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Listings for BBC 2 on Friday, January 26 2018

06:00Flog It! Trade Secrets Eastern - Part 2: Antiques series. Works of art and design from Japan and China are the subject of the show, while Paul Martin tries his hand at Japanese Taiko drumming. Also in HD. [S] 
06:30The Farmers' Country Showdown 18/20. Apples and Pears: Two fruit-growing 'apple entrepreneurs' compete at the Malvern Autumn Show. Both hope to give their exceptional fruit and farm-produced juices a real boost. Also in HD. [S] 
07:15Antiques Road Trip 19/20. Antiques challenge. Catherine Southon and Raj Bisram are headed to the land of bakewell tarts and strong blue cheese in beautiful Derbyshire. Also in HD. [S] 
08:00MasterChef: The Professionals 15/21. The search for the country's 2017 culinary superstar continues. The second group of chefs create a three-course fine-dining menu at the Institution of Civil Engineers. Also in HD. [AD,S,SL] 
09:00Victoria Derbyshire The BBC's daily news and current affairs programme with original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news. Also in HD. [S] 
11:00BBC Newsroom Live Stay up to date on the day's top stories with the latest breaking news as it happens. Also in HD. [S] 
12:00Daily Politics Jo Coburn presents the latest political news, interviews and debate. Also in HD. [S] 
13:00Bowls: World Championships Live coverage from the World Indoor Bowls Championships. It is quarter-final day in the men's singles and the drama intensifies. David Corkill and John Price provide commentary. Also in HD. [S] 
17:00Tennis: Australian Open Highlights Kat Downes presents highlights of the second men's singles semi-final at the Australian Open in Melbourne. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer both triumphed at this stage last year. Also in HD. [S] 
18:00Eggheads Jeremy Vine hosts the show where every day a new team of challengers take on what is probably the greatest quiz team in Britain, made up of some of the country's top quizzers. Also in HD. [S] 
18:30Great American Railroad Journeys New Haven to Mount Washington Michael Portillo's rail voyage goes river deep and mountain high as he heads north through the scenic New England states. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
19:00Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the... ...Lobby. 1/6. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore: Giles Coren and Monica Galetti join the 9,500-strong workforce in one of the world's biggest hotels - Singapore's Marina Bay Sands. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
20:00Mastermind John Humphrys presents the classic quiz. Subjects are Red Dwarf, St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha, the history of Kentucky, and Emperor Tiberius. Also in HD. [S] 
20:30A Vicar's Life 3/6. A behind-the-scenes look at the lives of country vicars. After his ordination, new curate Father Matthew is determined to make an impression in his new parish. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
21:00Monty Don's Paradise Gardens 2/2. Monty Don explores gardens offering a slightly different vision of Paradise. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
22:00New: QI 13/18. Omnishambles: Sandi Toksvig organises an omnishambles with Josh Widdicombe, Stephen K Amos, Cally Beaton and Alan Davies. Also in HD. [S] 
22:30Newsnight In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Kirsty Wark. Also in HD. [S] Followed by weather. 
23:05Drive Film Action movie about a car driver who works for the Hollywood cinema industry during the day and for criminals at night. Contains very strong language and prolonged violence. Also in HD. [2011] [AD,S] 
00:40Bowls: World Championships... ...Highlights. Quarter-final highlights from the men's singles, presented by Rishi Persad. Former world champions Nick Brett and Darren Burnett fell at this stage in 2017. Also in HD. [S] 
01:40White Fright: Divided Britain -... ...Panorama. Panorama visits Blackburn to find a town divided. Also in HD. [S,SL] 
02:10Rome Unpacked 2/2. Andrew and Giorgio discover Rome's Papal, Renaissance and Baroque history. Also in HD. [AD,S,SL] 
03:10Inside the Factory 5/6. Sauces: Documentary series. Ruth Goodman investigates the origin of Worcestershire sauce, as told by Mr Lea and Mr Perrins. Also in HD. [AD,S,SL] 
04:10This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. Also in HD. [S]