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Listings for 4music on Thursday, November 15 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:00The Morning Hitlist Your day starts here! Join us as we count down all the greatest hits from your favourite artists that'll get you out of bed in no time! 
07:25Trending Live: Rewind Catch up on yesterday's Trending Live for another packed show full of the biggest news, best gossip and the funniest things from the internet. Interviews, performances and a whole lot more! 
08:55VOTW: Carly Rae Jepsen Check out The Box Plus Network's Video Of The Week! This is Carly Rae Jepsen with her video for Party For One. 
09:0010 Hottest Tracks Right Now Tune in for your daily dose of the 10 hottest chart hits around! 
09:45Big Hits & Hot Vids If music videos are what you want then this is the place to be! We're playing nothing but the biggest tracks of the moment, non stop! 
10:00Video Crush Join our panel of viewers as they rant, rate and review the biggest music videos to drop. Expect pop bangers, earworms as standard, and a few curve balls. 
10:50Hit Mornings With Pandora The only place to be this morning is right here! Join @pandoratweets for the biggest hits, the hottest goss and a whole lot more! 
11:55Mabel: Live Sessions We meet Mabel, who performs live and exclusively for Box Live Sessions! 
12:25Keeping Up With The Kardashians S12 E2 Kanye invites the entire family to NYC for his fashion show, Meanwhile, Kim tries to keep Scott busy in NYC in hopes that he'll stay out of trouble, and Lamar meets Caitlyn. 
13:20Growing Up Hip Hop Romeo's bible study unleashes demons; Briana breaks down. Dame confronts Boogie's addiction. Pep continues reeling over Egypt reading her book behind her back. Briana & Angela face off! 
14:10Xena: Warrior Princess Xena drafts Autolycus to steal back the property of some friends of hers, which turns out to be the Ark of the Covenant. 
15:05Xena: Warrior Princess After she and Xena are assaulted, Gabrielle asks herself if that's really the kind of life she wants to spend and returns to her village, Potadeia, which is going to be attacked. 
16:00Trending Live Incredible singer Barnes Courtney joins us on the Trending sofa for a chat about his new single and he'll even be performing for us! And here it's New Music Thursday! 
17:35New: Growing Up Hip Hop A bomb hits Angela's engagement. Things backfire when Tee Tee confesses to Kristinia for spreading rumors; verbal blows are thrown. Romeo brings a sexy super model to a photoshoot. 
18:25Charmed They're Everywhere A band of knowledge-stealing warlocks hunt down a young man who has uncovered the location of a fabled book, one of the greatest sources of power in the world. 
19:20Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E17 Sabrina, Kevin, Miles, Roxie, Morgan and Josh plan to spend Spring Break in Florida but Sabrina's aunts are worried, so they cast a 'Good Clean Fun' spell, transforming the resort. 
19:50Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E18 Sabrina's cousin Amanda is sent to live a year in the mortal realm at a school for maladjusted witches. 
20:15Keeping Up With The Kardashians S12 E3. Khloe is upset when she is the last to know that Rob is moving into a house of his own. Kim begins to speculate what is up with Kourtney and Corey's budding friendship. 
21:108 Out of 10 Cats S14, E08. Melanie C, Tess Daly, Joe Wilkinson and Andrew Maxwell join host Jimmy Carr and team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson for another edition of the topical panel game. 
22:00New: Love After Lock Up Johnna plans wedding after Garrett's prison release, despite her dad's doubts. Andrea has a meltdown at her Mormon bridal shower. James' friend fears Alla's addiction past. 
22:50Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Stevie and Joseline put their wedding plans on hold; Bambi suffers a set back; Kirk begins to search for a nanny; Karlie and Joc's relationship changes. 
23:50King Of The Hill Cotton is suspected of arson when the church burns down; the police believe that he did it because of the new woman pastor. 
00:15King Of The Hill While Peggy is tricked into smuggling cocaine to a death row inmate, who is her former student, Dale decides that he wants to be an executioner. 
00:458 Out of 10 Cats S14, E03. Jimmy Carr is joined by team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson plus guests Micky Flanagan, Stephen Mangan, Natalie Cassidy and Humphrey Ker 
01:30Sex and the City The Caste System Carrie and Mr Big say the big "I love you"; Miranda has class problems with her bartender boyfriend; Samantha dates a rich man; and Charlotte gets caught in the fast lane. 
02:004Music's Latest Vids We're bringing you the newest and best videos right now to see you through the night! 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping