This week's UK TV & radio

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09:00The Andrew Marr Show
10:00Sunday Morning Live
11:00Sunday Politics
12:10Songs of Praise Sacred Places
12:45BBC News
13:00Wimbledon 2018: Men's Final...
13:50Wimbledon 2018: Men's Final
15:00MOTD Live: World Cup Final...
15:50MOTD Live: France v Croatia
18:35BBC News
18:50BBC London News
19:00Countryfile The Seven Wonders of Wales
20:00Antiques Roadshow Minehead Railway Station
22:00BBC News
22:20BBC London News
22:30MOTD: World Cup Highlights
23:05Today at Wimbledon
00:05MOTD: Fifa World Cup Replay
01:50Weather for the Week Ahead
01:55BBC News
06:00The A to Z of TV Gardening
06:45Glorious Gardens from Above
07:30Gardeners' World
08:30Countryfile Hampton Court
09:30Saturday Kitchen Best Bites
11:00Wimbledon 2018: Wheelchair Finals
13:25RAF 100: Into the Blue
13:55Operation Grand Canyon with Dan...
14:55Wimbledon 2018: Men's Final
20:00Russia with Simon Reeve
21:00The Misadventures of Romesh...
22:00Reporting Trump's First Year:...
22:55Joe Lycett: That's The Way,...
23:55Golf: Scottish Open Highlights
00:55Question Time
01:55Holby City Into the Light
02:55This Is BBC Two
06:00Flog It! Trade Secrets Writers and Writing
06:00Unavailable >>
Channel 4
05:45Star Boot Sale
06:10The King of Queens Oxy Moron
06:35Everybody Loves Raymond Jazz Records
07:00Everybody Loves Raymond Debra at the Lodge
07:25Frasier Someone to Watch Over Me
07:55Frasier Breaking the Ice
08:25Bake Off: The Professionals...
09:30Sunday Brunch
12:30The Simpsons The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer
13:00The Simpsons Jazzy and the Pussycats
13:25The Simpsons
13:55A Monster in Paris Film (2012)
15:40Location, Location, Location
16:40Kirstie and Phil's Love It or...
17:40The Secret Life of the Zoo
18:40Channel 4 News
19:00George Clarke's Amazing Spaces
20:00Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes
21:00The Handmaid's Tale Smart Power
22:15Hell or High Water Film (2016)
00:15The Last Leg
01:10News Crack
01:35Wuthering Heights Film (2011)
03:50Mobil 1 The Grid
04:20My Kitchen Rules
05:15Kirstie's Vintage Gems
05:35Star Boot Sale
06:00Little Princess I Want to Be a Cavegirl
06:20Poppy Cat
06:30Milkshake Monkey Hide and Seek
06:35Secret Life Of Puppies
06:40Seaside Antics Balancing Acts
06:45Olly the Little White Van
07:00Peppa Pig The Playground
07:05Paw Patrol
07:15Thomas and Friends Henry's Hero
07:30Fireman Sam
07:50Rusty Rivets
08:00Paw Patrol
08:15Pirata and Capitano
08:35Noddy Toyland Detective
09:00Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Fathers Day
09:10Shimmer and Shine
09:30Digby Dragon
09:45Peppa Pig Daddy Puts Up a Picture
09:55Peppa Pig At the Beach
10:00Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
10:35FIA Formula E: Highlights
11:30Police Interceptors
12:15Police Interceptors
13:15Police Interceptors
14:10Police Interceptors
15:10Windsor Castle: The Queens...
16:10Windsor Castle: The Queens...
17:05St Pauls: Secrets of the Great...
18:05Westminster Abbey: Inside...
18:55Titanic: Draining The Wreck
19:55Deep-Sea Super Predator
20:555 News Weekend
21:00Wrath of The Titans Film
22:055 News Update
22:10Wrath of The Titans Film
23:05The Legend of Hercules Film
00:10The Legend of Hercules Film
03:10The A-Team
04:00Tribal Teens
04:45House Doctor
05:10Great Scientists
05:35Wildlife SOS
06:00Peppa Pig Paper Aeroplanes