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Listings for BBC Parliament on Sunday, July 21 2019

05:45Westminster Hall House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall from Wednesday 17 July. 
10:45Prime Minister's Questions Coverage of questions in the House of Commons to Prime Minister Theresa May from Wednesday 17 July. 
11:30The Week in Parliament A look back at the week in Westminster, presented by David Cornock. [S] 
12:00America this Week Highlights of the week in Washington in the third year of Donald Trump's presidency. 
13:00Washington Journal C-SPAN's White House correspondent Steve Scully interviews leading figures on the American political scene and takes viewer calls. 
15:00HARDtalk Zeinab Badawi is in New York, for a rare interview with the Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif, who is attending high-level talks at the UN. 
15:30BOOKtalk Mark D'Arcy talks to Rory Naismith about his new book 'Citadel of the Saxons: The Rise of Early London'. 
15:45Briefings - Sajid Javid The home secretary makes a speech on countering extremism, from Friday 19 July. 
16:30Sunday Politics Scotland Gordon Brewer and guests look at the week's events at Westminster and Holyrood. [S] 
17:00Sunday Politics Northern Ireland Mark Carruthers looks at the political developments of the week and questions policy makers on the key issues. [S] 
17:30Sunday Politics Wales All the latest political news from Wales and beyond, presented by Arwyn Jones. [S] 
18:00Lords Questions Live coverage of Lords Questions from Wednesday 17 July. 
18:30The Week in Parliament A look back at the week in Westminster, presented by David Cornock. [S] 
19:00The Andrew Marr Show Andrew Marr is joined by Philip Hammond MP, Simon Coveney TD, Iain Duncan Smith MP, and Brian Eno. With news review by Anushka Asthana and Sarah Vine. [S] 
20:00The Reith Lectures 2019: Rights... ...and the Ideal Constitution. 5/5. Jonathan Sumption makes some suggestions to restore faith in democracy. 
20:30Foreign Affairs Committee Session on the future of Britain's diplomatic relationship with Europe. From 16 July. 
22:45Foreign Affairs Committee Foreign Affairs Committee's session on secure communications and the handling of classified information in the wake of the Sir Kim Darroch leaks, with former foreign secretary William Hague. 
23:35International Development... ...Questions. Questions in the House of Commons to the international development secretary Rory Stewart and his team of ministers, from Wednesday 17 July. 
00:00Sunday Politics London The latest political news, interviews and debate in London. [S] 
00:30European Parliament MEPs take part in a debate on the aims of the Finnish presidency of the Council of the European Union, from Wednesday 17 July. 
02:30House of Lords The debate in the House of Lords on the future of trade unions, collective action and the 100th anniversary of the International Labour Organisation, from Thursday 18 July. 
05:20Relationship Education Urgent... ...Question. Coverage of an urgent question about relationship education in schools, from Tuesday 17 July. 
06:00Westminster Hall House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall from Thursday 18 July.