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Simple XSL to determine whats on now

Hi guys,

I've just subbed up the list, so hope there's someone out there reading
this :)

My first submission, and latest hack is at:


It's a simple bit of code I used in my TV preview script (which I'll
post later).

This very short stylesheet reports the programme(s) on at the current

It can report two programmers since one programme is consider to start
at 12:00 and the preceding one ends at 12:00 (as opposed to 11:59:59).

Linux usage:

  xsltproc --param TIME_NOW "'`date +%H%M`'" tvsearch.xsl bbc1.xml 

Windows usage:

  msxsl bbc1.xml tvsearch.xsl TIME_NOW="1930"

I don't know the Windows "get time now" command, sorry.

Hopefully, someone else will have a use for it!