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Listings for BBC Parliament on Saturday, November 17 2018

05:35Westminster Hall Recorded coverage of House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall, from Tuesday 13 November. 
10:15Scottish First Minister's... ...Questions. Recorded coverage of questions in the Scottish Parliament to first minister Nicola Sturgeon, from Thursday 15 November. 
11:00Scottish Parliament - Age of... ...Criminal Responsibility Bill. Stage 1 debate on the Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Bill, from Tuesday 13 November. 
13:40Scottish Parliament - General... ...Questions. General questions to Scottish government ministers, from Thursday 15 November. 
14:00Scottish Parliament - ScotRail... ...Debate. Scottish Labour Party-led debate on a motion calling for the Scottish government to exercise its break clause with ScotRail, from Wednesday 14 November. 
15:15Scottish Parliament - Topical... ...Questions. Topical questions to Scottish government ministers, from Tuesday 13 November. 
15:30Welsh First Minister's Questions Recorded coverage of questions in the Welsh Assembly to first minister Carwyn Jones, from Tuesday 13 November. 
16:20Welsh Assembly - Finance Questions Questions to finance secretary Mark Drakeford, from Wednesday 14 November. 
17:10Welsh Assembly - Replacing EU... ...funding for Wales. Debate on a committee report on replacing EU funding in Wales after Brexit, from Wednesday 14 November. 
18:10Scottish Affairs Committee Scottish Affairs Committee's session on foreign investment and trade in Scotland after Brexit with evidence from Ivan McKee MSP and David Mundell MP. 
19:30Lords International Relations... ...Committee. House of Lords International Relations Committee's session on the changing face of international relations, with evidence from foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, from Thursday 15 November. 
20:45Ten Minute Rule Bill Recorded coverage of the introduction of a Ten Minute Rule Bill in the House of Commons on housing, planning and education for Gypsy and Traveller communities, from Tuesday 13 November. 
21:00Briefings - Lord Mayor's Banquet Prime Minister Theresa May's speech on Brexit at the Lord Mayor's Banquet at the Mansion House, London, from Monday 12 November. 
21:35Briefings - Theresa May Prime Minister Theresa May speaking outside No10 following a collective cabinet agreement on the draft EU withdrawal agreement, from Wednesday 14 November. 
21:40Downing Street News Conference The news conference held by prime minister Theresa May in Downing Street on the draft withdrawal deal reached with the EU over Brexit, from Thursday 15 November. 
22:00Foreign Affairs Committee The Foreign Affairs Committee's session on China and the rules-based system of international relations, with evidence from former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd, from Thursday 15 November. 
23:10E?rpa Air E?rpa na seachdain-sa, pr?gram s?nraichte le taghadh a-mach a tr? aithrisean mu ch?isean ceangailte ri cogadh. A compilation with extracts from three reports focusing on war. 
23:40European Parliament German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the European Parliament in Strasbourg, followed by a debate on the future of Europe, from Tuesday 13 November. 
02:05Welsh Assembly Committee The committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister takes evidence from Carwyn Jones, from Friday 16 November. 
04:00Science and Technology Committee Science and Technology Committee's session on the impact of social media and screen use on young people's health, from Tuesday 13 November. 
06:00Westminster Hall Recorded coverage of House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall from Wednesday 14 November.