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Listings for BBC Parliament on Sunday, May 19 2019

05:45Westminster Hall House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall from Wednesday 15 May, including debates on the minimum age for marriage and the CPS's treatment of rape victims. 
10:45Prime Minister's Questions Coverage of questions in the House of Commons to prime minister Theresa May from Wednesday 15 May. 
11:30The Week in Parliament A look back at the week in Westminster presented by David Cornock. 
12:00America this Week Highlights of the week in Washington in the third year of Donald Trump's presidency, including coverage of President Trump unveiling his immigration plan. 
13:00Washington Journal C-SPAN's White House correspondent Steve Scully interviews leading figures on the American political scene and takes viewer calls. 
15:00HARDtalk Stephen Sackur speaks to Yabloko Party leader Grigory Yavlinsky, whose brand of liberal economics and political reform failed to take root in opposition to Vladimir Putin. 
15:30BOOKtalk Mark D'Arcy talks to Scott Colvin about his recent book How to Survive a Select Committee. 
15:45The View Mark Carruthers and his guests review and analyse the week's political events from Stormont and Westminster. [S] 
16:30Sunday Politics Scotland Gordon Brewer and guests look at the week's events at Westminster and Holyrood. [S] 
17:00Sunday Politics Northern Ireland Mark Carruthers looks at the political developments of the week and questions policy makers on the key issues. [S] 
17:30Sunday Politics Wales All the latest political news from Wales and beyond, presented by Arwyn Jones. [S] 
18:00Question Time Fiona Bruce invites an audience in Elgin to put their questions to a panel including Bim Afolami MP, Richard Leonard MSP, John Swinney MSP, Christine Jardine MP, and Eilidh Douglas. [S,SL] 
19:00The Andrew Marr Show Andrew Marr is joined by guests including Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Rory Stewart, Vince Cable and Chuka Umunna. Reviewing the papers are Stacey Dooley and Sarah Vine. [S] 
20:00Speaker's House Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, vice-chancellor of the University of Manchester and co-chair of the prime minister's Council of Science and Technology, delivers a lecture on science. 
20:35Ten Minute Rule Bill The introduction to the House of Commons of a Bill under the Ten Minute Rule on access to workplaces for trade unions, from Wednesday 15 May. 
20:45Select Committees - Crossrail... ...Committee. The Public Accounts Committee's session on Crossrail with evidence from Crossrail executives and the Department for Transport, from Wednesday 15 May. 
23:15Scottish First Minister's... ...Questions. Questions in the Scottish Parliament to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, from Thursday 16 May. 
00:00Sunday Politics London The latest political news, interviews and debate in London. [S] 
00:30Westminster Hall The debate in Westminster Hall on an e-petition relating to protecting nesting sites for birds, from Monday 13 May. 
01:55Scottish Parliament The Scottish government-led debate in the Scottish Parliament on the impact of Brexit on Scotland's food and drink, from Thursday 16 May. 
04:00Select Committees The Exiting the European Union committee's session on the progress of Brexit negotiations with evidence from the TUC, Open Europe, lawyers and academics, from Wednesday 15 May. 
06:00Westminster Hall House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall from Thursday 16 May.