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Listings for 4music on Sunday, April 5 2020

03:004Music A look ahead at what's coming up on 4Music. 
07:00The Sunday Hitlist Your Sunday starts here! Join us as we count down all the greatest hits from your favourite artists that'll get you in the best mood! 
09:0010 Hottest Tracks Right Now Tune in for your daily dose of the 10 hottest chart hits around! 
09:50Gracey: Fresh First From being a songwriter to the stars to becoming a popstar in her own right, we get to know the exciting new sound of 22 year old BRIT school grad Gracey. 
10:00The Brilliantly Big Quiz Check your music knowledge by playing along with our brilliantly big quiz! 
11:00Hits Don't Lie: 25 Debuts We Love Aww, don't they look young? AJ Odudu reminisces over the pop icons that nailed it from Day 1, including Bruno Mars, Little Mix, Arctic Monkeys, Rihanna and Adele. 
13:00UK Music Video Chart We've teamed up with YouTube to compile a chart of the most watched videos that's packed with future hits and all the biggest tracks around! 
14:35The Brilliantly Big Quiz Check your music knowledge by playing along with our brilliantly big quiz! 
15:30Fresh Forward: Next Gen Welcome to the home of brand new music! This month, Abbie McCarthy introduces us to a fresh generation of must-stream new artists, from BRIT winner Celeste to Brighton's Gracey. 
16:00Sabrina The Teenage Witch Sabrina has a Halloween party at her old place and ends up counselling Frankenstein and his bride. 
16:30Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E7 Sabrina insists that Miles get more social and he ends up in a cult where its leader claims to be a witch. Sabrina looks into it. 
17:00Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E8 Zelda fixes Sabrina up with a male witch which is fine until she comes up against prejudice because she is half mortal. 
17:30Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E9 Sabrina is totally devastated when she receives her first C and then Zelda takes up with the same professor. 
18:00Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E10 Spending Christmas with Morgan's family is not as perfect as it seems. 
18:30Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E11 Giving Josh a confidence boost makes him quit his job at the coffee shop. 
19:00Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E12 Hilda feels her biological clock is ticking and slows it down. Sabrina goes to retrieve it and then loses it. Now she has to have a child in 48 hours and has to get married. 
19:30Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E13 Zelda stays with Sabrina for a few days and her roommates try to loosen her up a bit. 
20:00Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E14 Sabrina writes an article for the paper about how the school athletes get special treatment. 
20:30Sabrina The Teenage Witch S5 E15 Morgan fixes Sabrina up with a date so she can double-date on Valentine's Day with Josh. Sabrina learns that Josh is breaking up with Morgan. 
21:00The IT Crowd From Hell Boss Douglas tries to run Reynholm Industries into the ground, Jen has to deal with a builder from hell, Roy loses 20 quid and Moss learns how to stand up to ruffians. (S3 Ep1/6) 
21:30The IT Crowd Tramps Like Us The gang's lives move in different directions after a disappointing settlement to a sexual harassment suit. Jen seeks pastures new and Roy ends up on the streets. (S3 Ep3/6) 
22:00The Windsors Prince Charles tries to keep his family in order, but Wills wants to mingle with the people. Pippa, resentful at her sister for bagging a Prince, uses her fantastic arse to lure Harry. 
22:30The Windsors Kate catches Ebola on a humanitarian mission and when Wills rushes to her bedside, his meddling father Prince Charles quashes his long-held air ambulance dreams. 
23:00Tattoo Fixers Tony's bored with being the butt of the joke. Nathan's tattoo has left him with egg on his face - and knee. Jenny gets a permanent reminder of her best pri-mate. (S3 Ep12) 
00:00Tattoo Fixers Emma needs Jay's help with a warning sign. Sketch rescues Michael after his Taylor Swift tatt got him into trouble. Alice helps Louise with her eye-popping ink. (S3 Ep13) 
01:00Rude Tube: Animals Assemble Alex Zane presents a new top 50 countdown of online animal moments including the bear burglar, a gangster crab and the raccoon takeover. (S11 Ep1) 
02:10Rude Tube: Face Palms and Face... ...Plants Alex Zane presents some fresh, jaw-dropping internet clips featuring the worst wedding intro ever, and a head stuck in a pumpkin. (S11 Ep2) 
03:10This is 4Music This is 4Music 
03:40This is 4Music This is 4Music 
04:10This is 4Music This is 4Music 
04:40This is 4Music This is 4Music 
05:10This is 4Music This is 4Music 
05:40This is 4Music This is 4Music 
06:00This is 4Music This is 4Music