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Listings for BBC Parliament on Saturday, November 25 2017

05:25Westminster Hall Recorded coverage of House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall including debates on the UK's amphibious capability and Shepton Mallet community centre. 
10:15Scottish First Minister's... ...Questions. Recorded coverage of questions in the Scottish Parliament to first minister Nicola Sturgeon on Thursday 23 November. 
11:00Supreme Court - Minimum Alcohol... ...Pricing in Scotland. The ruling from the Supreme Court on the Scottish government's policy of a minimum unit price for the sale of alcohol, from Wednesday 15 November. 
11:10Scottish Parliament - Minimum... ...Alcohol Pricing. Shona Robison making a statement on minimum alcohol pricing following the UK Supreme Court ruling that the Scottish government's plans for minimum alcohol pricing were legal. 
11:55Scottish Parliament Highlights of the Scottish government-led debate on suicide prevention in the Scottish Parliament, from Tuesday 20 November. 
13:15Scottish Parliament General questions to ministers in the Scottish Parliament, from Thursday 23 November. 
13:35Welsh Assembly - Economy Questions Questions to economy and transport secretary Ken Skates, from Wednesday 22 November. 
14:30The Week in Parliament BBC Parliament's programme looking back at the week in Westminster presented by Alicia McCarthy. 
15:00The Conference Mark Carruthers presents live coverage of proceedings at the Democratic Unionist Party annual conference in Belfast, including the speech by party leader Arlene Foster. [S] 
16:00Welsh First Minister's Questions Recorded coverage of questions in the Welsh Assembly to first minister Carwyn Jones from Tuesday 21 November. 
16:50Welsh Assembly Debate in the Welsh Assembly on substance misuse, from Tuesday 20 November. 
17:45Ten Minute Rule Bill Conservative MP Huw Merriman introducing his Automatic Travel Compensation Bill in the Commons, from Tuesday 21 November. 
18:00Mental Health Committee A Health Committee session on child and adolescent mental health with evidence from the children's commissioner for England Anne Longfield, from Tuesday 21 November. 
20:50Briefings - David Davis Secretary of state for exiting the European Union David Davis making a speech to the European Conservatives and Reformist Group of MEPs, from Tuesday 21 November. 
21:05Briefings - 2017 Budget Analysis IFS Chairman Paul Johnson presents the Institute for Fiscal Studies' annual look at the contents of the 2017 Budget, from Thursday 25 November. 
23:00Eorpa 4/16. Reports from across Europe. Anne Lundon is in the Netherlands, where a new co-operative has been established that offers support, advice and safety for sex workers. 
23:30HARDtalk Stephen Sackur speaks to Saudi journalist, commentator and current political exile Jamal Khashoggi. Are recent events in Saudi Arabia about raw power or real reform? 
23:55Westminster Hall A debate in Westminster Hall on e-petitions relating to the TV licence fee, from Monday 20 November. 
02:35Air Quality Committee Joint committee inquiry looking into air quality with evidence from Alan Andrews, Professor Stephen Holgate and mayor of London Sadiq Khan, from Thursday 23 November. 
05:00Welsh Assembly Debate in the Welsh Assembly on substance misuse, from Tuesday 20 November. 
05:45Westminster Hall Recorded coverage of proceedings in Westminster Hall from Wednesday 22 November including debates on migration, an Arctic ambassador, legal aid, sanitary products and Cornwall.