law to obey court orders. 
20:00House of Lords - Public... ...Procurement. The debate in the House of Lords on how to increase the social value of public procurement by aligning it with the government's civil society strategy, from Thursday 23 May. 
22:30Lords Questions - Thursday Questions in the House of Lords from Thursday 23 May. 
23:00Thursday in Parliament Highlights of Thursday in Parliament presented by Mandy Baker. 
23:30Scottish First Minister's... ...Questions. Questions in the Scottish Parliament to first minister Nicola Sturgeon, from Wednesday 22 May. 
00:15House of Lords Coverage of business in the House of Lords from Thursday 23 May.