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Re: [TV] ITV listings now unavailable

Very sorry to hear the news about ITV listings. I'd just finished a new version of my Dashboard widget for Apple Mac OS X that uses the
Bleb feeds (check out http://www.claytonfamily.org.uk/computing/osx/ widgets/whatsonuk/) but have made a quick last minute change to
remove ITV1 to 4. Hope this can be sorted out sometime, but it's all down to people behind desks who get paid to give people grief, I
guess. As I say on my download page I expect it'll just be The Bill, Coronation Street and something hosted by Ant and Dec on those
channels anyway. ;-)




Message from: Andy Clayton


On 1 Jun 2006, at 10:42, Andrew Flegg wrote:


Due to licencing requirements, from today I'm not currently able to
publish ITV's listings.

If you could pass this on to your users, it'd be appreciated.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




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