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Re: [TV] ABC1 listings available

It's a legal nightmare. I shan't be going there. As Tom Waites said "The large print giveth and the small print taketh away"

My interest in this whole subject and hence what lead me to discover this mailing list in the first instance is data to program my "home brew" PVR. Andrew's data is very, very good but I'm always on the look out for alternate sources. The radio times raw data provides some interesting additions (program category for one) so I intend to explore that as an additional source.

Does anyone have a perl module which will produce XMLTV "xml" output from the radio times raw data? Saves me some time writing it. If not then I'll write it and donate it to the list.


Paul Webster wrote:

I/We agree to pay royalty fees each quarter for the right to reproduce BBC,
ITV and Channel 4 TV programme information and/or BBC radio programme
information. For details of the applicable fees and authority to publish
these listings please contact [snipped]

I/We understand that this payment is completely separate from charges
incurred for services from any listings bureau. "

So - when I started doing my channels about 2 1/2 years ago - I contacted
the broadcasters (through their web site usually) and said what I intended
to do. I sometimes had no reply - but those that did reply always approved.
In general - the broadcaster wants their listings to be seen by as many
people as possible - but those that are trying to make a business by
providing listings services (perhaps as part of a portal or as raw data to
other ventures) are generally not happy to have their content reused
especially if it gets republished.


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