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Listings for 4music on Sunday, October 20 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:30The Morning Hitlist Your day starts here! Join us as we count down all the greatest hits from your favourite artists that'll get you out of bed in no time! 
08:00UK Muisc Video Chart Top 10 We've teamed up with YouTube to compile a chart of the most watched videos that's packed with future hits and all the biggest tracks around! 
08:50Kiana Lede: Upfront Get to know Kiana Lede! 
09:00R'n'B Smashes Of The Tens Nothing But Hits! All the biggest RnB videos from your favourite stars of the 2010's! 
13:0010s Showdown: Drake Vs The Weeknd Its the battle of the 2010s superstars! Right now we're battling out 2 of the biggest names in RnB, Drake and The Weeknd. 
14:00Best Of The 10s It's nearly the end of the decade! All month long we're looking back at some of the biggest stars and hottest hits that smashed the charts throughout 2010-2019! 
15:15Jax Jones: Hangout Yinka Bokinni joins Jax Jones as they hit the local pizza shop to chat everything from his career, to his favourite snacks PLUS a spot of head-to-head pizza making along the way. 
16:15How I Met Your Mother Pilot Ted realises he wants to find true love when his best friend Marshall proposes to his girlfriend Lily. Soon, Ted becomes smitten when he meets Robin in a nearby bar. (S1 Ep1/22) 
16:50How I Met Your Mother Purple Giraffe Ted feels desperate when Robin doesn't turn up to a party he invited her to as a second date and he vows to continue throwing parties until she does. (S1 Ep2/22) 
17:15How I Met Your Mother Sweet Taste of Liberty Ted agrees that Barney should spice up his love life, as a result of which he ends up flying to Philadelphia for a crazy adventure. (S1 Ep3/22) 
17:45How I Met Your Mother Return of the Shirt Ted's views about life and love change when he discovers an old shirt that he previously disliked and suddenly loves the look of it. (S1 Ep4/22) 
18:10How I Met Your Mother Okay Awesome Ted investigates the club scene with Barney and Robin, while Marshall and Lily try to be more 'grown up' as their wedding day approaches. (S1 Ep5/22) 
18:40How I Met Your Mother Slutty Pumpkin Ted goes to a boring Halloween party hoping to find a girl he lost touch with who dresses as a 'slutty pumpkin'. Robin goes on a double date. (S1 Ep6/22) 
19:05How I Met Your Mother Matchmaker Ted is coaxed into joining a matchmaking service that Robin has written about and which offers a 100% success rate at finding a soulmate in three days. (S1 Ep7/22) 
19:35How I Met Your Mother The Duel Ted feels pushed out when Lily and Marshall dominate the household and tells them that he wants to take the flat after they get married, but Marshall wants it too. (S1 Ep8/22) 
20:00How I Met Your Mother Belly Full of Turkey Ted and Robin are surprised to see Barney when they volunteer at a homeless refuge at Thanksgiving. Lily's nerves are tested at her future in-laws' house. (S1 Ep9/22) 
20:30How I Met Your Mother The Pineapple Incident Ted goes on a boozy night out to try to stop himself from brooding and wakes up the next morning to find a stranger in his bed. (S1 Ep10/22) 
21:00The IT Crowd Yesterday's Jam In the very first episode, new recruit Jen is made head of the IT department, but her staff Moss and Roy soon discover that she knows nothing about computers. (S1 Ep1/6) 
21:30The IT Crowd Calamity Jen The team face a big test during Reynholm Industries' so-called 'war on stress'. The office is on fire, Roy has an attack of kleptomania, and Jen's shoes don't fit. (S1 Ep2/6) 
22:008 Out of 10 Cats Best Bits S16, E16. The best bits from the last series with host Jimmy Carr, team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson, and celebrity guests who discuss the topical events of the week. 
23:00Rude Tube: Daredevils & Dummies Alex Zane presents a top 50 of the internet's craziest daredevils and dummies, with a daredevil kissing a cobra and a dummy surfing on the roof of a train. (S10 Ep1/10) 
00:00Rude Tube: Clan Anarchy Alex Zane counts down the internet's funniest family-based LOLs. Featuring the best way to wake a teenager and the most cringeworthy wedding dance. (S10 Ep2/10) 
01:05Charmed How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans A group of three elderly witches, one of whom was close friends with the Halliwells' grandmother, summon a demon to restore their youth and beauty. 
02:00Charmed Chick Flick A warlock brings characters from old horror B-movies to life in an attempt to kill the Charmed Ones. Piper and Leo desperately try to have a normal date at a restaurant. 
02:454Music's Latest Vids The hottest and latest vids on our playlist! 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping