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Re: [TV] XMLTV and PHP - written a parser?

Hi James,

As part of my home grown PVR I've written a bit of perl code that loads a mysql database from the XMLTV files downloaded from the Radio Times site. It's not terribly generic since I too am intrinsically lazy and wanted it only for myself ...(path of least resistance) but it does parse the XMLTV files and load a database. It should work equally well with any SQL based database although I've never tried it.

If this sounds like a good starting point for what you what then drop me a line and I'll gladly donate them.

Happy New Year


James Cridland wrote:


I'm planning to use bleb.org's data, with others, to do a few things
at www.mediauk.com - not just TV schedules, but to build a database of
television programmes and add to this database with more information
from other sources.

I'd like to import the XMLTV format, primarily because other
broadcasters may use that too - and, where it exists, I'll take it
direct from them.

Now, being intrinsically lazy... has anyone written a simple importer
for the bleb.org files (and I'm thinking particularly of the XMLTV
files)? I'm happy to put in the spadework, but if someone's already
invented that wheel, I'd prefer not to have to reinvent it, if at all

And, as (I think) the first poster to this list in 2005, Happy New Year.