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Re: [TV] bleb.org needs to move

I'm comparing against tv_grab_uk_rt using 'xmltv-0.5.37-win32', on my pc (PII 400Mhz) it's downloads a single channels flat file straight away but then takes upto 45 secs to process it into xmltv format - so with all the channels I get it takes in about 10 minutes to process.  I get the same number of channels from bleb in 30 secs total.
Agree downloading the flat file is quick, but the bottle neck is turning it into xmltv with tv_grab_uk_rt , bleb's feed is already in xmltv format so no processing needed.
On a side note : how do I do a proper reply to a message - I'm not receiving anything through my mail client and have to view at the website and copy to my mail client to post.
Dave Whitehead wrote:
I use your xmltv feed for the following two reasons:-
speed of download (average 20 times faster than using radiotimes.com feed with xmltv.exe as your feed is already in the xmltv format)
your feed has bbc radio listings

Are you comparing against the new radio times grabber? 

The new feed is in a flat file format and downloads extremely quickly.