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Re: [TV] Re: VB.net project - epg timer record programme for "hauppauge wintv cards"

Please add screenshots to your webpage. And please don't use red text on blue background. It really hurts my eyes.

Try a simple and clean layout. Without a nice looking website and screenshots nobody will try your app ;).


Am 01.07.2006 um 11:44 schrieb mark robson:

mark robson wrote:
Hello mailing list members.

I've written a small programme that lists tv
programmes  on the five main channels.  If you wish to
record a programme you double click it.

wintv must be installed in default directory for it to

the app is located here:

uk dot geocities dot com / mark dot robson25 at btinternet dot com /

feedback for new features/bugs is ok.  Email is on

to see the code (vb.net) just email me.
site has moved to
bobinc dot fortunecity dot com

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