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Re: [TV] ABC1 listings available

I'm not a solicitor or even have any legal training but it is my understanding that the deregulation of TV listings in September 1989 meant that anyone can publish tv listings. The quote below comes from this reference

"In September 1989, Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government, displaying a typical obsession with "choice", competition, market forces and deregulation, had changed the laws on television and radio listings to the effect that they could no longer be exclusive to any one publication, or to the broadcasters themselves."

The radio times are publishing the links that Paul mentions as "public domain" , no sign in, no subscription.

So what "Ton of bricks" do you imagine would fall? They'd stop publishing the listings? That would be self defeating. They take legal action to stop the publication? I would suggest they can't because of the above.



Paul Webster wrote:

This sounds like good news but I just had a look and couldn't find a
link. Any more info please?
then each channel as
where nnnn is the number from the first URL
BBC 3 - http://xmltv.radiotimes.com/xmltv/45.dat

However, if you were to republish them then I would expect a ton of bricks
to start dropping from the sky.


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