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Listings for 4music on Friday, August 23 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:00The Morning Hitlist Your day starts here! Join us as we count down all the greatest hits from your favourite artists that'll get you out of bed in no time! 
07:55VOTW: Normani Check out The Box Plus Network's Video Of The Week! This is Normani With Motivation. 
08:00Everybody Wants Pride We head out to find your favourite tracks that represent everything Pride! 
09:00UK Hotlist Top 20 Will Best counts down the UK's most-streamed tracks of the week, as compiled by Spotify 
10:30Fresh Forward Abbie McCarthy and Yinka Bokinni scour the fresh music landscape for the biggest new acts and releases out there. 
10:55VOTW: Normani Check out The Box Plus Network's Video Of The Week! This is Normani With Motivation. 
11:00Hit Mornings With Pandora The only place to be this morning is right here! Join @pandoratweets for the biggest hits, the hottest goss and a whole lot more! 
12:15Growing Up Hip Hop Bow Wow re-enters Angela's life. Kristina and Briana nearly come to blows. Treach blasts Pepa over the tell-all book. Boogie faces his court date for a second DUI. 
13:10Coach Trip: Road to Marbs Two new tourists get a lot of attention as everyone tries to protect their place on the trip and cracks start to appear between the remaining original tourists. (Ep17/30) 
13:45Coach Trip: Road to Marbs Sheriff Brendan lays down the law in the Wild West. The scheming and paranoia among the tourists grow as they realise the consequences of Brendan's vote twist. (Ep18/30) 
14:15Keeping Up With The Kardashians With Rob's baby only a month away, the family is excited to celebrate and go all out with a themed baby shower, but the couple's turbulent relationship continues to get complicated. 
15:0590210 I See London, I See France Ryan encourages Naomi to press charges against Mr Cannon and prepares himself for the consequences. Ivy comes clean to Dixon. 
16:00Growing Up Hip Hop Angela opens up about her devastating breakup and the pressures of living in the spotlight. Vanessa throws a party to reunite the heirs, whilst Romeo gets caught up in a love triangle. 
17:00Coach Trip: Road to Marbs Brendan takes the group to an amazing natural lagoon but the peaceful atmosphere is broken by a huge row between two tourists, which leads to an explosive vote. (Ep19/30) 
17:30Coach Trip: Road to Marbs The fallout from the previous day's vote casts a shadow over the group but Brendan does his best to cheer them up with some budget-busting activities. (Ep20/30) 
18:05Keeping Up With The Kardashians A major department store makes an offer to purchase Dash; Kourtney struggles to enjoy herself while in Scott's presence; Khloe keeps Kim in the dark about her new relationship. 
19:00Scrubs My Point of No Return JD and Elliot start thinking about their future and both wonder whether they made a mistake in not staying together. 
19:30Scrubs My Own Worst Enemy JD contemplates his commitment to Kim, while Carla tries to protect diabetic Turk from his own sweet tooth. 
20:00How I Met Your Mother Ducky Tie Ted tries to make amends with an ex because he cheated on her during their relationship. Marshall and Lily make a bet with Barney that has an embarrassing forfeit. (S7 Ep3/24) 
20:30How I Met Your Mother The Stinson Missile Crisis Robin assaults a girl who is out to ruin Barney's relationship and is forced to begin court-mandated therapy sessions as punishment. 
21:00David Blaine: Beyond Magic David Blaine pulls the lid off his signature brand of street magic as he blows the minds of celebrities including David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Drake, John Travolta and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
22:002 Broke Girls (Yr 5) Max, Caroline, and the diner crew rally together, when the city seeks to demolish the diner and cupcake window to build an I-MAX. Meanwhile, Sophie takes many pregnancy tests. (Ep.1/22) 
22:302 Broke Girls (Yr 5) When the shower at their apartment breaks, Caroline and Max get part-time jobs in the bar at a fancy gym to gain access to the changing room facilities, but problems soon arise. (Ep.2/22) 
23:002 Broke Girls (Yr 5) Caroline runs into her former boyfriend Candy Andy - who's about to get married - and wonders if she made a mistake breaking up with him. (Ep3/22) 
23:302 Broke Girls (Yr 5) When Max and Caroline refuse to sell cupcakes to a flamboyant performance artist, their shop is boycotted and becomes the scene of a protest. (Ep.4/22) 
23:552 Broke Girls (Yr 5) Han believes that his staff at the diner are not working well together as a team so he arranges a mandatory night out to take part in an escape room exercise to help them bond. (Ep.5/22) 
00:252 Broke Girls (Yr 5) Max is both puzzled and curious when Owen, her date, expresses some hesitation about becoming intimate with her. Oleg and Sophie long for a family but struggle to become pregnant. (Ep.6/22) 
00:502 Broke Girls (Yr 5) When Caroline's gran wakes from a coma with no knowledge of the family financial scandal, Caroline tries to hide the truth from her by throwing a sophisticated luncheon party. (Ep.7/22) 
01:152 Broke Girls (Yr 5) When Oleg's cousin, a basketball player, comes to play in a game against Max's favourite team, he gives her free tickets. But Caroline and Max create some disruption at the event. (Ep.8/22) 
01:45Xena: Warrior Princess Xena's arrival brings hope to a beleaguered Athenian outpost under siege by "The Horde." Meanwhile, Gabrielle's desire to care for the wounded clashes with Xena's ruthless arrangement. 
02:30Fresh Forward Abbie McCarthy and Yinka Bokinni scour the fresh music landscape for the biggest new acts and releases out there. 
03:004Music's Latest Vids The hottest and latest vids on our playlist! 
03:30Teleshopping Teleshopping 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping