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Listings for BBC HD on Friday, November 22 2019

03:00This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two. [HD] 
06:30Dom Does America 9/10. Dom joins the US Army's First Armoured Division at Fort Bliss, one of the largest military bases in the USA. [S,AD] [HD] 
07:15The Repair Shop 4/40. The team take on a satchel once owned by a prisoner of war, a pub clock with an intriguing past and a sea serpent pen holder. [S] [HD] 
08:00Love in the Countryside 1/6. Sara Cox plays cupid to help seven more rural romantics find the partner of their dreams. [S,AD,SL] [HD] 
09:00BBC News at 9 The latest headlines, breaking news and sport from the BBC newsroom. [S] [HD] 
09:30Victoria Derbyshire: Election... ...Debate. Live debate and discussion of the issues that matter to voters, in a special programme from the city of Norwich. [S] [HD] 
11:00BBC Newsroom Live Stay up to date on the day's top stories, with the latest breaking news as it happens. [S] [HD] 
12:00Politics Live Jo Coburn is joined by Holly Rigby, Caroline Wheeler and Douglas Murray to discuss the latest general election developments, and the Labour party manifesto. [S] [HD] 
13:00Street Auction People donate items to be auctioned off for a community member. [S] [HD] 
13:30Chase the Case 10/20. Strategy game show hosted by Dan Walker. Five players compete to win the case containing the most cash. [S] [HD] 
14:15Coast and Country Auctions 10/10. Series looking at Britain's traditional markets. A focus on the Spalding Plant and Vegetable Auction in Lincolnshire, the biggest market of its kind in the country. [S] [HD] 
15:00Who Do You Think You Are? 4/10. Celebrity genealogy series. Jerry Hall knows her father's family were originally from Oldham but wants to find out how they ended up in America. [S,AD] [HD] 
16:00Yes Chef The final of the cooking competition which sees professional chefs working with home cooks. The four teams go head to head, with Pierre Koffmann judging the dishes. [S] [HD] 
16:45Eggheads Jeremy Vine hosts the show where every day a new team of challengers take on what is probably the greatest quiz team in Britain, made up of some of the country's top quizzers. [S] [HD] 
17:15Flog It! 2/40. Members of the public bring their antiques to be viewed and valued. [S] [HD] 
18:00Richard Osman's House of Games 35/100. YolanDa Brown, Rev Kate Bottley, Joel Dommett and John Thomson test their general knowledge skills in their final set of games, and the week's winner is crowned. [S] [HD] 
18:30Strictly It Takes Two 45/60. Zoe Ball and Rylan Clark-Neal present a one-hour Friday show with celebrity super fans in the studio to discuss all things ballroom. [S] [HD] 
19:00The One Show Angellica Bell brings you the big stories from across the country. [S] [HD] 
19:30Mastermind 13/30. John Humphrys asks questions on the Gospel of Matthew, the novel and musical Wicked, Johannes Brahms and the history of Ireland. [S] [HD] 
20:00Mountain Vets 2/6. A pregnant sheep must undergo an emergency caesarean, while Flame the dachshund and Monty the fell pony present worrying symptoms that put the vets' knowledge to the test. [S,AD] [HD] 
21:00The Name of the Rose 6/8. Anna arrives at the Abbey and asks Remigio for her father's letters. Contains some violent scenes. [S,AD] [HD] 
21:50Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the... ...Lobby. Monica Galetti and Giles Coren work in Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira. The hotel overlooks an active volcano, which regularly spews ash and lava. [S,AD] [HD] 
22:00Mock The Week 9/13. Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis check out the last seven days with guests Maisie Adam, Ed Byrne, Sophie Duker, Ed Gamble and Mark Simmons. [S] [HD] 
22:30Newsnight The day's important national and international news stories with Emma Barnett. [S] [HD] 
23:10Weather Weather bulletin. [S] [HD] 
23:15Even Later... with Jools... ...Holland and Tom Jones. 6/6. Jools Holland and Tom Jones present artists in performance. [S] [HD] 
00:20The Reluctant Fundamentalist Film A Pakistani man (Riz Ahmed) living in New York finds his loyalties shaken after 9/11. Contains very strong language and some scenes of a sexual nature. [2012] [S] [HD] 
02:20War Crimes Scandal Exposed Has the British military covered up war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan? Contains scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. [S,SL] [HD] 
03:20Seven Worlds, One Planet 1/7. Antarctica - the coldest, windiest, most hostile continent. Only the toughest can survive here. But the ocean here is warming and with that comes an uncertain future. [S,AD,SL] [HD] 
04:20Flatmates The Flatmates perform an intervention to help Craig but need help from the Landlady. [S] [HD] 
04:50Flatmates New Year resolutions are great but how long can they all last before they fall apart? [S] [HD] 
05:15This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two. [HD]