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ITV1 errors?

Hi, first of all, HELLO!!  Great resource here.
I'm currently buildiong a 'little' Flash-based epg, mainly to allow me to create scheduling files for my Archos AV400 (mmm, I might add)
But I appear to be having a bit of a problem.
I notice in the xmltv formatted data, that (with multiple days and channels queried) you seem to make the last entry in the day have a smaller stop time than start time.
This is good (for me) as it enables me to know while looping through the xml where the channel list ends and the next one starts (is this a bug or a feature?)..
However, with itv1, for example  the very first entry of the day has that 'timetrap' too on the first entry of the day.???
Is this error the fault of the source? Or any transformations at your end?