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Re: [TV] ITV listings now unavailable

At 16:10 01/06/2006 +0100, you wrote:
>And no, BDS say that titles & times are also covered by their royalty
>payments (and say It's The Law[TM]).

As far as I know it's not illegal to make false claims that something is illegal which isn't.  And at any rate you're not bound by the terms of a royalty contract you didn't enter into.

Maybe they aren't the most impartial people to ask.

Still, as an indication on how they wish to interpret it, and how they might react, it might be something you need to take note of.

And of course the law may have changed, or I may just be wrong.  But originally, pure data could not be copyrighted.  Editorial or literary work like a description, or a special compilation of data could be, but not the pure data.  Where's a copyright lawyer when you need them?  (Thinks) You're doing a public service, there must be some group of lawyers who do pro bono work who could help.  Maybe you/we/I could try http://www.lawworks.org.uk