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Listings for BBC 2 Scotland on Saturday, December 23 2017

03:10This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S] 
06:15An Island Parish: Shetland 2/6. Your People Shall Be My People: Series following community life on Unst. Islanders Frank and Jem Roberts prepare their Shetland ponies for the prestigious pony assessment. [AD,S] 
06:45The Bishop's Wife Film Family comedy drama about an angel who assumes human form to help a bishop repair his marriage and build his dream cathedral. [B&W, 1947] [S] 
08:30The Big Family Cooking Showdown 2/12. Competitive food show. The Karim family from west London go up against the Dawes family from Hampshire. Will the Karims, with their Indian recipes, curry favour with the judges? [AD,S] 
09:30The Muppets Film Comedy. When an oil well is discovered below the Muppet theatre, the gang must reform and combine forces in order to save the building from demolition. [2011] [AD,S] 
11:10Nature's Wildest Weapons:... ...Horns, Tusks and Antlers: Natural World. Professor Doug Emlen discovers the secrets of nature's arms races, what triggers them and what they can teach us. [S] 
12:10Mary Berry's Absolute Christmas... ...Favourites. 1/2. Mary Berry shows how to prepare for the festive season with dishes including horseradish mustard beef and chocolate mousse cake. She also visits a stilton factory. [AD,S] 
12:40Nigella's Christmas Table Nigella decamps to the countryside for her cosiest Christmas yet. Recipes include roast duck, garlic and parmesan mashed potato gratin and brandy salted caramel ice cream. [AD,S] 
13:40Hotel Armadillo: Natural World David Attenborough looks at the giant armadillo, examining how this seldom-seen animal helps scores of other creatures to thrive in the Pantanal of Brazil. [S] 
14:40Bette and Joan: Talking Pictures Sylvia Syms looks through the BBC archives to tell the story of one of Hollywood's greatest ever feuds - the rivalry between legendary actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. [S] 
15:10Mildred Pierce Film Classic melodrama about a woman who struggles to build up her own business from scratch in a vain attempt to satisfy her snobbish, ungrateful daughter. [B&W, 1945] [S] 
17:00Inside the Christmas Factory Exploring the fascinating factory processes behind Christmas cake, baubles, brandy and more. And why Christmas tree lights are called fairy lights. [S] 
18:00Bill Film Family comedy from the performers of Horrible Histories. Young Bill Shakespeare leaves Stratford to follow his latest dream, to be a playwright in London. [2015] [AD,S] 
19:30Proms in the Park Highlights from Glasgow Green as Jamie MacDougall introduces the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and a host of guests as part of the UK-wide Last Night of the Proms celebrations. [S] 
20:30Dad's Army 6/6. Turkey Dinner: Classic wartime sitcom. Mainwaring's Home Guard platoon decides to give a turkey dinner to the old-age pensioners of Walmington-on-Sea. [S] 
21:00Feud: Bette and Joan 3/8. Mommie Dearest: A truce seems on the cards when both actresses reveal hardships in their lives. Contains some strong language and some sexual content. [AD,S] 
21:50Feud: Bette and Joan 4/8. More or Less: The word on the street is that Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? will bomb. Contains some strong language. [AD,S] 
22:35What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Film Terrifying gothic chiller about two sisters, ageing former movie stars, who live together in a decaying Hollywood mansion. [B&W, 1962] [S] 
00:45Absolutely Fashion: Inside... ...British Vogue. 1/2. Film following British Vogue over a year, seeing how the magazine is put together. Editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman tries to appeal to the Instagram generation. [AD,S] 
01:45Mary Berry's Christmas Party Mary Berry opens kitchen to some of TV's best-loved faces as they join her in cooking delicious dishes especially for her Christmas party table. [AD,S,SL] 
02:45This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]