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Listings for BBC 2 on Saturday, April 27 2019

02:55This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two. 
06:45All Over The Place Asia: Part 2 A compilation of all the best adventures from Ed Petrie's travels in Asia, including India's Holi festival, Chinese lion dancing, a rocket festival in Laos and more. [S] 
07:15Wild & Weird 10/16. Tim and Naomi search the natural world for all things weird. They look at a moose in Norway that got stuck in a tree and an elephant seal in Rio de Janeiro. [S] 
07:30Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom 9/10. Dick and Dom reveal the genius of Marie Curie, one of the most famous female scientists of all time. Inspired by Curie's genius ideas, they come up with their own. [S] 
08:00Top Class 12/17. Quiz show. In this quarter-final, St Martin's Church of England Primary School from Somerset take on St Pius X Preparatory School from Lancashire. [S] 
08:30The Dog Ate My Homework Comedy panel show. In this episode, Ian Stirling is joined by team captains Matteo and Aisha and special guests Susan Calman, Dodge, Chris Johnson and Leo. [S] 
09:00Wonders of the Universe Series in which Professor Brian Cox explores the laws of the universe. In this episode, Brian takes on the story of the force that sculpts the entire universe - gravity. [S,AD] 
10:00Snooker: World Championship Seema Jaswal introduces live second-round action as players vie for places in the quarter-finals. [S] 
12:00Bargain Hunt 7/32. Natasha Raskin-Sharp presents from Nottingham racecourse with David Harper and Danny Sebastian. Natasha finds out about a lace designer who used politics as inspiration. [S,AD] 
12:45The TV That Made Me 20/20. Celebrities choose the TV moments that have shaped their lives. Sports broadcaster Hazel Irvine joins Brian Conley to talk about the TV that helped to shape her. 
13:30Back in Time for the Weekend 1/6. A family gives up their 21st-century technology and travels back in time. As they enter the 50s, it's goodbye to the flat-screen TV and hello to a piano and some darning. [S,AD] 
14:30The 100k House: Tricks of the... ...Trade. 3/6. Kieran Long and Piers Taylor help homeowners as they take on ambitious building projects. This time, a home unsuitable for family life needs a bold architectural solution. [S] 
15:30Your Home Made Perfect Two rival architects aim to solve a problem that has had a couple from Kent locked in stalemate for five years, using cutting-edge virtual reality to showcase their designs. [S] 
16:30Snooker: World Championship Hazel Irvine introduces continued coverage from the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. [S] 
17:30Grand Tours of the Scottish... ...Islands. 2/6. Paul Murton experiences island life. He explores the Isle of Mull and its satellites - Erraid, Ulva, Inch Kenneth and the Treshnish Islands. 
18:00Undiscovered Worlds with Steve... ...Backshall. Steve Backshall visits unexplored parts of the world. This time his team is kayaking in the Arctic - they face perilous sea ice and have a terrifying encounter with a polar bear. [S,AD] 
19:00Snooker: World Championship Hazel Irvine introduces live coverage from the Crucible Theatre, where quarter-final places are up for grabs. [S] 
20:00Dad's Army 3/13. Classic sitcom about the Home Guard unit of Walmington-on-Sea. Captain Mainwaring starts a foot-hardening programme which includes lengthy route marches. [S] 
20:302001: A Space Odyssey Film Classic sci-fi in which a monolith is discovered on the moon. Astronauts following its radio signal are drawn into a struggle for survival with HAL, the spacecraft's computer. [1968] [AD] 
22:50Paths Of Glory Film Col Dax, the commanding officer of a platoon of French soldiers, is obliged to defend them when they are accused of cowardice in a court-martial during World War One. [1957] [S] 
00:20Snooker: World Championship... ...Highlights. Seema Jaswal presents highlights from a day when three quarter-final places have been decided. [S] 
01:10Snooker: World Championship Extra Extended highlights from the day's second-round best-of-25-frame matches. [S] 
03:10The League of Gentlemen - Live... ...Again!. The League of Gentlemen return to the stage for their first UK tour in over 12 years. Contains very strong language and adult humour [S,AD] 
04:10Pose Something is troubling Pray Tell and his friends are determined to find out. Patty comes face to face with Angel and Blanca is chatted up by a persistent admirer. Contains very strong language. [S,AD] 
05:00This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two. 
05:50The A to Z of TV Gardening 8/25. A look at some of the BBC's most popular gardening programmes and personalities, presented by Carol Kirkwood. Carol explores subjects that all begin with the letter H.