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Programmes missing from the TV listings

The bleb.org TV listings are very useful and are saving me a lot of work, for which I'm very grateful. However, there seems to be a problem with various programmes being omitted. To give a single example:

Listing for Channel 5 on Tuesday 10 August 2004 (both single and multiple channel views)

23:45 Angel
02:10 Basketball

The raw xml (retrieved in xmltv format) shows:

    <subtitle>Series 4 ep 13</subtitle>
<desc>Fantasy drama series about a vampire with a soul. Wesley prevents Lilah from turning into a vampire and decides to enlist the help of rogue slayer Faith in dealing with the Beast. Meanwhile, Cordelia has some devastating news for Connor. Starring David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof, Charisma Carpenter and Vincent Kartheiser, with Stephanie Romanov, Eliza Dushku and Vladimir Kulich.</desc>

<desc>Action from the 2004 NCAA final between Connecticut and Georgia Tech.</desc>


The listings on itv.com, radiotimes.com and five.tv show

23:50 Angel
0:40 Football (radiotimes.com - 0:35)
02:10 Basketball

Is this likely to be a glitch, an error at the information source (itv.com?), or a retrieval/parsing problem? I notice that in the itv.com html the entry for 'Football' is of a different format to the others; in particular, there is no 'Click here for more details' link or <div class='headertxt'> before the programme name.


Sid Gale