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RE: [TV] Re: Bleb data no longer parses in mythtv

I did build from CVS recently, however I cannot remember exactly how
long ago. Maybe an upgrade is in order.

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> On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 02:28:06PM +0100, Andy Marriott wrote:
>>  I've been using bleb to update my myth box for a few months now and
>> has been going well. However recently I've noticed that
>> no longer likes the xml files that bleb produces. Has anything
>> that could cause the myth parser to stop working?
> Glad it's been useful, unfortunately I've not got round to building a
> PVR yet so my own use of the XMLTV data is limited.
> Cc'ing the devel list - anybody seen anything like this and can
> a fix?

Ah the irony, someone at the bbc getting program listings from bleb. :-)

What version of myth are you running? I know that the mythfilldatabase
was broken during the last week sometime, but was fixed either yesterday
sunday. How long ago did it break for you? It certainly worked fine the
time I called it.


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