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RE: [TV] basic qusetion - ireland, listings, howto?

Broadcasters in the UK have very little new media resources, and have a
traditional financial reliance on on-air advertising and little
creativity in non-tv mediums. 

However, we've been providing listings to third party web sites in the
motoring arena for several years without coming across xmltv, so we've

For many broadcasters it's ignorance. Look at what ITV & Sky do online,
very little apart from advertising in the traditional sense on other



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Provide a simple XML file using the XMLTV DTD

I'm not sure I understand why they don't do this - I'm hoping to find

Certain satellite based services simply want a closed garden and they 
probably can get that in the UK.
Others, I'm sure, would benefit from wider simpler distribution of this 

Is there really more money to be made by restricting customers from 
seeing what shows are on when?

Or is it simply more 'obvious' to charge for the immediate content and 
disgregard the second order effects of potentially higher viewing 
figures? Certainly there are a few business models that work on 
aggregating this kind of content and they wouldn't like to see it given 
away for free. How important are they?

Since PVRs are a big drive for the need for epgs, there's probably a cut

in ad exposure which may be scaring them (until they can do product 
placement etc etc)

Again, having said that, I understand that MS did a deal with the BBC/RT

to provide free EPG feed data - but only to users of XP Media Edition.

Interesting area :)


Adrian Sill wrote:

>Interesting flash demo.
>Another question is what would you like broadcasters to do to help 
>promote & make available their listings to data-pullers?

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