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Listings for BBC Parliament on Monday, August 19 2019

05:05Welsh Affairs Committee on Ford... Bridgend. A committee session on the proposed closure of the Ford plant at Bridgend, from Monday 8 July. 
06:10Welsh First Minister's Questions Questions in the Welsh Assembly to First Minister Mark Drakeford from Tuesday 16 July. 
07:10Speaker's House Lecture -... ...Joanna Cherry. SNP MP Joanna Cherry delivers a lecture on 'Women and British Politics, where next?' from Monday 21 January. 
08:00Briefings - Sir Mark Sedwill The speech by the cabinet secretary Sir Mark Sedwill on future public service challenges at the Institute of Government, from Thursday 13 June. 
08:50BOOKtalk - Dick Leonard and... ...Mark Garnett. Mark D'Arcy talks to historians Dick Leonard and Mark Garnett about their new book Titans: Fox vs Pitt. 
09:05The Reith Lectures 2019: In... ...Praise of Politics. 2/5. Jonathan Sumption discusses state legitimacy and how democracy can be effective in accommodating political differences. 
09:35Briefings - Donald Trump and... ...Theresa May. US president Donald Trump and prime minister Theresa May holding a joint news conference in Whitehall as part of the president's state visit to the UK, from Tuesday 4 June. 
10:00Briefings - Jeremy Corbyn at... ...Trump State Visit. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the anti-Trump visit protests in central London, from Tuesday 4 June. 
10:15House of Lords - Leaking of... ...Confidential Emails. Debate on leaks of private communications of the UK's ambassador to the United States. 
11:10Westminster Hall - Defence... ...Spending. The debate in the House of Commons' second chamber, Westminster Hall, on defence spending, from Tuesday 16 July. 
12:40BOOKtalk - Jon Davis and John... ...Rentoul. Mark D'Arcy talks to Jon Davis and John Rentoul about their latest book Heroes or Villains?: The Blair Government Reconsidered. 
13:00Speaker's House - Sir Edward... ...Leigh on Michael Heseltine. Sir Edward Leigh delivers a lecture on 'What if Michael Heseltine, not John Major, had become PM in 1990?' in the Speaker's House from Monday 20 May. 
13:30The Reith Lectures 2019: Human... ...Rights and Wrongs. 3/5. In his third lecture, Jonathan Sumption argues that concepts of human rights have a long history in the common law. 
14:05BOOKtalk - Vernon Bogdanor Mark D'Arcy in conversation with Professor Vernon Bogdanor about his latest book, Beyond Brexit Towards a British Constitution. 
14:20House of Commons - Persecution... ...of Christians Overseas. The debate in the House of Commons on the persecution of Christians overseas, from Thursday 18 July. 
16:15Laws and Ladies Daniel Brittain is joined by crossbench peer Baroness Meacher, Conservative peer Baroness Fookes and Labour peer Baroness Prosser for more discussion of political news. 
16:40Boris Johnson Leadership... ...Election Speech. Newly-elected Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson speaks at an event in central London following the announcement of his victory over Jeremy Hunt, from Tuesday 23 July. 
16:50Prime Minister's Questions Coverage of Theresa May's final session of Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, from Wednesday 24 July. 
17:55Theresa May Leaves Downing Street Prime minister Theresa May speaks in Downing Street moments before travelling to Buckingham Palace to hand her resignation to the Queen, from Wednesday 24 July. 
18:00Boris Johnson Downing Street... ...Speech. Prime minister Boris Johnson speaks in Downing Street after being asked by the Queen to form a new government, from Wednesday 24 July. 
18:15BOOKtalk - Peter Riddell Mark D'Arcy in discussion with author and historian Peter Riddell on his book 15 Minutes of Power The Uncertain Life of British Ministers. 
18:30House of Commons - Boris... ...Johnson Statement. Coverage of a statement to the House of Commons by new prime minister Boris Johnson on his government's priorities, followed by questioning by MPs, from Thursday 25 July. 
20:00Mayor's Question Time Recorded coverage of questions in the London Assembly to Mayor Sadiq Khan from Thursday 18 July. 
21:30Speaker's House - Professor... ...Dame Nancy Rothwell. The vice-chancellor of the University of Manchester delivers a lecture on science. 
22:05BOOKtalk - Rory Naismith Mark D'Arcy talks to Rory Naismith about his new book Citadel of the Saxons The Rise of Early London. 
22:20Westminster Hall - Pension Credit MPs take part in a Westminster Hall debate on access to pension credit, from Wednesday 24 July. 
23:25Briefings - Vernon Bogdanor Professor Vernon Bogdanor delivers a Gresham College lecture in the Museum of London on Britain and Europe, from Wednesday 13 March. 
00:20Speaker's House - Lord Norton... ...on Willie Whitelaw. Lord Norton delivers a lecture on "What if Ted Heath had resigned in October 1974 and Willie Whitelaw had become Tory Leader?" in the Speaker's House from Monday 18 March. 
01:10BOOKtalk - Scott Colvin Mark D'Arcy talks to Scott Colvin about his recent book How to Survive a Select Committee. 
01:25Work and Pensions Committee... ...with Amber Rudd. Work and Pension Committee's evidence session with work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd on the work of her department, from Wednesday 24 July. 
02:30Briefings - Lord Rees of Ludlow Lord Rees of Ludlow delivers the Lord Speaker's Lecture, 'On the Future: technology and environmental stresses in 2050 and beyond', from Wednesday 27 February. 
03:10The Reith Lectures 2019: Rights... ...and the Ideal Constitution. 4/5. Jonathan Sumption, formerly one of England and Wales's most senior judges sitting in the UK's Supreme Court, assesses the US and UK's constitutional models. 
03:40House of Lords - Priorities for... ...the Government. A statement on the priorities for the new government, from Thursday 24 July. 
04:30BOOKtalk - Sophie Ambler Mark D'Arcy talks to Sophie Therese Ambler about her new book 'The Song of Simon de Montfort: England's First Revolutionary'. 
04:50Housing Committee with Dame... ...Judith Hackitt. Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee's session on building regulations and fire safety, from Monday 22 July.