This week's UK TV & radio

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09:00The Royal Wedding: Prince Harry...
14:00Football Focus
15:00Mourinho & Manchester, United
15:20FA Cup: The Road to Wembley
15:50BBC News
16:00BBC London News
16:10MOTD Live: FA Cup Final Build Up
17:00MOTD Live: Chelsea v Manchester...
19:40Pointless Celebrities
21:20All Round to Mrs Brown's
22:20BBC News
22:50MOTD: FA Cup Final Highlights
23:25The Button
23:55The Wedding Video Film
01:25Weather for the Week Ahead
01:30BBC News
02:35This Is BBC Two
06:15David Attenborough's Natural...
06:40Naomi's Nightmares of Nature
07:10The Pets Factor
07:30The Dengineers
08:00Absolute Genius Super Tech with...
08:30Beyond Bionic
09:00Robot Wars
10:00Astronauts: Do You Have What It...
11:00SAS: Rogue Warriors
12:00Tron: Legacy Film
14:00The World According to Kids
15:00Love in the Countryside
16:00Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the...
17:00The Forest
17:30Pangolins - The World's Most...
18:30Dad's Army
19:00The Royal Wedding: Highlights...
20:30Motty Mastermind
21:00Motty - The Man Behind the...
22:05Countdown to the Full Motty
22:35The Damned United Film
00:05False Trail Film
02:10This Is BBC Two
06:00Unavailable >>
Channel 4
05:25Fifteen to One
06:15Motor Sport: Volkswagen Racing Cup
06:40Mobil 1 The Grid
07:10The King of Queens Papa Pill
07:35The King of Queens Package Deal
08:00Everybody Loves Raymond T-Ball
08:30Everybody Loves Raymond Traffic School
09:00Frasier Semi-Decent Proposal
09:30Frasier A Passing Fancy
10:00Frasier A Day in May
10:30The Big Bang Theory The Lunar Excitation
11:00The Big Bang Theory The Robotic Manipulation
11:25The Big Bang Theory The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification
11:55The Simpsons Half Decent Proposal
12:25The Simpsons Faith Off
12:55The Simpsons Jaws Wired Shut
13:30Come Dine with Me
14:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
15:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
16:30Location, Location, Location
17:35The Secret Life of the Zoo
18:30Channel 4 News
19:00Grand Designs
20:00Titanic: The New Evidence
21:00The Martian Film (2015)
23:50Sinister 2 Film (2015)
01:30Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
02:20Hollyoaks Omnibus
04:30Steph and Dom's One Star to...
05:00Steph and Dom's One Star to...
05:25Fifteen to One
06:00Little Princess I Want To Be a Bridesmaid
06:20Poppy Cat
06:30Milkshake Monkey
06:35Secret Life Of Puppies
06:50Peppa Pig
07:00Paw Patrol
07:10Thomas and Friends
07:25Fireman Sam
07:40Olly the Little White Van
07:55Rusty Rivets
08:05Paw Patrol
08:25Nella the Princess Knight
08:40Noddy Toyland Detective
09:05Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Queen Holly
09:25Shimmer and Shine
09:40Digby Dragon
09:55Peppa Pig The Queen
10:00Peppa Pig
10:10Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
10:45The Gadget Show
11:45Police Interceptors
12:45Police Interceptors
13:45Police Interceptors
14:45Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance Film
15:455 News Update
15:50Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance Film
16:405 News Weekend
16:45FIA Formula E Live
18:30Britannia: Secrets Of The Royal...
19:20The Queen Mary: Cruising With...
20:20Elizabeth I: Battle for the Throne
21:20New: Queen Victoria And Her...
22:20Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance Film
23:25Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance Film
03:10GPs: Behind Closed Doors
04:00The Snake Skin Woman:...
04:45House Doctor
05:10Great Artists
05:35Wildlife SOS
06:00Little Princess I Want a Shop